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 I bore you on Eagles Wings

Exodus 19:4 (ASV)
4 Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself.

I love that phrase “I bore you on eagles wings and brought you to myself.” This speaks to the glory and the majesty and splendor of our God. Have you ever seen an eagle with its great expanse of wings , rising majestically and effortlessly in updrafts of the wind to the highest places? It is a magnificent sight. Everything our God does He does effortlessly. He never has to strain to do anything, He is never near the edge of His power.

He does not have a measure of Power, He is not even the most powerful. If He was the most powerful, then other entities would be in His league, a league He would be head of and He is not. If that were so, then power would be greater than He. God is not powerful, He is Power itself. He is omnipotent, Omni meaning all and potent meaning power.

The Israelites saw God at work when He destroyed the Egyptian army. They saw power in operation. They did not witness the powerful in operation, they witnessed the most powerful army on the planet destroyed and engulfed by a sea that had opened up before them. Yes, they had witnessed the plagues in all their many forms. Yet, even the most unbelieving and cynical amongst them could have ignored “natural phenomena,” even although they all occurred at the word of the man of God, Moses.

Even when the angel of death visited every household throughout the land of Egypt, less those covered by the blood, and every firstborn was killed, it was all done in the darkness of the night, silently coming and taking away in the still of the night. Then , suddenly when their backs were to the sea and the most powerful force in all the world bore down on them, they saw, in all its magnificent glory, Power. God is Power itself. And power itself opened up the sea and they walked on dry ground, and then, looking back they saw that same Power engulf and destroy the most powerful force on the planet.

This is the God that we serve . Is there anything too difficult for Him? Are we not safe in His hands ? Can we trust Him today? Are circumstances crashing down around you, have they gathered together and are now bearing down on you? Then listen, can you hear the Lord? Be still and see the glory of your God. Inside us is the kingdom of God, please know that this is where the battle lies. Its not that the body does not matter, it does, for it houses the living God and should be honored.

Yet, ultimately it’s the Kingdom of God within us that the enemy seeks to capture and take for its own. Remember, the earthly Temple was destroyed twice, the second time not one stone was left unturned. What was taken, what was the enemy really after? It was the treasure that the Temple housed. It was the gold and the silver, the riches of Israel were sought after by the enemy. So, when our lives, our bodies are threatened, its not the life and the body that the enemy seeks, it’s the treasure that lie within. Its your peace and your joy and your love and your grace and your humility. Its your trust in the living God. Its your very soul that he seeks and the only way that he can get to any of your treasures is for him to convince you that circumstances are overwhelming.

The enemy wants you to look through your natural eyes and convince you that you have been abandoned. He wants you to curse God and die. He wants you to lose everything by causing you to be lost in his world of fear and doubt. Two of the greatest circumstances that he uses to great effect is death and disease. Christians fear them so much that it is easy fodder for the enemy. We, as Christians have to accept that when that sea opens up before us, sometimes it leads directly to His presence(death) and sometimes it leads to disease being overcome.

The key, to protecting your treasures, that which is eternal, is to embrace the Lord and know that His Will, will be done. This is not a lack of faith or double mindedness, this is true faith. Now, if God speaks to you and directs you with a specific word, then that must be followed. When God speaks , what He says always comes to pass, He is never outdone, not indeed can He be.

We , as Christians have been borne on eagles wings. We have been delivered from the world and carried beyond the sea to a place of preparation. As Christians, true and genuine Christians, we will have witnessed the destruction of that which enslaved us. Let us not become slaves or go back into bondage. In the desert is where we learn to trust.

Trusting in God is dependent on not knowing what is going to happen next. Yet the tyranny of fear means that we will cling to any man who promises us results in the midst of seeming defeat. Even our own hearts deceive us. What makes perfect sense to us, does not always play out as many could testify to.

When circumstances begin to overwhelm you here is my advice. Stop and listen. Listen to what? Your heart? No. Your friends? No Well minded Christians? No. When Agabus the prophet tells Paul what will happen to him when he goes to Jerusalem that is the word of God. It is sure and it will come to pass. Just as when Agabus prophesied about the famine, these things come to pass. Yet look what happened when you add to the word of God your own wisdom.

They all tried to persuade Paul not to go and what did Paul say to them? “Then Paul answered, What are you doing, weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.” And Paul did die for the name of Jesus. Not only was Paul listening to the Word of God, he was also being directed by the Spirit of God.

You see, Paul’s reply is the vital missing ingredient from many of today’s Spirit filled Christians. They all know the Scriptures in regard to healing, and they twist the context so that it serves them. And what is the pre-text that they come up with? That is God’s design that all should be healed or all shall prosper and it causes absolute chaos amongst the Body of Christ.

The fall out is everywhere. It breaks my heart to see good brothers and sisters in bondage to a pre-text. You see Paul was not afraid of death. He knew that in any battle there are those who are wounded and those who are killed. There could be no wars fought if no-one was prepared to die. Paul was prepared to die.

Do you remember the story of the missionaries in the 50s? The movie was called “The edge of the spear.” All of those missionaries were killed right there on the river bank, I believe there was five of them. In some ways it seems a tragic story. Perhaps people did not pray enough for these guys? Perhaps they themselves were lacking in faith? Surely God’s design for them would not be that they would all die at the edge of a spear?

Really? Hmmm. Are you sure? Does God serve us or do we serve God? If you could see with your spiritual eyes you would see that God bore them on Eagles wings and carried those five martyrs to Himself. Oh how the widows suffered a tragic loss, yes it cannot be denied. It could not have been explained at the time, no way. All words would have fallen woefully short. Yet, 50 years later, the son of one of those missionaries was sitting in Matt Lauer’s studio, on national television , with a man beside him.

Who was the man? It was none other than the actual man who had driven a spear into his father and killed him right there on the river bank. He was now telling the host how he considered this man to be a “father figure,” and a brother in Christ. The host was almost at a loss for words. How could this be? Well, everyone of those who belonged to this elusive tribe that the missionaries had been trying to reach had came to know Jesus. And it all started with the death of the missionaries.

God works outside of time and men’s reason. What we must do is to trust Him, even if He slays us, we must trust Him. Its not always going to make sense, don’t try and make sense out of everything, simply trust in the will of God for your life. If the Spirit speaks to you in the midst of your circumstances and tells you to pray or believe ,for He is about to heal, believe it, if God says it will come to pass. If He does not speak to you , pray for it like David did for his son, and when his son died he arose and accepted it totally.

Never presume to speak for God unless He speaks to you, great harm always follows. At all costs, protect your treasures in the midst of your circumstances, even if you find out bad news(Paul was told he was going to be bound and imprisoned) look first to your treasures, protect you love and your Joy , your peace and your patience, staying kind and gentle with all goodness and faithfulness and exercising self-control, these are more important than life, these are the witness of the Spirit of Christ Jesus within us.

 2008/5/7 18:39

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 Re: I bore you on Eagles Wings

Appolus wrote:

"God works outside of time and men's reason. What we must do is to trust Him, even if He slays us, we must trust Him."

Bless you for the word in season. This encouraged my heart.

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Hi Julian...I am blessed that you were encouraged........Frank

 2008/5/7 23:55

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