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 "THE CALLED" - by Rahman Reuben ... Chapters 1 to 3 ...

[b][color=009900]PUBLISHED: September 30, 2005 (Thank You Jesus!)



If you care to read I hope it will be a blessing ... Amen

Oh, Jah-el means "Jehovah God" ...

Summary and Bio on back of the book:


As firmly believed by the author this “novel” is a divinely inspired compliment to the first 32 chapters of Genesis, intent only on making God’s story/plan clearer to “truth seekers”. It’s written in the narrative voice of the prophet Enoch and as an elaboration of events from the time God began creating both invisibly and visibly, up until the changing of Jacob’s name to Israel. Most intriguing is its intricate pre Flood account from Adam to Noah, including the era of the wicked angels descending and fathering the vile Nephilim, and God’s reasoning for the calling, utilization, and translation of Enoch to heaven. Christian you will find this “novel” truly inspirational! But it’s for you non-Christians that we pray God’s added blessing on this more un-intimidating introduction to His story/plan, and that He’ll subsequently draw you to actual Bible study and salvation in Christ.

I started life Catholic, but at age 6 was switched to and raised Jehovah's Witness. At age 25 I began seeking God for myself. At age 28 I heard the true call of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At age 29 entered my own personal relationship with Him. At age 34, out of my diverse religious background, Holy Spirit reveals to me my epiphany of the story/plan of God, in an experience that was truly visionary, and I began diligently seeking God provide me a way to proclaim His story/plan. In 1985, at age 35, He provided me a sabbatical, with pay, and began constantly speaking inwardly to me. By the end of 1987 I’d received manuscripts for two parts of a trilogy, and the beginning research for the third. Then silence. It’s taken almost twenty years of God’s perfect timing for “Book 1: THE CALLED” to come to publication.

The Called
Book 1
Rahman Reuben

This novel is dedicated to Jah-el, the God of Abraham,
Isaac, and Jacob.


Chapter 5 I ENOCH
Chapter 8 NOAH
Chapter 11 JACOB

Copyright: 2005


Greetings, dear reader!

It’s no accident that this book is in your hands. God’s calling you!

To all who are already members of "The Called" (Christians) you already know there’s no coincidence in Christ. That said, may your reading make your spiritual ears even more acutely aware of His continual knocking at the door of your heart, to a re-calling of your first love passion toward Him and His will (Rev. 2:4–5; Rev. 3:19–20). That of loving Him with all of your all, and of loving your fellowman as yourself, most particularly in individually proclaiming His saving gospel of grace to this lost and dying world (Matt. 28:19; Luke 10:17; Luke 14:23). We already know hell is real and that grace has a grace period, and it’s our commission to make that plain to the unsuspecting!

If you’re a non-Christian and are about to take this literary journey, I can tell you that He’s calling you to earnest repentance of your sins by acceptance of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, as your only means to personal salvation (John 3:16–18; Acts 2:21; Rom. 10:9–10). I pray your eyes will be opened by God the Holy Spirit to the love, kindness, and mercy of God the Father, and that you’ll answer His call to you via this publication. A short prayer as to how is provided in the Epilogue; but do feel free to answer Him at any time in your reading!

An important part of my calling is to help you see God, to facilitate you to better understand the mysteries of the Bible, to equip you to better traverse the correlation between the Old Testament, the gospels, and the New Testament (including the Revelation), in this enlightening, entertaining, and exciting new way. And lastly, to enable you to better comprehend the reasons behind the supernatural war raging ever more intensely today between the invisible forces of good and evil. May your imaginations be empowered by God the Holy Spirit to see the story/plan of the Father, by the Son, even more vividly via this publication.

Thirty percent of all royalties to this author from this book are cheerfully and obediently relinquished, to the Raymond R. Rochester Foundation for Christian Philanthropy, as a first fruits offering to God. This Fund is a “Joseph Generation”, wise stewardship, start-up ministry dedicated to the diligent pursuance of God’s Kingdom and His righteousness on Earth, by increasing the Master’s talents and giving as Holy Spirit directs to the funding of the three C’s; Christ’s Church, Commission, and Charity to the poor (Pss.37: 25; Prov. 3: 9,10; Prov. 19: 17; Matt.6: 19-21; Matt. 6: 33; Matt.25: 20,21; Matt. 28:19; Luke 6: 38; Luke 12: 33,34; Acts 20: 35; 1 Cor. 4: 2; 2 Cor. 9: 6-15; Phil.4: 19).

