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 Emerging Church - Response to Critics

This is an interesting article from Brian McLaren, who is with the emerging church movement. It is an exceptional article I must say and he makes good points. I would encourage many to read it before making quick statements against him...

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 Re: Emerging Church - Response to Critics

I am not one to make a blanket statement on the Emergent say all emergent church folk are evil heretics or blah blah blah.
But Mattie
MCLAREN IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE EMERGENT CHURCH!!! If you have not read a "generous orthodoxy". Read it then compare it to the Bible. Mclaren's definition of Christianity in that book is a definition of a religion far far far different than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mclaren may get mad that people critique him (or he may say judge and a bunch of other "mean" sounding words), but people would not have to say things if he were not a false teacher! (NO yelling at me for calling him a false teacher until you read one of his books and then compare it to the Bible..dude is way way off).
His book leaves you thinking that the Bible is a hazy mystical book, truth is not as important as relavancy, muslims love the one true LORD, and a bunch of other garbage. He also LIES in his book "generous orthodoxy", opens the door to pagan religions as being valid....just read it...don't listen to me or a bunch of us complain about the guy. Just prayerfully read his garbage and you will see the Spirit that inspired John the Baptist, Paul, Calvin, Wesley, and even folks like Piper and Ravenhill is not the Spirit that is talking to Mclaren.


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I agree with Thommy... Mclaren is a false teacher. There's no two ways about it.

He likes to say that we need to be careful not to bite and devour one another. But he forgets what Paul had to say about false teachers... of course, Mclaren doesnt see himself as one because he is blind.


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I have read "Generous Orthodoxy". Thom and Krispy are speaking the truth according to the Bible about Brian Mclaren. Good advice would be to stay far away from his twisted teaching of a “Generous Orthodoxy”.


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If after half a dozen books he still feels like no one understands him, maybe he should consider another career.

Mike Compton

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 Re:, good point, Comp


 2008/6/13 12:14

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