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 Modern Day Racism

I am not sure which forum to post this article on. I got an email which provided a link to this site. After reading it, I thought the info presented here might be helpful to [i]someone[/i]. I know that recently these issues were discussed on SI but felt like this article provides one with more detail.

I did check to see if there was a copyright, but could find none so I am copying/pasting it in its entirety here. Here is the site it comes from:

I can't close with 'blessings' but maybe with "Be concerned",


Modern Day Racism

Our nation has struggled with racism since its birth. Its two most obvious manifestations have been slavery and segregation. Much blood, sweat, toil, and treasure have been invested righting these moral wrongs. Thank God we live in a nation willing to address these injustices and eventually overcome them.

What is not so obvious, however, is a modern form of racism that is much more destructive than any other manifestation our nation has struggled with in times past. We know very well the racism that led to slavery and segregation. We are, however, willfully ignorant of a racism that leads to genocide.

In our day, racism that leads to genocide has turned into big business and political power. Perhaps this explains some of the blindness that can't discern between the media generated racism and a racism that has led to the death of millions. Regardless, the "powers that be" that view life through the grid of black race/white race, instead of good and evil, exploit racism to fill their coffers and expand their political empires.

Tragically, many of the so-called "leaders" in the civil rights movement have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the racism that leads to genocide in our day. In fact, many of them are in league with an industry and an organization that has done more harm to the black community than all previous forms of racism combined-PLANNED PARENTHOOD!

What is this cruel form of racism that has led to genocide today? It is the sin and crime of abortion! That’s right! The roots of abortion in America and the history of Planned Parenthood are ones of elitism and racism. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, in a letter to Clarence Gamble in 1939 wrote, "We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through religions appeal. We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."

Sanger made other outrageous statements like "more from the fit and less from the unfit." Of course, she was the goddess who determined who was fit or not. She stated, "birth control would lead to a cleaner race." Thus to eliminate what she considered the inferior races, she first began the "American Birth Control League," which eventually became known as Planned Parenthood. It was through this infamous organization that she implemented her three-fold plan to eliminate minorities, which was, birth control, sterilization, and eventually abortion.


Did her plans work? Judge for yourself. Today, according to, today more black children are murdered by abortion than are born. A black baby is three times more likely to be aborted than a white baby. Blacks make up 12% of America’s population and yet submit to over 35% of all abortions. In the last 35 years more than 25% of the black population has been exterminated by abortion. Since 1973, over twice as many African-Americans have died from abortion than from AIDS, accidents, violent crime, cancer, and heart disease combined. Over 12,000 of 17,000 aborted babies found in one California dumpster were black. Seventy eight percent of the Planned Parenthood facilities are located in minority neighborhoods. Four billion dollars has been paid to the abortion industry in order to slaughter black children in their mother’s wombs. Just recently, several Planned Parenthood facilities were willing to receive specific donations earmarked to abort only black babies (see the evidence at Every week "legal" abortion kills twice as many black people as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) killed in its entire history.

To this day, Planned Parenthood has never disavowed or recanted Margaret Sanger’s racist and elitist agenda. In fact, Planned Parenthood hands out the Margaret Sanger (Maggy Award) to their brightest and best in the abortion industry. Dr. Alan Guttmacher, a past president of Planned Parenthood, clearly stated, "We are merely walking down the path that Mrs. Sanger carved out for us."


Do these figures hold true for Atlanta? No, it’s worse! Annually, there are 40,000 abortions committed in this southern city. Twenty five thousand are committed against black babies. Over 60 % of the abortions in Atlanta are black babies.


Many years ago while at the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum, I read a beautiful plaque. The essence of this poignant message was to commemorate the sacrifice of those who endured the persecution, the fire hoses, dogs, beatings, and jails for the cause of liberty during the civil rights movement in the 1960s. It concluded with an acknowledgement that all the suffering they endured was not for those who were involved in the struggle, but for their children yet to be born.

Many years have passed and yes, some progress has been made. There are better opportunities, better education, better jobs, and in spite of the race baiters, better racial relations in 2008. We have come a long way since the days of Dr. King’s "dream," but what does that mean to a dead baby. If the sacrifices of those who paid the price for liberty can’t be passed to their posterity, what good is it? If the right to life is denied, no other right is secure.


