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 Books who shape your FAITH

Hello Brethren and Sisters

After the Bibel what are the 5 most interesting Books who shape your Spiritual growth and the 5 Best Authors that you love to read so much.

1-Beginning by myself i will for Books
The Biographie of Georges Müller von Roger Steer who challenge me when i was about 16 years old.
2-Hudson Taylor from Roger Steer Who rise a desire in my Heart to serve God
3-IN pursuit of God , the lofe of A W Tozer from james l Snyder (I loved the books so much that i sleep with it on my bed for long time)
4-Testimony Watchman Nee
5-Making of Champion lester Sumrall

for the 5 Authors that i love to read:

Andrew Murray
David Wilkerson
Watchman Nee
A W Tozer
E M bounds

God Bless

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 Re: Books who shape your FAITH

Hi, If you love to read Andrew Murry then you will love "The Power of the Spirit" by William Law (edited by Dave Hunt). Andrew Murry edited it first under it's original title called "An Affectionate and Earnest Address to the Clergy". He said that he urged all to read it, and that he had never found a written work so powerful and complete concerning the "Life of god within us".

My "other" favorite book is The biography of Robert C. Chapman by author Robert Peterson. He was a close friend and mentor of George Mueller and Hudson Taylor. Spurgeon said of Robert Chapman,"He is the saintliest man I've ever known".

You can find both of these books at www.the

I also love to read Andrew Murry's books, and George Mueller's biography has surely shaped my faith! But we must not forget about John Bunyans "Pilgrim's Progress", we would be poor indeed without it!
blessings bonni


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Germany ( Erlangen)


Hi Bonni Thank You Very much
i bought the The Power of the Spirit of William law but i must aknowledge that since i did´nt read it.
But as i see i have to order and read the Biographie of Robert C Chapman
Thank a lot
But never mind i love Andrew Murray , so that i put his picture in my student room.:-D

God Bless

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The William Law book was great. If I could recommend two books other than the scriptures I would recommend "Rees Howell: Intercessor" by Norman Grubb and "Remarkable Miracles" by G.C. Bevington. These books are meaty and will serve you well...

Ed Pugh

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 Re: Books who shape your FAITH

I would highly recommend Oswald Chambers "My
Utmost for His Highest"

Martin G. Smith

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"All of Grace" - C.H. Spurgeon - Good overview of the Gospel.

"Morning and Evening" - C.H. Spurgeon - The best "daily devotional" I have seen.

"The Godly Man's Picture" - Thomas Watson - Puritan book on the characteristics of a godly man.

Matthew Henry or John Gill's Bible Commentary (both available online for free reading... Gill's is at

"Religious Affections" - Jonathan Edwards - A fantastic overview of true and false faith and their signs.

Taylor Otwell

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Richmond, VA


If you like andrew murray Read some of these books below

1. Covenants and Blessings: it is a compare and contrast book about the old covenant life verse the New Covenant life. Wonderful book.

2.Absolute Surrender



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Germany ( Erlangen)


One of my Best book from Andrew Murray is With Christ in the School of Prayer .
For those who look good Book on the deeper christian life i will counsel them to buy andrew Murray, A W Tozer , Fenelon , Watchman Nee , T Austin Spark
These authors to shape my faith and i am so greatfull they have lived and leaved Books to be reading

Thank be To God

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 Re: Books who shape your FAITH

1. Biography of Hudson Taylor - Steer
2. Odyssey of a Modern Jew - Art Katz
3. Cross and the Switchblade - Wilkerson
and Run, Baby Run by Cruz
4. The Light and the GLory - Marshall
5. Praying Hyde - Carre

1. Art Katz
2. Watchman Nee
3. Andrew Murray
4. McCheyne
5. Bunyan


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Everything by T.A Sparks

everything by Thomas Brooks


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