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OpenLife: excellent writing. And it sounds very doctrinally sound, but above that and more important, it sounds as if you are pleased and humbled to know Him and seek Him.

And some other excellent comments. The bottom line: are we rightly related to Him and are we in right standing with Him. Not having any merit of our own we ask for and claim the free gift of Christ Jesus and His salvation. Are we rightly related to the Father through Christ as revealed by the Holy Spirit?

My understanding has been this: We worship one God and Father. This is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and revealed through Christ Jesus, the Messiah, through whom all things were created. He is the Great, I AM. He is the eternal Father and Lord and Creator. Without beginning and without end. He is Holy and Highly exalted and the whole earth is filled with His Glory. It was in the rightful order of things that this Christ had to come and die. The one through whom all things were created made reconciliation for all these things.

It is interesting to note that in John, while Jesus is teaching on the Holy Spirit, He says we will come make our abode in you, The Father and the Son.

And the Holy Spirit is the essence of the eternal Father and His begotten Son Jesus. I agree with what one comment said, " The Spirit is Christ."

So with all this said, the trinity can be neglected and avoided to the detriment of many. Or it can be embraced and accepted as the way the Father has completed His work.

The trouble remains when one thinks this idea as three gods and therefore worships the Holy Spirit and searches for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit apart from Christ. This may be the case with the whole 'charismatic' movement. They have put labels on the three parts of the God head therefore separating them into substances, persons etc...

[i]Shema, Israel. Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad.[/i]

Our God is one with perfect holiness and perfect wisdom in all He has done. Let us humble ourselves under His mighty hand...He does lead us in triumph, in Christ.


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