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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

  " Lessons Learned From Samson " !!

Can i begin by saying that the past failures of saints IN THE BIBLE are not given for any other reason than to be ensamples! That we might learn and give heed - and not to make the same errors! Therefore it is not reason to gloat, point fingers, sink the boot in, become self-righteous, or be puffed-up. That said it should be fully understood by the reader - that scripture does not hide their errors! what they did, nor where they went wrong. However their good should be credited to them (as much) as the error. It is also interesting to note that Samson finds himself among the "heroes" of Hebrews chapter eleven hall-of-fame. With not so much as a "sledge" "slur" or "negative word" thing said of him! Jesus himself also spoke of Solomon and David in that of "glowing terms" With no slurs spoken (or) uttered against them. In spite of downfalls and failures!


Now Ive been in attendance at meetings where the trio of Samson, Peter, and David have been called just about every imaginable name you can think of (as though the preacher didn't have faults himself?) Peter has been imagined to be the typical (yobo) with a beer gut! And a (stinky fisherman) And Total yobo! This is how one man described peter in a recent sermon awhile back. And Samson a "flippant womanizer" And David the perenial schemer and adulterer! Who was definitely "NOT" a man after God's own heart after his many failures. Well I find that an astonishing thing to say. Considering they are men refered to as "Patriarchs" (Acts2:29) and "prophets" in scripture. With Peter having his name written along with the (other apostles) on the foundations pillars of (New Jerusalem) come down from heaven. We need to remember These men made the corridors and annals ...of Hebrews eleven fame!
But nonetheless their failures are given to us so we might not fall after the same ensample, and might gain benefit from their mistakes.
So what are the lessons to be gained from their mistakes? As we take a peak through God's history book - looking back?
#1. "Compromise weakens you": Now samson was special man inasmuch as he was "set-apart" from birth - at the herald of an Angel! He was a Nazarite set-apart for a DIVINE PURPOSE! a man born in due season, called to judge Israel! And this he did for forty years! Samson conquerored much, he subdued enemies, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, and defeated (the armies of the Philistines). Samson did many "things well" Indeed samson has often been refered to as "God's superman" a man upon whom the Spirit of the Lord, would come upon mightily. Slaying lions with bare hands, killing a thousand men with the jawbone of an ass! Pulling down large pillars. etc
But when Samson's love for strange women overpowered him (he was very much compromised) (and weakened) The story goes on to say that Samson divulged the secret of his strength to a Woman called Delilah - who in the end betrayed him for lucre. And whilst Samson was asleep they came and shaved of his hair, and he became weak (as other men!) Compromise will definitely weaken us! The writer of Hebrews says we should give diligence to lay aside every weight - and the sins which so EASILY beset us"
#2. "Compromise brings shame": After samson was carried away and put in hold, the philistines made sport of him. He was jeered & mocked, they poked fun at him, and he became the "play object" of the lords of the philistines - who said this " our god has delivered Samson our enemy into our hand" And they rejoiced exceedingly and praised there own god! Offering a great sacrifice to dagon (Their god). Meanwhile Samson with eyes gouged and poked out was grinding away in the ole prison mill, bearing the brunt of their jokes, ridicule and scorn. And All because he told the secret of his strength to a heathen woman. A heathen woman -mind you- that he both loved & trusted! however compromise brought shame! Paul says "giving no offence in anything, that the ministry be not blamed" Paul told the Jews in the book of Romans that it was because of them (yesJews) - that the name of God was blasphemed among the Gentiles. Thou that teachest another, teachest not thyself? you that abhorr Idols, dost thou commit sacrilege? Jesus told his own disciples not to do after the works of (the pharisee) for they say, and do not do!
#3. "Compromise brings distraction": Jesus gave us the illustration that no one "can serve two masters" for you will either hold to the one and despise the other, or you will Cling the one and Hate the other. James also says this of temptation " everyone is tempted when he is "DRAWN AWAY" and enticed of his own lusts. Compromise is distracting! (it draws you in) it's like the wild donkey that snuffs up the wind on her occassion, who can prevent her? on her day who can withstand her? this is the same carrot dangled before Balaam - when he went after the "rewards of divination" BUT being told specially by God - not to go "with the men" that came to him (but did he listen?) No - rather he was drawn away by the lure of money and material rewards. Jude informs us later in the new testament - that Balaam ran greedily after the error of reward. Compromise pulls you into a web of intrigue and curiosity that is hard to dis-entangle oneself from (once ensnared) We see this is the same bait used by the serpent to beguile the mind of eve in the garden! Compromise disrupts and interferes with spiritual progress and growth! Dragging the victim into the lures of worldly pleasure, and "eye candy"
