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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Pastor Jeremiah Wright just spoke to the national press club this morning

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beautiful brother Moe, Great response

This needs to be the norm. We r all God's created beings, we must get along through Christ

 2008/4/28 11:19


I am deeply affected right now, this [b]sucks[/b] the way i feel right now.

I dont suppose it would be too much to ask for you to find a more intelligent way of expressing yourself than to use the highlighted word, would it?

My older kids get on here and read the forums, and I would much prefer not to have to look over their shoulder when they are visiting SI. You're not helping.


 2008/4/28 14:27

Joined: 2007/3/21
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more intelligent way of expressing yourself

Wow. Do you think you can find a more Christ like way of encouraging someone to use a more appropriate phrase. It seems you could have used a little more tact and forethought in your suggestion rather than belittling someones remark as unintelligent. Lets try to be encouragers and not insulters here. Your vocabulary might be greater than others. Dont use that as a club to beat others who may or may not have the breadth of vocabulary that you do. This brother was only attempting to express how he felt. There is something heady and exilerating when giving a correction. Dont give in to that rush that comes with correcting someone. Remember Jesus said to the Pharisees, I have many things I could speak of you but I will only speak what the Father releases me to speak. Just because you see a deficiency is not the green light to address it. Spiritual maturity demands that we be slow to give a rebuke or correction.


Eric Lanham

 2008/4/28 16:17Profile


thank u elanham,

Krispy u OK bro?

Krispy, I have to be honest here, I was a Corpsman(Doc) stationed for 5 years with the marine corps and a desert storm/shield vet, and i can tell u Krispy, I can expect a request like that and in that format from a former Devil dog. OOOOORahhh!!!

Much love Krispy...

I understand how u feel Krispy and i will try harder bro, that is the way i express myself, I was very upset at what some of these clowns if u will do blatantly to the church. I believe God accepts me as i am bro, so i let God know and have it just as it comes to me.

 2008/4/28 16:41

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