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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Ahmadinejad Calls U.S. 'Satanic,' Israel 'About to Die'

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I too have visited Iran numerous times and I think it's safe to say that not all Muslims are radical. Most of them are like luke warm Christians who believe because their parents told them so, cause it's tradition. Most young students want money and women. They don't know what they believe in.

It's like the radical government has forced too much to the people that the people are now turning the other way - to materialism.

I think we should be careful in how we view the Muslims. They are souls that are lost, not blood thirsty murderes. You'd feel it the instant you step on the airport. If you tell them you're a christian they say "Jesus and Mohhamad were both great prophets." The anguish of the Lord is great upon the nation.

Let's pray "all those in authority" and for the Christians in Iran. They come to know Jesus through dreams and visions. Then they get sattelite TV and view Christian channels. They are very devoted but at the same time very scared.

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 Re:Jiyouk: terorism is the intimidation of the fear of death.Mercy

We need to continually be reminded that we war against powers and principalities, in heavenly places, not on the Earth. The people of the Earth are the Exact ones that Jesus died for and they belong to the Lord to save, just like He saved this sinner, and each of you reading.

Our battle is ultimately with the fallen Angels who are occupying His dominion for the time being, and the Gospel will unseat them; it's just a matter of time. Iran falls into the category of "all nations", just as America. The same "all nations", that Jesus commanded His disciples to Preach His name in.

The stakes have been raised, and this is an act of God, I believe, that will ultimately end with every tribe, nation and tongue under the dominion of the antichrist. It appears to me that this is Radical Islam; the white Horse of the Unveiling of Jesus. Mohammad supposedly ascended to Heaven on this famous white steed, on the temple mount, where Abraham offered Isaac.

Jiyouk spoke of fear, I stumbled into an all Islamic hotel in Hyderabad India, exhausted and alone. I encountered an "IMMAM" who was holding court with a group of young men. He was dressed in pure white, about 50 years old, and was Persian, not Hindi. These young disciples somehow found out that I was an American.[We stand out.] I was hated, with a venom that was indeed terrifying. They could barely conceal it, with eyes flashing murder.

My only weapon, my words, were taken from me, as they spoke another language. I could not proclaim Jesus. I felt like a lamb waiting for the slaughter. I must say that I was apprehensive to the edge of fear. I realized that any of these young men could, and would kill me, given a chance, thinking that they were doing Allah a favor, and no one would ever miss me.

Like Paul, who escaped by the basket over the wall, I bailed out one morning early, and checked out, without notice. I thought
I could die, and knives and my neck came through my imagination, in a real way.

I thought of Jiyouk's report of Christian's being afraid there, I could not imagine living day to day with your children in this setting, and having to make a living also. What courage it must take, for a Christian to live as a disciple there, openly, and to walk in love, also. It is mind boggling to imagine a life lived under this pressure.

My compassion has been stirred through this thread for my family in ISLAM, and the lost there under this awefull demonic bondage.

P.S., I have had the priveledge to see two muslims saved unto Jesus, but I lost track of them over the years.

 2008/6/10 5:20

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We need to continually be reminded that we war against powers and principalities, in heavenly places, not on the Earth.

As I read this thread - a very interesting and sobering one - I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are indeed seeing something that goes far beyond mere politics. Just like Brothertom said (in the quote above.)

I love to read the book of Revelation because of the inspiration, encouragement it provides to the serious student. As I read it I sense that God through calamities is working to restore people to himself, most notably Israel. The forces that come against apostate Israel work to destroy it and God is allowing it to cleanse it. So you have two evil 'kingdoms' at war: Israel and [perhaps] the Arabs. Understanding Revelation this way, evokes a question to me, an American - far removed physically from the Middle East: are we helping the nation Israel any by looking the other way when they mistreat the Christian? the alien? and the Muslim nations goal is to drive the Jews into the sea....this we know. Would God's purposes be better served if we would back off a bit, get out of the way so God can work? (Granted He will work in spite of us and our interference.)

Anyhow, these are my thoughts on this issue.

I do not relish defending my insight/interpretation of Revelation - it (the Book) is too sacred for that - not that I think I know it all, just that there are too many things we do not know and we do not want to rip apart that which is holy because of our ignorance. But I do wonder, has anyone else experience this sense?


Sandra Miller

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Thanks, Brother Tom for sharing that story. It was a quick insight into what many are going through in China, India, Iran and in many other places of the world.

Have we settled, have I settled, to put my neck out for these lost ones? Really put my neck out against the sharp blade of a knife, held by one who viciously hates me? Can we say, in the face of certain death, "You would have no power over me if it were not granted to you from above."

Wow, what a statement our Lord Jesus said!
Thanks brother tom, that really stirred me up. I think it is this stirring that is most effective at building us up in spirit, that we are called to bear the reproach of Christ and be led as lambs to the slaughter. We don't need the emotional stirrring that occurs in a lot of places in the US and abroad. We need the stirring of the Holy Spirit to this mind.


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I believe it is just as dangerous to live as a Christian in the US, UK or Europe. We are not really persecuted but poisened with false doctrine, lured into deception by false prophets and kept in bondage by false shepherds. The world has so much to offer to us and many Christians are so entangled by it that they cannot see how enslaved they are.

All nations are more or less under satanic power, there is not such a thing as a Christian or godly nation and there never has been before the Lords installs His Kingdom.

Our call is to save individual souls out of this haunted world that will soon come to an end. I am looking forward for it.

A couple of days ago an Iranian man visited our fellowship and I had the opportunity share the Gospel with him. I believe the door to share Christ with Moslems is wide open I find them to be the most attentive and greatful listeners.


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Shaul Mofaz (Israel's main liaison)

"Asked how he responds to the harsh statements of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Rome that Israel should be wiped off the map, Mofaz said: "He will disappear before Israel does."

 2008/6/10 18:13

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