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 5.4 earthquake rocks Illinois; felt 450 miles away

[b]5.4 earthquake rocks Illinois; felt 450 miles away[/b]

WEST SALEM, Ill. (AP) - A 5.4 magnitude earthquake that appeared to rival the strongest recorded in the region rocked people up to 450 miles away early Friday, surprising residents unaccustomed to such a powerful Midwest temblor.

The quake just before 4:37 a.m. was centered six miles from West Salem, Ill., and 66 miles from Evansville, Ind. It was felt in such distant cities as Chicago, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and Des Moines, Iowa, 450 miles northwest of the epicenter, but there were no early reports of injuries or significant damage.

"It shook our house where it woke me up," said David Behm of Philo, 10 miles south of Champaign. "Windows were rattling, and you could hear it. The house was shaking inches. For people in central Illinois, this is a big deal. It's not like California." ...

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 Re: 5.4 earthquake rocks Illinois; felt 450 miles away

We're about two hours north of Salem in Indiana and the tremors woke me up this morning. That was a little freaky. :-)


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 Re: 5.4 earthquake, shake , rattle and repent!

I am about 90 miles away from the epicenter. The 10:15 AM aftershock was odd, like a lightening jolt down under, and tremors. It made me feel small, and totally helpless. weird!

Did you know, that it came on the exact DAY as the great San Francisco Quake of 1905. L.A. was damaged some, then also. Frank Bartleman believed that a great humbling had occurred, and rushed to print 10s of thousands of tracts on mercy and judgement, and many were saved, as he rushed them to the Bay area. many were in shock, and filled with fear, and heard.

Bartleman also believed it was preparation for the AZUSA move, which in hindsight was an earth shaker, in 1906.

Who knows the spiritual implications? Earthquakes , it seems, sometimes mark things of God. One thing is for sure; they get your attention!

 2008/4/20 19:13

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 Re: 5.4 earthquake rocks Illinois; felt 450 miles away

I live about 20 miles (as the crow flies) from the epicenter. I had just returned to bed from using the bathroom…still somewhat in a sleepy fog…when the Earth began to rumble. I have felt small tremors before, but this was far from small.

I have been within 300 yards of a tornado as it picked up a house and placed it on the other side of a street and I have weathered a storm at sea, but I have never experienced anything that rattled me like this did. It lasted so long. I just couldn’t imagine what could be causing such noise and violence. I kept wondering when it would stop. I prayed for God’s mercy.

I’m sure it got some peoples attention. God can use anything…I hope church attendance was up.


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