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 Prayer Request

Could you please pray for me? I am under a great deal of stress right now in every way imaginable without going into alot of detail.The demands of my job are becoming increasingly more demanding and it's effecting our family in many ways. Thanks.

 2008/6/16 20:46

 Re: Prayer Request

Dear sister Rebecca,

I will be praying for you and your family. May He give you the strength, grace, and deliverance that you need.


 2008/6/16 20:57

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 Re: Prayer Request


I have recently gone through something similar and will be praying for you.



 2008/6/16 21:25Profile

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Prayer Request

Hi sister,

Will add mine as well. Something caught my attention this morning, perhaps it might be beneficial;

[i]For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus[/i],

Rom 15:4,5 (ESV)

Endurance and encouragement.

[url=]Lord Teach Us To Pray [/url]


Mike Balog

 2008/6/16 21:34Profile

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 Re: Prayer Request

Oh yes Sister Yes.
One true lesson I learned in a firey furnace: Nothing matters but Christ in the furnace with you. Nothing else.

Your blog is so beautiful "I see Jesus." So I thought this music might minister to you.

Divine Love from a tiny part of [b][color=FF3300]H[/color][/b]is Body here and with you in prayer

 2008/6/17 0:04Profile


Thanks everyone. I had some chest pain yesterday that really scared me nothing to severe but that's still not good. It may have been nothing but I still have to be careful. I broke my ankle a couple of years ago and that set me back. I went jogging at the park yesterday and maybe I just over exerted myself.

 2008/6/17 4:17

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Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: Prayer Request

The demands of my job are becoming increasingly more demanding and it's effecting our family in many ways. Thanks.

You need to pray for a new job or the stress will wreak havoc in your home, God will open a door, don't be afraid.

As Keith Daniel says, there are three main things that contribute to failure in the home...

1) Forsaking your quiet time with the Lord, even for ministry or other "good" things.
2) Tiredness
3) Stress

Give this a listen...[url=]Submission and Piety at Home[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2008/6/17 10:15Profile


Well I know God allows things in our life. After reading “Extreme Devotion” this I am sure of. I also know when the heat gets turned up to pray more often and I know this is what I need to do more of in my situation with my work. I don’t know if this is a widespread problem in the working world but it seems that greed, fear and insecurity is running rampant---longer hours and more productivity from managers.

I’m on a very good diet right now and I am guarding my sleep. I will be working 10 hr. days starting at 4am. So I have to work out a game plan here with my kids, school and housework before I land myself in the hospital. All I ate today is a bowl of oatmeal, an apple and some carrots. :-P We just bought some minature bunnies so they are having an influence on me.

See I haven't lost my sense of humor. 8-)

 2008/6/17 15:30

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Praying for you, dear sister!

Be encouraged in the Lord -- and don't forget to get enough sleep too.



 2008/6/18 0:04Profile

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 Re: Praying as well

Dear Rebecca,

I will most certainly be praying. It is good to see that you are already preparing a plan to deal with all your responsibilities.

Remember that our Lord wants us to be anxious for nothing, and pray about everything. Tell the Lord what you need, and thank Him for everything He has done. Then He promises to give you His peace, which is above anything we can understand, and it will guard your heart and mind. (Phillippians 4:6-7)

He knows and understands the stresses of daily life, and He does not want you to walk in stress.

Rest in Him and know that you are prayed for...


 2008/6/18 0:26Profile

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