Jesus is due to return, and I believe it much sooner than most think! I also believe with all my heart that this book will be instrumental in the final calling of His souls to harvest! This is my step of faith, and I pray it will be instrumental in igniting yours (Heb. 11:1).

You that hath an ear may you hear what the Spirit is saying. Amen.


I am Enoch.

I am the teller of this story,
the history of man.

I saw the vision of the Holy One in Heaven
which the angels showed me,
and from them I understood and I saw,
but not for my generation,
but for a remote one far to come.

Your generation.


He that is eternal is eternity. He that is infinite is infinity and is Alpha and Omega , the beginning and the end. It was in this infinity before time as we know it, that there was the Godhead—the Trinity—three parts equaling completion and completion equaling three parts. Omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient They are He, and He is They, an eternal mystery escaping the narrow intellectual boundaries of those who cannot hear His call, the ever-present source of all that He caused to be—the Father of the called. He who was, is, and always will be, the almighty and eternal Spirit.

He who upon the advent of time by the fall of man into the corruption of sin would become known as the Lord of spirits, the Head of days, the Ancient of Days, Jah-el, the I AM that I AM, Adonai, Elohim, Yahweh, and finally Jehovah, the Father.

He who upon the advent of time by the fall of man into the corruption of sin would so love His crowning creation (man) that He in His omnipotence would humble His all-powerful person to the point of revealing Himself intimately. By trividing Himself would He also become known as the Word, and Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the Lamb, Immanuel, Yeshua, and finally Jesus Christ, the Son of man, the Messiah.

He who upon the advent of time by the fall of man into the corruption of sin would also become known as the active force, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, the dove, and the cloven flame of fire who leads the called from the birth of time to its death. At the finish of His plan will time return from whence it came, back to the dust of eternity. He was alone, and in His infinite wisdom He decided that this would be no longer.

There was nothing. There was no thing. Nothing spirit but God Himself. Nothing corporeal, for its existence was in the purpose of God for a future time. This would not be the state of affairs for much longer. The plan of God was formulated; He had decided, and so would His will be done. Even though God the Father knew aforetime that there would be one of His spirit creations who would cause chaos in all His creation, He would create anyway. For the entities that He would create, both spirit and corporeal, would have the right of exercising freedom of choice. There was one to arise out of His spirit creation that would exercise this freedom in error. One who would cause a crack in infinity, the birth of time, and the corruption of His soon-to-be crowning creation—man. Thereby did the Lord God, prior to His creation of anything heavenly or earthly, solve this future diabolical dilemma by reaching within Himself. God the Father said unto God the Son,

“Prepare thy Self, for I have in mind to create that we shall no longer be alone. But alas, there shall arise one from amongst our heavenly creatures who will mislead them who will be of corporeal creation, man, whom We shall create in Our own image. For there shall be enmity between Us and this spirit that is soon to be. You will know him by his exceeding pride, and it shall prove to be his downfall. Therefore, let Us prepare Ourselves for a future time when We shall have to suffer separation. For in all eternity We have been One together. But for Our crowning creation, for Our image, must it become necessary to reveal the mystery of Us. For out of this chaos shall conclude a battle between the sons of light and the sons of darkness. Many shall be called of Our crowning creation to hearken unto Our voice, but few shall heed. It is for those who answer that We will be separated and revealed. At My appointed time must You become My chosen, My Lamb slain before the setting of the foundation of the world.”

God the Son, knowing full well that God the Father is all-knowing and all-powerful, questioned not, but accepted His will.

The Lord God said, “Let Us create for Ourselves a dwelling place!” And whatever was the decree of God the Father, He spoke to God the Son all that was to be of Their heavenly dwelling place. In turn, God the Son spoke the will of God the Father unto God the Holy Spirit, and whatever God spoke into being was brought into existence.

