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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Will there be genuine revival at Lilburn, Ga?

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 Will there be genuine revival at Lilburn, Ga?

Will there be genuine revival at Lilburn, Ga?

Or will this be just another group of meetings?

 2008/6/13 13:12

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 Re: Will there be genuine revival at Lilburn, Ga?

How would you define revival?

I would say if the word of God is proclaimed and moves the hearts of His saints to apply His word to their lives....that's revival.


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 Re: Will there be genuine revival at Lilburn, Ga?

How can we possibly know? We can pray, so let's do that.

God may, for all we know, humble us to the earth with defeats instead. He is still worth meeting for and publicly praising, and I look forward to at least that much.

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Hemel Hempstead


How can we possibly know? We can pray, so let's do that.

God may, for all we know, humble us to the earth with defeats instead. He is still worth meeting for and publicly praising, and I look forward to at least that much.

With the amount of false revivals I think even in this country we need a genuine revival just to make the false revivals look bad!

God is the one who bring revival and it is in his time. Whether it be ten years or two years, it is in his time.

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Will there be genuine revival at Lilburn, Ga?

I would say anywhere where the Cross is preached, and Jesus is lifted up, will be Revival.
The saints have prayed, and they will be gathering
together in His Name.
I pray all who go , and all who don't go, will be revived.
God Bless

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Will there be genuine revival at Lilburn, Ga?

Or will this be just another group of meetings?

Dear Brother,

Wonderful questions. Important questions. Will there be revival? I believe we can do everything on our end, ie repentance and forsaking sins. Giving burdened prevailing prayer for revival.

If we all come with a spirit that is and has been seeking genuinely for revival God could come and meet with us. We need a great moving of God in our life's personally and corporately. We cannot bring revival by mechanism but we can prepare the way for God to come in revival.

A "divine intervention" is our only hope. I say this because we can have a revival in our lifes and even coporately in Lilburn but only God can turn the tide of mess in the North American Church overally.

As for the second question. Will it just be a group of other meetings? God forbid. Even if the meetings are just informative meetings on "true revival" and things such they would be worthwhile compared to the 1000's of other conferences that are not focusing on the great need in our day.

But we all pray they will be accompanied by the presence of a Holy God. And we will never be the same. Lord send revival.

More information and Pre-register for the event today:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Indianapolis, Indiana

 Re: Will there be genuine revival at Lilburn, Ga?

Blessings from God!
I was admonished gently from God to attend this conference.
I have never attended a conference before, nor have I ever believed in the efficacy of conferences.
When God speaks, I listen.
Understand, He didn't command me to attend, He did, however, tell me it would be a good idea to attend.
That is compulsion enough for me, as an obedient, though flawed, child.
This would, henceforth, lead me to apprehend that, because my Father addressed my heart about this event, there is revival of some sort to be begotten.
That would be answer enough for me.
Though I am without funds, and precariously busy in the coming months, I'll thumb my way from Indianapolis to Lilburn, if opportunity coalesces.
Predicting revival seems to me foolish.
Anticipating revival seems Divinely constructive.
1Thessalonians 5.23

Kenneth Roy Love

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 Re: Will there be genuine revival at Lilburn, Ga?

Hi freecd…

What is revival?

If you mean “revival” in the sense of a spiritual awakening that shakes an individual so tremendously that they change their entire life – then I don’t know that anyone can answer such a question. Why not? Because such a “revival” is dependent upon our response to the gentle call of God.

God does not change. He has ALWAYS been longing for people to come to Him in the realization that “he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him” (Hebrews 11:6).

A “revival” in a greater sense is the collective result of many individuals hearing and responding to this call from God. Simply put, it is a revived hunger for the knowledge of and knowing of Jesus Christ. It is a knowledge of God that supersedes every other thought or care.

A personal revival of this sort doesn’t have to take place in a meeting. God has always been waiting for us to draw near to Him in our private time. The greatest moments of my life have been spent when I was alone with God. Those moments have come when I was able to shut out the world (and all of its cares, needs and concerns) in wonderful intimacy with Christ. It is the ability to get lost in His presence.

A true revival, in my estimation, is that rare ability for a collective body to be joined in such intimacy. It is the achievement of a group being in “one accord in one place” with our hearts and minds completely absorbed in the things of God (Acts 2:1). I think that such a thing is reflective of every historic “revival” in the world. People gathered together in an overwhelming desire to meet and know God. Those who “got too close” to it were powerfully impacted by this fellowship with the Lord. Why is it so powerful? It is the reason that we were created! God created us to know Him, love Him and worship Him.

