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Hey I see Revival Conferences or Pastors conferences going on all over the country....Why does Milwaukee only get Copeland and his Charimaniac, heretical "comedy" hour?? (by the way I would consider myself a charasmatic so not a dig on charasmatics but a dig on Copeland, Dollar, and Duplantis).
I see R.C. Sproul's conferences, or Together for the Gospel...but Milwaukee gets nothing.
If anyone is aware of anything that comes to Milwaukee or is going on in Milwaukee (that's not poor poor poor teaching, or I heard on the radio some guy selling "blessed" spring water just came the airport last month) please please let me know. Or if there is anyone I could get into touch with regarding a conference that would also be great!!! Thank you so much
God Bless


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 Re: Milwaukee


Keith Daniel has held meetings in Milwaukee the past several years during his fall visit to America. His schedule for this fall hasn't been released yet but I wouldn't be surprised if he was asked to preach there again at South Milwaukee Church of the Nazarene. The contact there is Tom Rodriguez phone#414-762-6169.

You won't want to miss Mr. Daniel's preaching, you will be challenged and changed.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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I live in the Milwaukee area and am familiar with different conferences and would be honored at giving you a hand. I generally stay away from conferences due to the amount of silliness happening in conferences and that there is just [u]so[/u] much more going on then only conferences. Caution though! you may get wrecked for Christ. ;-)

Feel free to PM me. Glad to see another brother from the area on SI and admitting they actually live in Wisconsin :-)


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What's coming to Wisconsin? Well, me! But that's no conference. ;-) I'll be out in Appleton, Lord willing, this July. I lived there for a year (2006-2007) and for the most part loved it. Not a fan of relentless cold, though (I'm from, and now back in California). Wisconsin is a beautiful state, jewel of the Midwest, if you ask me. Madison and Door County are my favorites.

As for conferences, I haven't heard of any in those parts, either. I'll be on the lookout.

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