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 The Kingly Idea no bad thing


With God, the Kingly Idea Is Not a Bad Thing

Things have changed in our world so rapidly that you can go to New York and find folks of royal blood running elevators and doing other kinds of everyday work.
They tell us now that we have gotten so democratic—and so republican—that we have completely absorbed the notion that every man is equal to every other man, and that the whole king idea in the Bible is a carryover from the old feudal days.
Some of our theologians look down on us with pity for any idea that God sits on a throne and rules His subjects.
“That’s from an ideology that’s dead,” they say, “and therefore we have to rule out the idea of God being a sovereign king.”

Well, I’m not particularly in favor of any specific king that ever lived, but I would like to say a little word here in favor of the kingly idea.
So, here it is: under God, a king is nothing in himself, but he is a symbol of the dignity of the people. That is all.
When God sets a king over a nation, God doesn’t elevate a man and make his blood any richer, his brain any finer, or his bones any stronger than other men.
He simply takes a man—any man—and anoints him and puts him over men, to stand there in his weakness as a symbol of the dignity of the whole nation.
It is the freedom, the prosperity and happiness of the people that give their king his royal dignity.
So, the king idea is not a bad idea, at all.

It is the dignity of the people with a crown on it for a little while. He dies and they put the crown on another fellow’s head, but he remains the symbol of the dignity of the people.
So, when you elevate that to its highest level, we find that God does not hesitate to call Himself a king. “Jehovah, the great King,” He says about Himself.
He means by that simply that the prosperity and freedom and happiness of His creatures bring glory to God, and the glory of God, so far as it is drawn from His kingly prerogative, is in the prosperity and freedom and happiness of His people.

When God calls Himself a king, He doesn’t mean that the Bible is a poor, little narrow book, yielding to an effete ideology.
It means that there is a kingly thought, a kingly idea—that the human race is a noble thing apart from sin, and that it was God who made it to be a noble thing, and the King draws His dignity from the nobility of the people.
Here I must freely admit that because men have sinned, their kings have rarely known how royal they were. That is the curse of the king idea—that men are sinful.
But we who are now God’s subjects, voluntarily and by faith, draw our glory from the King Himself. The freer we are, the more prosperous we are, and the more spiritually-related we are, the more glory accrues to the great God, who is also the great King.

A. W. Tozer

Lars Widerberg

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