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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : The Horrors Of DU: We Are Fighting Our Wars With Nuclear Waste And It Is Killing Our Troops

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 The Horrors Of DU: We Are Fighting Our Wars With Nuclear Waste And It Is Killing Our Troops

The Horrors Of DU: We Are Fighting Our Wars With Nuclear Waste And It Is Killing Our Troops And Deforming Their Babies

Most Americans still do not seem to realize that we are using thousands upon thousands of tons of nuclear waste ("depleted uranium") to fight our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most Americans still do not seem to know that thousands upon thousands of our troops are getting sick and dying from exposure to DU.

Most Americans still do not seem to understand that the thousands of tons of DU that we have dumped over there have a half-life of 4.5 BILLION years.

So we have essentially contaminated Iraq and Afghanistan FOREVER.

When a woman has a baby in Iraq now, they no longer ask if it is a boy or a girl. They ask: "Is it normal?"

DU poisoning even gets passed from our soldiers to their wives during sex, and this has resulted in tragic cases of deformity in the children of our own soldiers:


In early September 2003, Army National Guard Spec. Gerard Darren Matthew was sent home from Iraq, stricken by a sudden illness.

One side of Matthew's face would swell up each morning. He had constant migraine headaches, blurred vision, blackouts and a burning sensation whenever he urinated.

The Army transferred him to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington for further tests, but doctors there could not explain what was wrong.

Shortly after his return, his wife, Janice, became pregnant. On June 29, she gave birth to a baby girl, Victoria Claudette. The baby was missing three fingers and most of her right hand.

Matthew and his wife believe Victoria's shocking deformity has something to do with her father's illness and the war — especially since there is no history of birth defects in either of their families.

They have seen photos of Iraqi babies born with deformities that are eerily similar.

In June, Matthew contacted the Daily News and asked us to arrange independent laboratory screening for his urine. This was after The News had reported that four of seven soldiers from another National Guard unit, the 442nd Military Police, had tested positive for depleted uranium (DU).

The independent test of Matthew's urine found him positive for DU - low-level radioactive waste produced in nuclear plants during the enrichment of natural uranium.

Because it is twice as heavy as lead, DU has been used by the Pentagon since the Persian Gulf War in certain types of "tank-buster" shells, as well as for armor-plating in Abrams tanks.

Exposure to radioactivity has been associated in some studies with birth defects in the children of exposed parents."

My husband went to Iraq to fight for his country," Janice Matthew said. "I feel the Army should take responsibility for what's happened."

(Article continues at the link above)

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 Re: The Horrors Of DU: We Are Fighting Our Wars With Nuclear Waste And It Is Killing

This is a subject that the mainstream media mostly avoids.

I think it is important for everyone to get their opinions out, and for each of us to share what we know with each other and to learn from each other.

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There's a lot that we never hear on mainstream news.

They won't report this. As it is, there are less and less men recruiting to join the military, so news like this will not help.

As it is, since man is determined to reject God, he has to take care of this world himself, and what a lousy job he's doing too.

When we read about Israel in the Bible, and the victories they won, sometimes without even fighting, the Lord fighting for them, you realise that man has no answers.
Everything is found in Christ and in Him alone.

As for your post, thanks for the information.

God bless.

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