The Lord God created for Himself structure beyond the length, breadth, and depth of human imagination. He created a structure beyond immensity, to serve as the vestibule before the main entrance of His house. This vestibule is built like unto crystal, and the walls of it like crystals hung as tassels. The walls shimmer with the radiant white cool light of a crystal exposed to light, and also with rainbow-colored spectrum brilliance. The floor of the vestibule is like unto sheet crystal, and the marriage of floor and walls in the presence of the Most High dance with every color of the spectrum in dazzling mixture. This vestibule is electrified, pulsating, and luminescent; its many entrances aglow with luminosity, for it is the entrance to the house of the Lord of light. In its ceiling, the height of which cannot be described, is the activity of what appears like shooting stars in spectacular abundance, in the midst of lightnings of every color imaginable and unimaginable. The entire vestibule is an activity that reflects the holiness of the Ancient of Days, upon His entering and exiting. God gazed upon His handiwork, and smiled upon its perfection.

The Lord now turned His attention to His main structure, which He spoke into being as His primary abode. Inside this house is such vastness that its apartments are as mansions without number to accommodate His spirit creatures, and those corporeal who would heed His future call. The incalculable number of grid-like boulevards between these complexes appear as though paved with pure gold. All, from each direction, converge into a main central court of praise. Within this court the head of days placed His throne, for it pleased Him that He should now be revered, worshipped, and adored. The area of the great court surrounding His throne, in the midst of this house, is so vast that in future times, by His prophets, it would become known as the sea of glass. This is the palatial structure of the King of kings, and the Lord of lords. This house far exceeds the magnitude of the vestibule that houses the gigantic main entrance through to the broadest boulevard that empties into the court of praise. This house is indescribable in splendor, extent, and magnificence. Its floor is like unto clear glass, and its ceiling like unto the ceiling of the vestibule, but in far more exceeding excellence. Such is the heavenly inanimate will of God. His dwelling place is holy, perfect, and without blemish, and would remain so throughout all eternity. Now had arrived the time for God to speak into existence His throne of power. Here He would take His seat, and speak into existence further things seen and unseen.

The Lord stood upon the sea of glass, in the immensity of what was about to become His throne room and spoke, "Here is My throne!” And in an instant, out of nothing, it appeared before His presence. The throne was lofty in appearance, and it sat upon an expanse of enormous space, and was supported by four wheels within wheels. These wheels pulse the colors of citron green, turquoise, yellow, pastel pinks, and the pure cool white of crystals shining with brilliance. These wheels are of such great height that they are dreadful in appearance, and each wheel is full of eyes round about. Above these wheels hovered the enormous crystal expanse which supports the throne of God. From below the wheels issue their pulsating hues of greens, turquoise, yellows, pinks, and pure white light in startling crispness and clarity as the reflections of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and beryls in pure white light. Above the wheels, on the surface of the expanse on which the throne of God sits, these same colors emanate, but are slightly muted by the suspension distance between the throne expanse and the wheels. The throne itself has the appearance of a shimmering sapphire, radiating the color of a deep and royal rich blue. The Lord God thundered, "I am upon my throne!” and immediately He was there. He sat upon His seat of authority, fixed upon the crystal firmament that hovers over the four wheels within wheels. He peered out over the sea of glass below. He took in the sights of His pulsating and glittering structure, His heavenly city. He lifted His almighty head to the expanse of the ceiling of His house and perused all activity within. The entire house gave honor, praise, and glory to the Alpha and Omega, for this structure reflected His perfect light wherever He went.

God sat upon His throne and spoke into being a high wall of crystal, pulsating and flickering
in brilliance and luminosity, as the appearance of flaming fire. This wall completely surrounded the perfect heavenly habitat of the Godhead. With the kingdom of heaven completed, the Lord God prepared Himself to speak into being its inhabitants and subjects. God the Father then said unto God the Son, “Say this unto God the Holy Spirit. Create the heavenly beings as spirit, as We are. They shall be Our servants, and the servants of those soon to be created in the corporeal, Our image. They shall glorify and magnify Our name forever in Our presence. Before this throne, they shall be called angels.”

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, He who is the will, He who speaks the will and He who creates the will. The source, the course, and the force is God, the three divine and eternal luminaries who are complete only in three, and are therefore one in the light.

God the Holy Spirit set into motion with ease the will of God the Father. He created angelic forces in number like the sands of the seas. He created them cherubim, seraphim and ophanim. Of the cherubim He created two kinds, those with sixteen wings, and those with twenty-four. The cherubim with twenty-four wings are those angelic creatures who are closest before the presence of God. The function of their wings is that with the uppermost eight they must hide their four faces; with the intermediate eight they must fly to and from the presence of God, and with the remaining eight the tips must tuck under the soles of their feet. They cannot look upon the face of God because of its exceeding brilliance. They cannot stand upon the crystal expanse on which His throne sits, for it is most holy. They are God's guardians of His holiness, and therefore equipped to move in His presence. God also created the six-winged seraphim for the same purpose, although they are single-sided with faces like unto eagles. These are the cleansing agents of God. The Lord would use them far into the future in bringing death upon Egypt and Assyria, and to remove any whom He chooses to cut off.

