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NotMe wrote:


The faith that saves is not the mere mental adherence to or the learning of some preached doctrine, but understanding that doctrine and conforming your life to it. If you lack that reality, all that general salvation talk won't profit you at all!



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Ya know... if we would all just give a lot more money to Robert Tilton God would in return give us money by the truckload in order to pay off our debts and live in mortgage free mansions.

So get your check books out!

(tongue planted firmly in cheek)


 2008/6/23 8:07

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Being a proud and self-sufficient American, has led me into debt. When we get in a tight spot, will I trust God and obey Him or will I deliver myself?

It's been a significant area of sin and repentance in my own heart. Jesus said that if I sought his kingdom and his righteousness then everything else would be given to me. Nothing in the kingdom of God is earned.

It's literally taken years of pounding by the Holy Spirit to be convicted of self-sufficiency. It's such a natural way for many of us and we're told it's a virtue. Learning how to stand on God's promises and wait for His deliverance is quite a painful process.

Here's a verse that I've read countless times as I've tried to deliver myself and light my own fires (from Isaiah 50).

[b]But now, all you who light fires and provide yourselves with flaming torches, go, walk in the light of your fires and of the torches you have set ablaze. This is what you shall receive from my hand: You will lie down in torment.[/b]

This is what debt has been to me. Much torment...

I'm not implying that the Lord is not faithful to deliver, He certainly is but when we light our own fires we have to remember the torment, so we don't repeat it. I've created my share of Ishmaels by not waiting on God, but by God's grace those days are behind me...

I'm not casting stones at anyone here but am simply sharing what the Lord has been showing me...

I have a dear brother, a young pastor who waited on God and will be graduating in the fall with a Master's degree from MIT. The Lord has carried Him but He wouldn't have gone if the Lord hadn't made a way. He wasn't looking for a way to become somebody in the world but this is the path the Lord chose for Him.

May we be willing to follow His path, wherever that may take us.

Ed Pugh

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