#4. "Compromise destroys peace of mind": We are told in the book of Hebrews that if we submit to the chastening hand of God and his divine disciplines. Then afterwards it yields the (peacable fruits) of righteousness. Samson certainly lost his peace of mind and assurances from men! Judges 15:11 reads this way " then 3000 men of Judah went to the top of the rock etam, and said to Samson, dont you know the philistines are rulers over us?? what then is this - that that you have done to us? And he said to them as they did to me, so i did back to them ( pay back time ) And they said to him we are come to bind you up good - and deliver you to them. Samson responds by saying - SWEAR unto me, that ye will not fall upon me yourselves! And they said to him, NO, BUT WE WILL BIND THEE FAST AND DELIVER YOU UP TO THEM ( THE PHILISTINES ) Clearly when compromise sets in wrong over wrong and forbidden associations ~ the results can be devastinging! And robs us of - our peace of mind! Let alone assurance with God! The first epistle of John tells us "If our heart condemns us NOT , then have we CONFIDENCNE with God". Do you lack assurance with God? Then Perhaps your heart is condemning you? And the weeds of compromise are choking the peace and blessed assurance - promised you! and that you long for?
#5. "Compromise brings certain death": We learn from Judges also - that though God was gracious with samson and he recieved his strength back. And his hair experienced "re-growth" God was not able to save him from the consequences of his actions - Albeit he did get to avenge the philistines for his eyes! Slaying more in his death, than they, in his life! HERE IS THE LESSON AND IT APPLIES TO All "what we sow we reap" "IF WE sow to the flesh, we shall of our flesh reap corruption" " IF we sow to the wind we reap a whirlwind " A little leaven, leavens the whole lump" The churches say what's wrong with our kids AND THE YOUTH going on those "singing shows and contests" " why not show off our talent before a nationally televised audience"? And go after the coveted first prize reward? And doing us all PROUD in the process?. hmmm Lots is wrong with it! DID WE NOT just read a little while ago that A little leaven, leavens the lump? And Friendship with the world is enmity with God! And the WHOLE WORLD LIETH IN WICKEDNESS! Friends all satan needs is a (liitle compromise here and a little compromise there) to get through the cracks in the wall. Thou that abhorrest idols, do you then -COMMIT- sacrilege yourself? Compomise brings CERTAIN DEATH. ROMANS CHAPTER SEVEN SAYS "If you live after the flesh, we will Die". Samson died an untimely premature death, and brought about - by his own doings! This seems to be a tough lesson to learn - but we need to get it right, or Samson's errors could be our errors (Compromise brings certain death)
##6."Compromise hardens You": Samson indeed got careless and presumptious! And kept falling asleep in the lap of Delilah. It appears samson in the end got rather complacent and over-confident about his great and many previous conquests. Listen to Samson words from the book of Judges ~~ after he awoke from sleep "I will go out as other times and just shake myself!. But he wist not that the Lord was departed from him"
Hmmm. Bit scarey - if you ask me! Samson presumed God would always be there! And his Spirit would always come on him (as other times) But not this time! The spirit left him, and Samson was on his own! His heart was hardened, sin blinded his spiritual eyesight -before ever- his natural eyesight was gone!! But again going back to Hebrews we are told " take heed brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in (departing) from the living God. And this scripture verse "But exhort one another daily, while it is called today; lest any of you be (HARDENED) through the deceitfulness of Sin" Ahh man - what a warning! Their carcasses fell in the wilderness because they continually provoked the holy one of Israel! Even after beholding all those great signs and wonders he executed before their eyes in Egypt! They still lapsed into rank unbelief and hardness of heart! Stephen tells us (For forty long years he suffered their manners in the wilderness! Forty long years God put up with their ways and constant belly-aching. Samson had an attidude AKIN to what we say here in Down under "SHE'LL BE RIGHT MATE" "IT'S OKAY I CAN HANDLE MYSELF" ANDI KNOW WHAT IM DOING, LEAVE ME ALONE" However he became independant and over confident (in the flesh) Again Paul said @ Phillipi he placed no confidence in the flesh, though he might have confidence in the flesh. Jesus himself said " I can of mine own self do NOTHING"!!!
Compromise hardens the heart ... And MAKES ONE PRESUMPTIOUS - Before his maker
So In Sum: let's go back now and review!

~~ Sin weakens
~~ Sin distracts
~~ sin robs of peace
~~ Sin hardens the Spirit
~~ Sin brings certain death
~~ Sin brings reproach and shame

Bro Stephen

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