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 Special Christian Magazine offer from Wisdoms Gate


PLEASE NOTE: we have made a change regarding our subscription policy. For the past nearly 20 years, Wisdom's Gate has sought to serve God's people through various publications and resources. Over the past years, our production costs have continued to skyrocket, making each issue more expensive to print and mail. We have needed for several years to raise our subscription rates to accommodate our ever-increasing expenses. However, we have not wanted to pass on any extra expense to our readers, so we have just tightened our belts and born the inflationary costs ourselves.

After much prayer and serious consideration, we have decided to set our rates where they should have been for quite a while. At the same time, knowing that this increase would be a financial strain for many readers, we have simultaneously committed to offering our magazines...FOR WHATEVER YOU CAN AFFORD.

Our subscription price for each magazine is $20.00 per year, and includes a free annual subscription for a friend with your paid subscription. (2 for the price of 1!) This allows you to share the content of each magazine with a friend, relative, mentor, disciple, pastor or accountability partner.

We realize the economy has taken its toll on many of our readers and we do NOT want the cost to keep anyone from receiving and benefiting from our magazines. If you can afford $20.00, then please sign up for which ever magazines will encourage you, and sign up a friend for free. If you cannot afford $20.00, then just enter the amount that you can afford and we will send you a one-year subscription. If you can send more than $20.00 to cover part or all of a subscription for another struggling family, we're sure they will appreciate your kindness.

Please support our efforts to minister to as many people as possible by telling your friends and family about our publications. Your prayers and support help to keep these magazines in print.

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