The cherubim with sixteen wings are of a lesser rank than those with twenty-four. They stand on the sea of glass below the throne platform, or fly in the great hall singing and shouting praises to the Most High God. From these the Lord God chose four to place amongst the four wheels on which His throne is supported. These cherubim are called forth whenever He would depart the kingdom of heaven. The throne platform God created is mobile. The cherubim with the sixteen wings can hide their faces before God. They can fly before His presence to receive short-term instruction, but they cannot stand in His presence on the expanse surrounding His throne. Whenever the Lord God wishes to pilot His throne chariot, He summons the four cherubim of the wheels.

The cherubim are four-sided creatures. All have a body like unto a man on all four sides, and all have four faces. Their feet are straight feet as unto hooves, and the soles of their feet are like the soles of a calf’s foot, and their feet sparkle like polished brass. Their wings are six to a side, and are joined at the top of their shoulders at all four sides, but in layers of three, and fold over one another when at rest. Underneath their wings, on all four of their sides, they have the arms and hands of a man. When they move they dart in straight lines up, and down, north, south, east, and west. If looked upon from all four sides, on one side is a face like unto a man, on the other a face like unto an ox, on another a face like unto a lion, and on the final side a face like unto an eagle. Their appearance is like burning coals in a fire, and like the appearance of lamps, and their bodies crackle with the appearance of perpetual lightning.

God had now become the Creator and He had created ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands of angelic creatures. He set them in rank, and file, and order. The ophanim are the more numerous of His heavenly hosts. Over the ophanim He appointed the sixteen-winged cherubim. Over the sixteen-winged cherubim He appointed the seraphim. Over the seraphim He appointed the twenty-four winged cherubim. Amongst these latter He created the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Saraqael, and Remiel. These are they who would soon come to be counted amongst the good angels, and leaders of the sons of light. He also created Semjazael, Arikabael, Rameel, Kokabiel, Tamiel, Ramiel, Danel, Ezeqeel, Baraqijael, Azazel, Armorosel, Batarel, Ananel, Zaqiel, Samsapeel, Satarel, Turel, Jomjael, and Sariel. These are they who would soon become counted amongst the sons of darkness, those that would soon fall from grace, into corruption and darkness, by following mutinous Lucifer.

The Lord God had completed His creation of His inanimate heavenly kingdom, and was soon to be finished with the animate spirit creatures, His angels. He created them in three classes as He saw fit. He had created Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. In the far distant future these four would become known as the four beasts who stand before the throne of His presence. He had created all that He had intended in His heavenly kingdom, with the exception of one. God at this point was about to create His crowning angelic being. This one was to be in appearance more spectacular than any of the other angels. It would be this angel’s special assignment to be chief guardian to the throne of holiness of God. It would be he that would lead all the other angelic beings in the praise and worship of the Ancient of Days. It would be he that would be closest to the Most High.

The Lord God spoke into existence a cherub like no other. Only that of the Creator Himself surpassed his stature and presence in excellence. This cherub was exquisite in beauty. His appearance was like an intense pure white light shining through a tasseled robe made of every precious stone. He sparkled and glimmered the fiery crystal hue of the sardius stone. He shimmered in the hues of the beryl and topaz, yellows, greens, turquoise, and pinks. He shone forth in the crystal blackish green of the jasper stone, and the deep rich royal blue of the sapphire, his body a slow ever-changing mixture of patterns and colors. His hoofed feet and wings glistened with the burnished ocher of pure gold. The Lord God gazed upon His finished creation and said, "Thy name shall be called Lucifer, the son of the morning, the bright morning star. It is your station to guard My holiness, and to lead your brethren in the worship of Me, for I am the Most High God. I am the Ancient of Days, the Lord of spirits, the King of kings, and Lord of lords. I am Jah-el!”

