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 How to Print Bibles?

Can anyone suggest, a good, cost efficient way to print Holy Bibles?

I work part-time at a christian bookstore-but I am resigning because I do not believe in "corrupting" (selling, peddling,) the Word of God as Paul states in 2 Cor 2:17. And of course our Lord & Saviour's own words " ...freely ye have received, freely give".

I have heard Ravenhill sermons, where he mentioned how John Wesley " printed Bibles"-I want to learn how to do this, so that I may distribute and provide the Word of God.

Does anyone know a good way to do this (print Bibles), or does anyone know of any website or Church that will provide KJV Holy Bibles free of charge?

Any suggestion or information helps and is much appreciated. :-)

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 Re: How to Print Bibles?

These ideas are not exactly what you asked for. But.... Have you considered soliciting used KJV bibles? Churches up-date pew Bibles. I think we sent KJV to Good Will or a local homeless shelter. I recall that some hotel chain removed Giddion bibles (KJV?) Buy and Sell is a free to advertize weekly in my area. A local Christian book store may let you put a collection box in their store. (Helps them sell new bibles. Spiritual growth with your past employer?)Would the Bible League join with you? Just quick thoughts in freely department

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 Re: How to Print Bibles?

If you wish to distribute and hand out Bibles;
contact the Gideons ministry in your local area.
They would be happy to provide you with the #
of Bibles you need!!

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: gives free gospels of John.

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 Re: How to Print Bibles?

BlazedbyGod asked

Does anyone know a good way to do this (print Bibles), or does anyone know of any website or Church that will provide KJV Holy Bibles free of charge?

I couldn't match the suggestion about the Gideons, but IBSDirect (the sales arm of International Bible Society) will sell you KJV bibles for under $2 and NTs for less than $1 if you order a reasonable number. I hope I will be forgiven if I am breaching any rules on advertising :-) I'm not on commission 8-) only trying to help.

By the time you have bought a printing press, created the plates, bought the paper and the ink and guillotined and bound the books, I doubt your own costs would be below $10 per bible. Cheap books are printed in the far east and if you wanted to make your own arrangements with a far eastern printer you might get a better deal than IBS, but it would be hard work and you would need to buy many thousands to make it worth while for them.

Gideons or IBS direct or any other ministry involved in bible printing or distribution would probably be your best solution. Hope that helps.


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