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 Pure Worship

I recently heard the Times Square Church choir singing the song "Take Me Into the Holy of Holies" and I was so gripped by this song..they only sang one verse and the chorus, but it gripped my heart and stirred this ever increasing hunger for God in my heart even more..

One day at work I was singing this song and the Lord gave me another verse and I wanted to share...

Take Me In to the Holy of Holies

Take me past the outer court
into Your Holy Place
past the brazen altar
Lord, I want to see Your face
pass me by the crowds of people
and the priests who sing their praise
I hunger and thirst for Your righteousness
but it's only found in place

so take me in to the Holy of Holies
take me in by the blood of the Lamb
take me in to the Holy of Holies
take the coal, cleanse my lips,
here I am

Take me past empty religion
its traditions and its ways
past the human reasoning that tries to
take Your Spirit's place
take me past the crowds of people
that will only go so far
I hunger and thirst to go all the way
right into where You are

So take me in to the Holy of Holies
take me in by the blood of the Lamb
take me in to the Holy of Holies
Lord, it's not enough anymore
to be where I am.

The song says take me past the outer court (where the casually curious are) and past the brazen altar (where people pray to God,) cos Lord I want to see Your Face, (which He told Moses would kill him to see), past the crowds of people and priests who sing your praise. I know music definitely is a form of expression of worship, and has it's place, but that doesn't do it for me, either. I know that sounds ironic because I just said I heard this song I'd never heard before and it's gripped my heart...but because of what it SAYS not how it sounds.

I'm hungry for YOU Lord, Your righteousness, to be so filled with YOU, that I am consumed, possessed, fully by YOU. To be intimate with YOU, to be so close to you we are joined together (1 Cor 6:17) to see YOU and finally DIE to everything but YOU and your will! I'm not satisfied with just church and little 5 minute prayers and singing, like most people are I want more, I know there is more-

YOU said if I delight in the Lord, in YOU, You'd give me the desires of my heart.... and that desire is YOU Lord! I don't want empty religion that has no power of Your Presence, just an appearance of godliness! I don't want flesh or human thinking trying to do the work only the Holy Spirit can do, I want to be where You are because YOU are a consuming fire and will burn up the chaff!!! HALLELUJAH

It was the Priest in the Old Testament who killed the sacrifice and offered it to God. Is not Christ our High Priest? Every sacrifice had to be brought to the door of the Tabernacle to be slain, then put on the altar and offered. Jesus is the Door. We can't crucify ourselves anymore than He could Himself. But if we sincerely hunger and thirst to know Him, that attraction, that lure to the prize of just knowing HIM, will become more vital to us than those things we clutch like little children, not wanting to release.

When we come to the Door, and the Holy Spirit takes the sacrifice (us) and shows us a revelation of Jesus Christ-just like He did Isaiah (Isa_6:1-7) it's going to kill us. It's going to show how pathetic and how foolish are all our attempts to "dress holiness, look holiness, talk holiness, be holiness". All these things are done in the name of religion, for the only way to truly be holiness unto the Lord is to be filled with the Spirit of Jesus Christ-that precious Holy Ghost who cares not for things of this world, but the souls of men, and that Jesus Christ be glorified, and on display for this hurting and lost world to see. Then, the motivation for what we do and how we look will be rooted in truth and reverence for this Holy God we love because He has brought us down to despair and death by showing us how hopelessly inadequate and different we are from Him, and yet He loves us. We owe Him everything! We are fools if we hold back anything from His Lordship! We give up the pathetic things of this temporary life that are corruptible and He gives us that which is glorious and incorruptible-the knowledge of and intimate friendship with Himself! What could be more precious? NOTHING!!!

Aren't you getting hungry to know Him? Aren't you dissatisfied with the same old routine in church? Aren't you tired of empty seats in the House of God, while sin and the devil wreak havoc in the lives of those you know and love? The secret power is knowing HIM, being filled with HIM!! The devil could not run over the disciples, over Paul, because like he said "Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?" The seven sons of Sceva in Acts 19 were just being religious but they didn't know HIM. They hadn't surrendered to Him. Those who fully surrender to HIM-when the devil comes, like Jesus said, he finds nothing in them he can exploit. In short, he runs smack into a wall. The definition of insanity is for the church to continue in her routine and expect different results. You watch the young people flee out the doors as soon as they're old enough to do so, you see the services all turn out pretty much the same. People let any excuse keep them out of the House of God, because they feel they won't miss anything or it's not important for them to be there. Occaisionally somebody will get a momentary relief and begin to cry and get emotional and lift their hands to heaven, but the next day that pressure is back. I'm sick of it all. Knowing Jesus Christ is the secret power and the secret place! The Church can't show a needy world Christ if she doesn't know Him herself! That is what the world needs to see is CHRIST on display in His house not flesh, not the preacher! That intimate knowledge of HIM in the hearts and minds and lives of His Bride will put a glow on her face, a spring in her step, a smile in her eyes, and confidence and authority in her words.

