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 Quotes God Gave ME

On this particular forum (Lounge) I previously posted some quips and humour from others; now I'll share what the Lord has given to me personally; Hope you enjoy.

God makes us worthless to this WORLD that He might make us priceless to His KINGDOM

In order to GET Disciples you must first BE a Disciple.

"Nothing can get through My Blood, but My Blood can get through anything." (- Jesus Christ -)

The MORE you have here, the LESS you will have in Heaven.

I asked the Father, "Father, what do You eat in Heaven?" He replied, "Son, I eat the Fruit of Righteousness." I then asked Him what the Fruit of Righteousness was, and His answer came, "The Fruit of Righteousness is Living and Abiding in My Anointing." (Phil 1:11)

True Believers do not seperate themselves from the world in order to GET holy; they seperate from the world because they ARE holy.

As I walked out of the car onto the street, the Lord spoke thus to me: False prophets take my Word and mix My Word with their own Word; thus you are to call them "Bubble Gum Prophets" as they chew My Word mixed with their word and spew it onto the people.

I have pages and pages more, but these will suffice as I can't find my Book Of Quotes hehe... I'm reciting these from memory.

Pastor D

 2004/6/19 8:14

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Escondido, California

 Re: Quotes God Gave ME

Interesting... [laughs] I don't have much to say. Just wanted to let you know I viewed what you posted.

Yolanda Fields

 2004/6/19 12:42Profile

 Re: Yodi

Thank you (laughs).... I also read your posts...are you following me? (laughs)

 2004/6/19 18:16

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