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 The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun and Paul Hattaway

Brother Yun is a Chinese Christian who was converted by seeing his father healed of cancer:

[i]The Lord called me to follow him at the age of 16. The year was 1974, and the Cultural Revolution was still raging throughout China. At that time my father was sick. He suffered from a severe type of asthma, which developed into lung cancer. The cancer then spread to his stomach. The doctor told him he could not be cured and would soon die. My mother was told, "There's no hope for your husband. Go home and prepare for his death."[/i]

[i]My dad's sickness sapped all our money possessions, and energy... My brothers, sisters and I were forced to beg food from our neighbors and friends, just to survive.... My mother was under great pressure, facing the daunting prospect of raising five children alone... Things were so hopeless she contemplated suicide.[/i]

[i]One night my mother was lying on her bed, barely awake. Suddenly she heard a very clear and tender voice say, "Jesus loves you."[/i]

[She had heard the gospel and given her life to Christ in the early 1940's, but in 1949 the Communist government jailed all known pastors and the churches were scattered. She left the church and "forgot most of what she had learned as a young woman. Her relationship with the Lord grew cold."]

[i]She knelt down on the floor and tearfully repented of her sins and re-dedicated herself to the Lord Jesus Christ. Like the Prodigal Son, my mother came home to God.[/i]

[i]She immediately called our family to come and pray to Jesus. She told us, "Jesus is the only hope for Father." All of us committed our lives to God when we heard what had happened. We then laid our hands on my father and for the rest of the night we cried out a simple prayer, "Jesus, heal Father! Jesus, heal Father!"[/i]

[i]The very next morning my father found he was much better! For the first time in months he had an appetite for food. Within a week he had recovered completely and had no trace of cancer! It was a great miracle from God.[/i]

[i]My parents were so grateful to God for what he had done that they immediately wanted to share the good news with everyone in our village. In those days it was illegal to hold any meetings but my parents came up with a plan. They sent us children to invite relatives and friends to our home. [/i]

[i]People came to our home without knowing the reason why... They were amazed to see my dad greet them at the door, apparently in good health! When all our relatives and friends had arrived, my parents asked them all to come inside the house. They locked the door and covered the windows, and explained how Father had been completely healed by praying to Jesus. All our relatives and friends knelt down on the floor and gladly accepted Jesus as Lord and Master... Not only did I receive Jesus as my personal saviour, but... I wanted to serve the Lord with all my heart.[/i]

Yun's testimony continues as he then searches for "God's Word" in a country where all bibles were confiscated and burned by authorities. I won't give the story away of how God provided him with his first Bible!

This book has completely undone us! Praise GOD, through the testimony of Brother Yun and the Chinese house churches, my own faith and that of my dear husband has been set aflame!! 22 years I've called myself a Christian, tried with all my heart to follow the Lord Jesus, but what has happened to us since discovering this book is like a total spiritual overhaul!

Mrs. Fred

Mrs. Fred

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