But, there is a cost. You must give up everything you are and count it as dung, so you may know HIM and become as He is in this world. Being like Jesus will cost you dearly. Do you love Him more than these things you hold on to? Is He not more precious than anything else? takes faith to bring yourself to the Door and trust that when He sees the sincerity of your heart, He will give you that revelation of Himself that will kill the sacrifice. It will kill all hope of ever finding anything good enough in yourself to bring to Him. It will kill all hope of ever making it to heaven in your own strength or by religious works. It will kill all desire to be anything but His. Hallelujah to the Lamb of GOD!!! Take Me In, Lord, please take me In!!!

To my heart, this is pure worship....not being satisfied with anything but HIM, hungering for nothing but HIM....

Please, don't anyone missunderstand, I am not castigating the church, or throwing off on it. I just see her need for HIM..I know not every church fits what I said above, but too many do. He alone is the answer...we must get out of the way and seek Him until He so fills us He is all that is left.


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 Re: Pure Worship

There is a beautiful acapella rendition of this piece here on SermonIndex, sung by Evening Light Hymns.

[url=]The Holy of Holies[/url]

Paul Frederick West

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Wonderful Kathleen.
Praise God for using you.
God Bless

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This is Manna from the Throne of God.
I'm so thankful that He still uses men and women today, to feed His Children.
I don't know about everyone else, but I long for the "Holy of Holies."
Thank-God, for Jesus Christ, slain from the Fountation of the World.
For sinners Crucified, O Blessed, Holy, Lamb of God.
Behold the Lamb, Behold the Lamb.
God Bless you, Kathleen, and all the people on SI.Praise His Holy Name!

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 Re: Pure Worship

Just beautiful Kathleen, thanks for sharing this.

I am reminded of the first mention of the word "worship" in Scripture. It occurs just before Abraham goes up on Mt. Moriah...

[i]Then Abraham said to his young men, "Stay here with the donkey; I and the boy will go over there and worship and come again to you." [/i]
(Gen 22:5 ESV)

Pure worship.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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Bumping this one up.
It is profound.

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PaulWest wrote:
There is a beautiful acapella rendition of this piece here on SermonIndex, sung by Evening Light Hymns.

[url=]The Holy of Holies[/url]

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing that.

 2008/4/27 9:47

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Kathleen, Thought to share: I am going to use the new verse you shared..this is great,not long ago I was singing this same song,one of my longtime favorites and realized that to the unlearned ear,all this neat symbolism would be lost upon the listener and thus not edify..what a shame for the meaning to not be grasped (for when you are leading others into this wonderful Place) here is what you were given.I am giving thanks and praise for how wonderfully our God hears our every thought,concern and how easy He makes things when our hearts are set upon His purpose.

Adding the fact that though oftimes understanding the words isn't necessary when you are shown to sing /play any paticular song acccording to the Lord's leading..I have been trained to ask Him first,"what would You have me play?" And have Him give a new song and even one in tongues that breaks a heart into that contrite place ,before the hearing of the interpretation.God inhabits the praises of His people!

What an amazing God we serve! I especially enjoyed the portion of what you wrote that mentioned the distaining(comparatively speaking)of even music when hungering for Him..the longing for nothing to be vying for the focus,not the movement it takes to play the music..nor even the sounds I might make to attempt to let Him know how I love Him.Where nothing is good enough to set before Him compared to who He is. Simply rapt expectancy..asking for nothing but His will be made manifest,listening and still and pressing into His presence,just in awe that I can come into this Holy Place,that I have full acess..all through the day and night,at any time and in any place,all because of Jesus and the great love of the Father for us (even when we were far from loving Him with our love and obediance) providing Himself a sacrifice with the covering of His wonderful blood. Hallelujah!

He is my Holy of holies,now and forevermore!

Paul..very enjoyable,thanks for sharing this as well.It reminds me of when I have heard many lovely harmonies in my heart but could only sing one at time...and found myself asking ..when I leave this limited frame Lord God..could I have this be able to sing to You at once from my mouth,all these harmonies that rise up and long to be expressed.

G.M. (Destiny) Sweet

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amazing song.. it has always been one of my favorites.

love the lyrics,

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