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Escondido, California

 Re: Hope for Thee Unrepentant

I don't encourage living in sin or being unrepentant, BUT, I know my God, my Savior Jesus, the loving One spoken about in the Bible, to be all about reconciling relationships.

Unless I'm misunderstanding you "Daniel", it sounds like you're saying that God shows favoritism to those who are right with Him. That does please Him, BUT, he doesn't love the unrepentant, unsaved any less than He loves His own blameless children.

After Jesus had left this earth and the Holy Spirit was given, there were those who came and tried to convince the new converts that there were certain rules they had to follow to [i]truly[/i] have a relationship with God. That's just one example of people being hindered from God. The veil was torn in the temple as an example, and expression to us from God, that He doesn't want [i]anything[/i] to keep us from Him. So I think you're wrong. Jesus gets very angry when the little ones aren't permitted to go to Him, whether it's sin separating us or the prideful, elite saved.

The [i]only[/i] unforgiveable sin is denying the Holy Spirit. That means if you end up dying, and you refused your entire life, even to the end, to give your life to God, that's it for you. There's sins that don't lead to death, and there's one that does - blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, there will [i]always[/i] be hope for the unrepentant and a chance for them to turn. Pray for them (1 John 5:16-17). Don't steal God away from them.

Like what "oarsman" pointed out, Jesus [i]is[/i] the Word, and He didn't die for the righteous. He died for those who didn't love Him. I think we all know John 3:16. So if you want to keep the Word from the unsaved and the sinner, that will be over your head. Then may the blind find a light another way. When we're not faithful, God is. May the unrepentant be drawn back by God's unconditional love. May the Christian who keeps the hope he has to himself be forgiven.

Yolanda Fields

 2004/6/21 15:06Profile

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Escondido, CA


Wow, Yolanda.

I couldn't have said it better. God does want his Word in the hands of the unbelievers. How else would they come to him? God's Word is Holy, but Jesus died for the unholy. He hung out with the sinners.


 2004/6/21 19:50Profile

 Re: Canadian Politicians Seek To Ban Bible

Good point! read Wilkersons book...Gods Provison for His People in the coming depression! If we dont have that vital link with the Lord and are soaked in the word, living episitles of the word, studying it daily where will we be, we need to be in the overflow now!!! For those of us who dont really meditate and study the word now... asking the Holy Spirit to quicken it to us... I believe it is urgent and imperative that we do... not out of a duty ...but because if we truly love Our Lord we would want to... Let Him Draw us all I pray... The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! 8-)
We need the fire as on front page of SI.
Dawn UK (Need lots of fire in the UK) Come over and preach it Daniel!

 2004/6/22 5:32

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