Lucifer bowed low before Jah-el. He and all the other angelic beings had prostrated themselves upon the sea of glass. The Lord Jah-el spoke with His voice of thunder saying, “Lucifer, son of the morning! Michael! Gabriel! Raphael and Uriel! Rise up from your places, and come hither before the throne of Jah-el!” Lucifer stood first and said to Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel his brethren, "The Lord God Creator summons us. Let us spread these mighty wings that He has seen fit to give us, and go hear His commands!” Each cherub’s three layers of wings opened in unison to full extension parallel to the floor, making them appear as but eight, revealing their blinding bodies. At first the five angels flexed their wings in slow, tentative up and down movements. Then, as if by instinct, they increased them to a pace of beating that made them blur to the appearance of only four, and then so rapidly that they seemed to disappear.

As they rose into the expanse of the great praise hall it appeared as if they were floating. The remaining angels lifted their heads toward the great ceiling of the main hall. They watched as Lucifer and the four covering cherubim flew upwards toward the great distance that separated the sea of glass from the vast expanse on which sat Jah-el on His throne. As Lucifer and the four covering cherubim ascended past the indescribable proportions of the wheels of Jah-el's throne chariot, they heard the rumblings of His almighty voice anew. Jah-el decreed unto His angelic subjects, “You are My handiwork. It is by Me that you have come to be. I am God, and your Creator. Because of Me you have been brought into existence. I am your life. From this moment forward, and throughout all eternity to come, you shall be called the stars of Jah-el!” God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, together they are complete, and came to be known to their angelic creations by one name—Jah-el.

Lucifer was the first to reach the platform on which sat the throne of God; the remaining four cherubim following close behind this obvious leader. They streaked across the great expanse of the pulsating crystal firmament, towards the blinding presence that sat upon the royal blue throne. Instinctively their shorter, first layer shield wings separated them selves and encased their faces. Then their longer foot wings dropped into place, encasing their entire bodies as a shroud and wrapping the tips beneath the soles of their feet. Though completely covered, Lucifer and the four could still feel the penetrating bombardment of Jah-el's emanating deity and holiness. Jah-el, the greatest of light, the Father of light, for He is light, sat peering out at His approaching workmanship. Five powerful angelic spirit creatures were now standing before Him. They were beautiful indeed, especially the one called Lucifer.

Jah-el spoke to Lucifer and said, “Lucifer come hither.” Lucifer lifted himself slightly aloft with his mighty golden wings and touched himself down before the very presence of God. Jah-el spoke endearingly to Lucifer, “Oh Lucifer, thy bright and morning star. I have created you for My pleasure and special purpose. You shall guard my holiness closely. You shall lead all your brethren in unceasing praise before Me. You are the chief covering cherub, and at your command I place a third of the stars of heaven your brethren. Be not wise in your own wisdom O Lucifer, and be not taken with thine excellent beauty, for you are My creation to do My bidding. Come and take your position on the left hand side of My seat of power.” Little did Lucifer, nor any of the other angels, realize that Jah-el, who spoke to them as one, was in actuality three.

Jah-el commissioned Lucifer His chief of praise, but Michael He appointed His chief of might. Jah-el summoned Michael and said, “Michael you shall be known as the merciful, and as the archangel. Your name means he who is like God. To you I give charge over all the remainder of the stars of heaven, your brethren. Go now and station yourself on the outermost right front corner of my throne platform, station Gabriel on the far left front corner, station Raphael on the far right rear corner, and Uriel on the far left rear corner. You, Michael, are my military might. Go and do as I have commanded!” They lifted themselves aloft and touched themselves down, each to his assigned position. Lucifer felt a slight but fleeting pang of jealousy towards Michael's more encompassing leadership role. But he soon put it to rest in comparison to his own unique beauty and the special position he held in the presence of God. After all, he stood at the left hand of Jah-el, while Michael was far removed to the chariot’s corner.

Each of the five covering cherubim were now stationed in their place. These cherubim with their four sides and four faces were equipped and ready to do the bidding of Jah- el. They would go forth in future with their face like unto a man and attest to the mercies of God. They would go forth with their face like unto an eagle and attest to the swift wrath of God. They would go forth with their face like unto an ox and attest to the strength of God. And they would go forth with their face like unto a lion and attest to the royalty of God. The covering cherubim were complete. The seraphim and the ophanim were complete. The kingdom of Jah-el in the heaven of His dominion was complete. Jah-el would soon create dimension, matter, space, length, breadth,
depth, height, and volume, dimensions necessary to support the corporeal, His crowning creation. Man.

