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Actually, I think we do. Christians are being asked to leave workplaces if they want honesty. Temptation is everywhere in our faces out in the world in the billboards and the way both men and women dress. There is a disdain for truth and a coldness towards godliness which justifies teasing Christians for believing and trying to please God.

Ya, but this is nothing compared to being beat because you name the Name of Christ?

Or being afraid of walking out your door because you could be shot or jumped or raped because they know you are a Christian?

The persecution we receive is nothing compared to others'.

But I see your point AtG.


 2011/5/3 16:14Profile


Hi AtG and StarofGod,

AtG is right, it is a low-key war of attrition in lands where there is no physical persecution.

It is called compromise. Just like Israel would compromise and begin worshipping pagan idols.

As far as the level of persecution, StarofGod is correct. Of course, we have no physical beatings or the such. There are isolated instances where public school children are given a beating for standing for Christ, though or people are fired because their boss does not like the fact that they don't compromise.

However, I have a DVD from the Vietname church, compliments of Voice of the Martyrs where the young people in the church in Vietnam are asking us to pray NOT for an end of persecution but rather for endurance. They had come to see that their persecution had brought them close to the Lord and even weeded out false believers.

Persecution by Satan is just as valid and he works through the lost and even the saved, unfortunately. The persecution in the U.S. is insidious and subtle. AtG alluded to some ways that they experience it in her country.

The fact is, if you live Godly, you will receive some sort of persecution from the lost as well as those that call themselves "Believers".

It is far more easier to avoid it in America and still be considered a "Christian" than it is to avoid it say in Vietnam. In lands where Christianity is forbidden and persecution is physical, if you avoid it, then you are pretty much found out to be a false brother or sister, because to avoid persecution you will probably have had to turn someone in, or deny Christ.


 2011/5/3 16:30


Brother I appreciate you responding to my post. I do not agree with you on some points but you responded. Ok why do I bring up the persecuted in these debates? To try to show there is a bigger picture here. We debate which is the correct translation while believers in India, Iran, China and other parts of the world cry for the scriptures in their language. In N Korea it is illegal to own a Bible and risk death to have one. You could go to Open Doors and Voice of the Martyrs for more information about the need for more Bibles in testricted countries. It just seens that God's heart is griebed when we get into thrse debstes over translations and btothers and sisters don't have access to s Bible. Brother A you speak of the integrity pf the word. What is God more pleased with, the integrity of the translation we read or the integrity of the heart that reads his word which ever translation. It seems that God is more concerned about us loving our neighbor than the correct translation we read. And if this means supporting those projects that will get the word into restricted countries than I will do this. Brother never met you. But I love you in Jesus. But I will still keep my NIV. Siimplly because it works for me. Brother his richest blessings be on you. Blaine

 2011/5/3 17:44

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