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 Matthew Murray's letter to God before the Church shootings.

COLORADO SPRINGS - It is a 450-page report by Colorado Springs Police with pictures of weapons used to kill four people and a detailed timeline of where gunman Matthew Murray was and when.

The report was released by Colorado Springs police on Wednesday.

In the report, Murray's demeanor was described by various witnesses as "casual," "not panicked." He "walked" to the New Life Church in Colorado Springs after killing two sisters in the parking lot.

In a letter "To God," Murray asks: "What have I done so wrong? What is wrong with me anyway? Am I really such a bad person?"

Click here to read a copy of the handwritten letter.

It is a hand-printed one-and-a-half page letter that asks for help, curses God and Jesus and asks "who the real Christians are?"

"Am I too lost to be saved?" he asks toward the end of his letter. "I wish I knew the truth."

"It's a call for action," said family friend Casey Nikoloric who has been a spokesperson for the Murray family. The Murray family has seen the report, she says, and are out of town this week. "They are saddened" by the content of the report.

New information revealed in the report includes five syringes found in Murray's bedroom that contained an unknown liquid. It was later analyzed by the FDA and found to be an herbal substance, that when injected, would make a person violently ill.

Also new, was the fact that a box of bullets was mailed to Matthew Murray at his home. They were intercepted by his parents who confronted him about them.

Nikoloric says Murray told his parents he ordered the bullets "because he was going hunting with friend."

"Had they had any idea that Matthew was capable and intending to harm himself and others, this surely and obviously would have been some sort of red flag," said Nikoloric. "They had no reason to believe this box was anything other than what he described."

Colorado Springs Police interviewed several dozen witnesses one of whom said Murray looked straight at her after shooting someone. His gun was at an angle, not pointed at her. She didn't think he was going to shoot her and he didn't.

On Dec. 9, just after midnight, Murray showed up at the Youth With A Mission center with a handgun after he had asked to spend the night and been told no.

Murray had previously gone there for training. On his return, he shot and killed two people.

Approximately 12 hours later, Murray went to the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He walked into the parking lot and shot and killed two sisters.

In between the two shootings, he returned home, went online to some church-related chat sites, slept in his own bed and visited with his mother, who assumed he was going to attend church services when he left for his killing spree in Colorado Springs.

Stepahanie and Rachael Works of Colorado Springs were killed. Their father David was shot twice, but survived.

The two people killed in Arvada were Tiffany Johnson and Phillip Crouse.

my comments:
This is really sad. According to the letter that Matthew wrote, it seems although he had attended church regularly, he had never heard the gospel. He had evidently heard another gospel, but not THE GOSPEL. It seems he attended a church that is taught, if a saved person did not experience such and such, they wasn't saved. Interesting story in light of other threads that have been running lately.

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 Re: Matthew Murray's letter to God before the Church shootings.

Do you have a link to where you found this article? I'd like to post it on another message board.

Josh Parsley

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Here it is:

 2008/5/7 10:36

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Josh Parsley

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