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 The fire that lights the darkness

I wrote this poem just recently, having just walked through a very trying and dark period of my life. It is somewhat a reflection of Psalm 23 and is a testimony to the Spirit of God who is faithful and indeed will never leave us nor forsake us.


There is a fire intense that rages in my heart
It burns down deeply, into my very bones
As I wandered in the valley, seemingly apart
Having never felt so very , very much alone

If it was not for this fire, that rages in the night
This blood that runs like molten to my soul
I would fall into the darkness, never more to fight
My light would be consumed and the dark would take its toll

This fire in my heart, it lights the road ahead
These flaming bones of mine shall never fail
I come unto the table, my spirit it is fed
My head He has anointed, to come behind the veil

The oil upon my head, the cup within my hand
My enemies are routed, run darkness, flee
And with His sword of glory, we shall march across the land
Bondage destroyed forever, forever we are free

 2008/5/28 11:36

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 Re: The fire that lights the darkness

Not bad at all bro :) keep writing and using the gift God's given you. Glad the Lord lead you through it, it's true he never leaves us :) Much love man


 2008/5/28 13:25Profile


I can feeeel the lovvve man :) May the Lord bless you also my friend.........Frank

 2008/5/28 21:25

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