However, with every great move of God, there will always be those who undoubtedly remain unaffected. There are those who attempt to force the revival to move the way that they believe it should go (typically in spectacular “supernatural” directions). The great danger, of course, is to create a sort of “rain dance” in which people believe that revival comes through the result of otherwise “pious” outward displays of religion. There will also be those – including believers – who sit as cynics. Such proud individuals have their own particular idea of what “revival” is supposed to look like…and will not accept it in any other way. Instead of focusing upon God and their own need for a stronger relationship with Him, these individuals focus on anything else. Sadly, they could sit in the middle of a truly powerful move of God…yet remain unaware or even cynical of it all.

Can this happen? Of course! On the day of Pentecost, there were thousands in attendance in Jerusalem. Some of those who witnessed this first great “revival” of the New Testament preferred to mock those speaking in tongues – and imply that this newfound ability to speak in unlearned languages was the result of drunkenness. The Bible contains anecdotes in which certain individuals grumbled and complained even in the middle of the awesome physical manifestations of God’s presence. Remember the Exodus? Even after witnessing the plagues in Egypt and the deliverance through the Red Sea, there were individuals complaining about the loss of garlic and onions that they enjoyed during slavery.

Will there be a revival in Georgia? God always longs for individuals to come to Him (even collectively) so that He can “revive” his people. Even if a great collective revival were to take place, we need to understand that it will probably NOT resemble some of the revivals in the past. In regard to the physical appearance, the Azusa Street didn’t resemble the Welsh Revival any more than the Welsh Revival resembled the Great Awakening. However, each of these moves of God had a common denominator: People desperately hungered to truly know and fellowship with God! The revivals of the past were not confined to a building, a town or even an organization. The “revival” happened within the mind, heart and actions of each person. It was an intimacy with God that followed them home, to work, to school and during their “free time.” It was a realization that the only thing that could quench this unimaginable hunger of the soul was an ongoing, authentic intimacy with the Creator of the Universe.

We don’t have to wait until a collective revival happens to come to such a point. We don’t have to wait for meetings in Georgia…or Scotland. If I remember correctly, there was a hungry, one-eyed black man (William Seymour) whose hunger and relationship with God became a catalyst for the Azusa Street Revival. There was a young Welsh former coal miner and Bible student whose desperate hunger for God became the catalyst for the Welsh Revival. It was the desperation of God that was already realized within the heart of a young attorney named Charles Finney that led to the Second Great Awakening. Who know? Perhaps someone else’s desperation, hunger or relationship with God that might become contagious to a group of believers who join together in one accord in both Georgia and Scotland? May it happen! This world is sinking deeper and deeper into a philosophy that imagines a world and universe without God – that was created by a chance accident and in which God plays no part. This world is exceedingly ripe for a revival of the knowledge of God as much as a dry field is ripe for rain! May it begin – and may it begin within each of our hearts!



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 Re: Why only the two options?

Will there be genuine revival at Lilburn, Ga?
or will there just be a series of meetings

FreeCD, I am wondering why you are asking the question in this manner. I agree with SermonIndex that it is fair to wonder about the meetings. And yet, I question if it is fair to consider only those two options. What about these options:

Will God be free to work at this conference or will there be a quenching of the Spirit? ………

Maybe even that question is too limiting – that is limited by our expectations of how God is supposed to work and our role in it?

Someone (from the CRF) once reminded me that the strongest resistance to revival can come from those who want it most. Without realizing it, they are unwilling to surrender that very thing that is in the way - maybe it's control, maybe it’s their ideal or faulty expectations, maybe it is conservatism, denominational views, or specific blessings in life. Maybe it's an unwillingness to admit a past sin.

And so, it would seem that the first responsibility we all have in the grand scheme of things is to simply surrender our expectations and anything else God asks of us - and let God have his way – lest we become like the older brother in the Prodigal Son Parable – who missed the party even though it was going on under his nose!

We don’t have to wait until a collective revival happens to come to such a point.

To put it stronger: Such a waiting might even be idolatrous. It could be a way of avoiding responsibility that God is calling us to right now. Nowhere in the Bible do we read about waiting for mass revival. Quite the contrary!

Consider that much of God’s work happens "underground" – deep in the hearts and minds. Evidence of apparent revival or of fruit reaped through the event may not become instantly evident. Much of what happens may be part of a big process – of God’s moving in our society. Remember too that superficial "evidence" could be simply a flash in the pan.

In my understanding much of God’s refining work is a process of bringing us to the end of ourselves by surfacing our faulty ways of thinking and acting, so that we become conscious of it, so that we are free to surrender it. That process is not typically tidy.

So, even if the conferences don't appear like revival (as we have come to expect), and it feels more like an unruly forest fire out of control, God will no doubt be in the business of refining and building his Church – that is, his precious gold nuggets scattered here and there in the rubble of life.

I praise God for his ongoing work in the Church. May his Spirit blow freely at the conferences – during the time leading up to it, and long afterwards!



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