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 Your Thoughts Wanted: Got Questions Site

The site is

What do you think of it? The good, the bad, or indifferenty.


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 Re: Your Thoughts Wanted: Got Questions Site

151,363 Bible Questions Answered!

that is alot of questions. But who answers them and of what quality they all are. I remember reading some of them and they are very usual evangelical answers for many issues and some varied. On harder topics they always go the easy route to make truth look more soft.

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 Re: Your Thoughts Wanted: Got Questions Site

They state that they are 4 point Calvinists for the most part. Apparently not all the “Got Questions” staff agrees on every aspect. Knowing their stance and of course taking that into consideration I have found some helpful info on the site.

For pat answers to questions like: What is dispensationalism? What is reformed theology? Or what is premillennialism?…it is handy enough. After some of the questions that have opposing views they attempt tell you which view is biblical…or not. Viewer discretion is advised.


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 Re: Your Thoughts Wanted: Got Questions Site

There is a reason why Jesus left us the Holy Spirit. Some words in the bible cannot be understood in a person who has no conviction...
I think its important to pray and ask God for guidance in understanding before trying to find instant results.

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 Re: Your Thoughts Wanted: Got Questions Site

Going to a WEBSITE for answers to Biblical questions?
Where is communion with the Holy Spirit?
ALL of my inquiries I lay at the point of the end of linear intercession.
Sometimes the answers are immediate, most often they are given in DUE time.
I don't know much, but a WEBSITE for answers to questions that should be asked of God himself?
Blessed Mercy!
AMEN Ema!!!
1Thessalonians 5.23

Kenneth Roy Love

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Greg gave a pretty good answer.

The site actually has decent answers for some basic questions. I used it often as a young Christian. However, for weightier matters you will probably want to consult other resources for aid.

Good, prayerful Bible study and a good commentary will be of more help though. I am currently reading through the concise Matthew Henry edition with my daily readings of the Scripture and find it a tremendous help! :-)

Taylor Otwell

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