Recently, I had the privilege to work with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, national director of B.O.N.D., Brotherhood Of A New Destiny. He came to Waco, TX to share his testimony of resentment and anger that he secretly held against his parents. His father left before his birth and his mother trashed his father all his life. He followed this course of hate and became involved with the so-called "Black Civil Rights Movement." He heard the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, and the Louis Farrakhans of this world tell him the doubts, insecurities, and rage he was experiencing was due to racism. Thus Jesse became part of the chorus that blamed the white man and the "system" for all his problems.

Eventually by God's grace, Jesse heard a different message. One that said, "Be still and know that I am God." In one divine moment, his eyes were opened and he understood that his problems were not due to racism, but to his own hatred of his family and the "white man" he used as a scapegoat to justify his anger. He chose to forgive and God forgave him. That was years ago. He has been singing a new song ever since- a song of God's redemption through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Since his deliverance, his message to Black America has also changed. He courageously calls upon fellow black brothers and sisters to "quit blaming the ‘white man’ for your problems, repent of your anger and resentment, and confess that you are immoral, sinful, and have dealt falsely with the Lord. Only then can we be truly set free and develop a brighter future for us and our children." A radical message indeed, but one that needs to spread far and wide!

When asked specifically why seventy percent of the children in the Black community are fatherless, with abortion decimating their population, and crime and violence savaging their young:, he stated, "The black man moved out and abdicated his spiritual responsibility and the government, Planned Parenthood, and corrupt black leaders replaced him. This opened the door for the lie to enter, and for women to be deceived and their children destroyed." He then quoted God's divine order for the family found in 1 Corinthians 11:3 which states, "But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God." He further stated, "Whenever the man is missing in his God ordained role, woman and children are uncovered and become a prey to evil." For more information about Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and B.O.N.D. contact


In Dr. King’s day, segregation exposed our national hypocrisy concerning the right to liberty for the black man. In our day, abortion reveals our national hypocrisy respecting the right to life. People marched to end segregation and this march is by no means over. God’s truth must march on to end the injustice of the abortion/racism connection as well. Dr. King declared, "Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children." Let us therefore commit afresh and anew to make the "dream" come true for all Americans once and for all, the born and unborn in Jesus mighty name!


Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

Operation Save America

P.O. Box 740066
Dallas, TX 75374

Phone: 704-933-3414


E-mail: [email protected]

Sandra Miller

 2008/5/24 15:33Profile

 Re: Conducting ourselves as a Christianese heavenly citizen on earth.

Amen ginny, racism in certain directions is ignored. equality is omni-directional. Jesus gives true equality. Man never will give true equality, however it is our His purpose in being His children to strive for not only equality in race but striving for omni-directional equality. The only one who is to be exalted is Christ and His righteous laws and He Himself, the rest of us are way below in equality to Him. Filthy rags he said.

I am in by no means crowing, this is not a drop in the bucket toward being thankful and showing my thankfulness for His salvation. I have recently been gathering signatures in our county for a state amendment to be presented to the people on the November election ballot. This amendment for foster care and adoption will require 66,000 signatures of registered Arkansas voters of the state and all the signatures are to be notarized by the canvassers and sent to the Secretary of State's office for validation, before this will be allowed to be on the ballot in November.

This amendment, if adopted and passed, will only allow "married couples', married as seen in the eyes of God only, one man married to one women, to be eligible to request an application on foster care and adoption of children in Arkansas. There is a stipulation in the amendment to allow single parents to be eligible also.

Planned parenthood and the ACLU have recently organized a fund raisers in opposition to this amendment so they can pay for TV ads to deceive the voters. I am only 80 signatures away from my 500 count quota for my county.

Whether this amendment passes are not, will matter greatly in the care of children of our state and curbing somewhat in what they are being taught in the home to be good and just. Especially preventing the child not being taught that homosexuality is OK and not a sin.

I don't know if we will gather enough signatures to be on the ballot or if it will pass although I would think so. What I do know is, I can be at peace with God, knowing that I have participated in whatever power he has given me to do what I see in His Word to be good and just in His sight. I am entangling myself in this effort because I believe His purpose is that our children not be taught that homosexuality is OK. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Thanks ginny for exposing the evil organization of planned parenthood and opening the thoughts of what God thinks is equality, discrimination in His eyes, and entangling ourselves in the affairs of this world. We do need to tak about peace.

 2008/5/24 18:24

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