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 What say you, child of God?

I am an evangelist. Several days ago I preached at a camp meeting in a rural county in Florida. It was an independant meeting (no denominational support/promotion). I did more than that, I was called of God to do it... set it up and everything. I have never done this before. It was a monumental task. Spiritual preparation began months in advance. It ran for three nights. I preached the first night and two other ministers the other nights. It was well advertised in the local paper, flyers were handed out and posted in places of business, local pastors of varying denominations and independant churches were contacted and encouraged to get involved or at least attend, and it was well advertised by word of mouth. No offering was taken, no donations accepted, and everything was paid out of pocket (no church s supported). It was soley for the people of the area to freely pull up to the "Master's table" and receive. Many people from the Christian community claimed to be longing for revival and made statements that they were willing to do what ever it took. We had prepared to seat about 200 people at the camp meeting, which was in a rented tent in a ballfield. Everything was prepared, but the turn out was far less than hoped for. The ones that did attend were renewed, restored, and refreshed according to their testimonies. Only one local pastor attended one night even though the camp meeting ran from Thursday night to Saturday night as not to interfere with local church services. The majority of those that did attend were unsaved, bless God! They heard the message of the cross, I assure you. The point I am trying to get at is this. God led me to put on this camp meeting in a community that claimed they wanted revival, claimed they were praying for revival, and claimed they were willing to sacrifice for revival. A few days after the camp meeting ended, the Holy Ghost spoke to my heart and said something like this:that He knew His people did not really want revival, and He proved it. The vehicle to bring it to the people was provided in that camp meeting and they refused it. I feel this is an example of the church as a whole.

I know that God's will was done in that camp meeting. Lives were changed, but at the same time I am saddened. I recently preached at a pentecostal church not far from where the camp meeting took place. The pastor was working the congregation up into a frenzy over how much revival is needed and were they ready for it, and so forth. A bus-load of the congregation had been to the Lakeland "revival" (6 hours away) and continue in that deception and doctrine of devils to this day, but only two people from that church of over 200 members had attended the camp meeting in their own neighborhood less 20 minutes drive time away...

I think God is sick of His people seeking revival and not seeking Him.

What say you?

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 Re: What say you, child of God?

I think God is sick of His people seeking revival and not seeking Him.

I think I can see your point seems that so many people are looking for an experience, a happening, but not willing to pay the price and die to their own pleasures and fancies!

But that gives me all the more reason to pray, and to seek God's face so that I will not be a hindrance to that time when God does move!! And He will move among His people again!! I believe it with all my heart! He has a remnant of people willing to die for His sake even in America :) Oh, if only I could be counted worthy to suffer for His sake!!! ~a sister in Christ!


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 Re: What say you, child of God?

Blessings, brother!
CONGRATULATIONS on your strict obedience to the Holy Spirit!
CONGRATULATIONS on your servant's heart!
CONGRATULATIONS on your ministering in the ballfield in the rented tent!
You brought a bushelful of mustard seeds to cultivate there in Florida, and you're disillusioned because you could only scatter a handful?
Perhaps your true desires of fulfillment were flesh-based?
I see absolutely NOTHING to be negative about.
I commend you on your devotion, and wish the same crossing over could be said about me!
Now take the remaining seeds and scatter them about further and further. If one seed takes hold, you have obeyed the Commission, never mind the number of heads you may not sow into simply because they can't be seen.
1Thessalonians 5.23
"You can't have a big fire, until you have a small one." D.L. Moody

Kenneth Roy Love

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 Re: What say you, child of God?

Brother; you don't need to seek the support
or win the approval of churches. You have
the calling to be faithful to testify to the
gospel truth and witness the Word. Expect
God to bring the results and to see the fruit
of His Spirit's work. Continue to preach in
and out of season!!

Martin G. Smith

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