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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : 1 Samuel 16:14-15

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 1 Samuel 16:14-15

I have always wondered about this verse, is this an O.T. prophecy or will God still act in such this way in the N.T. era? Obviously God can and will do whatever He so chooses.

One a separate note reading through a Clarke commentary, an interesting opinion concerning vs 15:

[b]"The theory of Dr. Scheuchzer, in his Physica Sacra, on the malady of Saul, is allowed to be very ingenious. It is in substance as follows: Health consists in a moderate tension of the fibres, which permits all the fluids to have an entire freedom of circulation, and to the spirits, that of diffusing themselves through all the limbs; on the contrary, disease consists in tensions of the fibres morbidly weak or morbidly strong. This latter seems to have been the case of Saul; and as the undulations of the air which convey sound communicate themselves to and through the most solid bodies, it is easy to suppose that by the modulations of music all the fibres of his body, which were under the influence of the morbidly increased tension, might be so relaxed as to be brought back into their natural state, and thus permit the re-establishment of a free and gentle circulation of the fluids, and consequently of the animal spirits, and thus induce calmness and tranquillity of mind. I believe this theory to be correct, and I should find no difficulty to amplify and to illustrate the subject. Even a skillful playing upon the harp was one means to bring a disordered state of the nervous and fibrous system into a capacity of affording such uninterrupted tranquillity to the mind as to render it capable of receiving the prophetic influence; see the case of Elisha; 2Kings 3:14,15

“Music hath charms to sooth the savage breast.”

This has been literally proved: a musician was brought to play on his instrument while they were feeding a savage lion in the tower of London; the beast immediately left his food, came towards the grating of his den, and began to move in such a way as to show himself affected by the music. The musician ceased, and the lion returned to his food; he recommenced, and the lion left off his prey, and was so affected as to seem by his motions to dance with delight. This was repeatedly tried, and the effects were still the same."[/b]

 2008/6/12 6:19Profile

 Re: 1 Samuel 16:14-15,,Highway to Heaven or Highway to Hell.


The scripture above proves to me , that music can be anointed, both ways. There is an anointing on music from The Lord; There is an anointing from Hell.

"Jesus said; "Be careful [i]how[/i] you hear. How many of us ex-hippies and rockers cannot recall the amazing sensuality and power emitting from the likes of a Hendrix or Clapton or the Beatles?; almost trance like. Many of these groups were very proud of their Satanic affiliation, and even had evil rituals in front of and over the adoring crowds.

Classical music has long identified as a soother, and the order of the sound is very well defined, creating a beauty in our hearing and mind, as a Michelangelo would in our sight.

This , of course does not imply that all beauty is from the Lord. Satan is described as an Angel of light, and filled with the perfection of beauty, and he also is described as possessing the "pipes" of music even within his being.

Music is a very powerful medium, and a gift to mankind. There is music all over Heaven, and it seems that it is ever present. David is quoted more than [b]any [/b] other person or prophet in the New Testament, and all of these were given to him as SONGS, and all were put to

In Heaven, as the redeemed are gathered, the vast innumerable multitude are all given "harps", and evidently we know how to play them! It seems they are forever ours! Wow! We will worship forever.

Music can be a "Highway to Heaven", or, alas , to those who hate the Cross and the Savior, a "Highway to Hell."

 2008/6/12 9:43

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