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 Why we love Revival, and hate the counterfeit.

[b]Revival comes when men repent and believe upon the Lord Jesus as the Holy Spirit Himself convicts of Sin, Righteousness, and Judgement. There is no other way, and every other way is false, and not from him.[/b]

Father God may choose his own methods and ways to spread Revival, or to save. Paul of Tarsus was Sovereignly converted though the [b]direct[/b] ministry of the Lord Jesus Himself upon His throne in Heaven. He then became a [b]vessel[/b] of Revival. The means the Holy Spirit uses to administer This act and work of grace is called [b]Preaching.[/b]

This work and ministry of Him will always produce the fruit that is the Image and likeness of Him, like a son that looks like his daddy. [b]Holy People[/b], or people that have turned from sin, to the Holy One, [b]Righteous People[/b], people that emanate Love and Mercy, and [b]Just People[/b], that live in the power of God's authority for [b]Life[/b] and against Death and Evil,[b]Heaven overcoming Hell.[/b]

There is fruit in both types of Revival. One is Sensual, the other is Heavenly and Sweet.

We want the one that changes lives for Heaven. The one where people are:

[b]Born From Heaven[/b], and stay that way.[b] This is Why we Love Revival, and hate the counterfeit![/b]

 2008/5/5 3:42

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