Jah-el spoke to Lucifer by command and instructed, “Lucifer, son of the morning, lift up
thy voice and call unto all your brethren who are bowed below us on the sea of glass. Tell them
it is nigh time that they should praise, worship, honor, and adore Me for their existence. For
I am God!”

Lucifer lifted his voice aloud, and spoke as the blast of a trumpet all that Jah-el had commanded. The ceiling of the main hall became a spectacle of lightning movements before the throne of Jah-el. Ophanim filled the highest levels farthermost away from God’s presence, and worshiped Him from a distance. For they too are one-sided creatures, having a face like unto a man, but have neither shield nor foot wings, but only wings of flight. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel were summoned from their extreme posts to just adjacent the throne. This to allow the twenty-four winged cherubim, and six-winged seraphim to stand upon the platform expanse, that they might worship Him as befitting of their winged privilege. For if Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel are not drawn nigh to the throne of God, away from their sentry post, no angel in heaven is able to stand before the throne, for there is no admittance to audience before Him unless He calls unto Himself the four sentinel corner cherubim.

Lucifer enthusiastically led the praising of Jah-el. The outermost ophanim praised His holy name in one magnificent choral accord of angelic voices. The twenty-four-winged cherubim and the six-winged seraphim stood upon the platform expanse around His throne harmonizing, "Holy! Holy! Holy! Blessed be God the Almighty!” And the sixteen-winged cherubim flew around the throne, between the ophanim and the angels on the platform, extolling, "Blessed is the Lord God Jah-el, the Ancient of Days, and Lord of creation. For He alone is worthy of all praise, worship, and honor. For He is the life giver and Father of all existence.” From that time before time the praising of the Most High began in the heaven of His dominion, and so it would be forevermore.

The Lord God Jah-el was well pleased with His creation thus far. He sat upon His throne relishing the adoration, as His heavenly hosts ministered unto Him. But still He was not satisfied. He had in mind to create a being that would be like nothing He had created thus far. His intention was to create a spirit being, encased in a corporeal shell. He had created all that was His intention in His heavenly dominion, and without any consultation with His angelic creatures, Jah-el spoke within Himself. He spoke to God the Son saying, "I have in mind to create a crowning creation, one that will be corporeal. We must prepare for him space and matter, a home, and a seat of his own authority. We will make him a little lower than the angels, but he will be made in Our image, a tangible tripartite reflection of Us. He shall be comprised of spirit, soul, and flesh. His race shall be called man, and he will become the father of all mankind. We shall call his name Adam. I will tell you all that I have in mind to do, and it shall come to pass by the Holy Spirit. I have designated our dominion the third heaven, the first dimension. And man’s shall become known as the first heaven, the third dimension. Ours is the spirit realm, and theirs shall be the corporeal. Our heaven shall become known as the doorway, for it is the division between spirit and corporeal, between Our dominion and their dominion.” The Lord God Jah-el was approaching the time of His creating a small blue and green sphere, in a galaxy amongst billions of galaxies. He was about to create additional heavens and earth, and all therein, and His jewel of creation—man.

In the midst of all the angelic praise and adoration of the Most High, Jah-el commanded Lucifer to silence. Then there was silence in heaven. The Ancient of Days decreed to Michael the archangel, "Command the stars of heaven your brethren to lift themselves from before My face. Tell them to position themselves below me on the sea of glass, and I will show them marvels—and the marvel of marvels which I am about to create. When you have done my command then return you, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel back to your post, for I am not to be disturbed.” Michael did as Jah-el commanded.

When all of the heavenly host were in position Jah-el proclaimed, “Stars of the most high, gaze toward the ceiling of this great hall and behold the magnificence of your Lord Creator Spirit.” Jah-el then gave further private instruction to Lucifer to shield all but his face that is like unto a man, and cautioned him to not look upon Him. Lucifer followed explicitly all that Jah-el decreed. He recognized instinctively even without warning to not peer directly into the Shekinah of the Most High at such close proximity. And so with his face like unto a man he stared upward in curious anticipation. The ceiling had ceased its dazzling activity and was clear.

The angels at a distance could see that the perpetual blinding aura that Jah-el usually emitted had now become what seemed like a softened, dense, gaseous cloud. It was to the angels of heaven as if Jah-el had retracted deep within Himself, leaving Lucifer with the sense that the Lord of glory was no longer present on the throne platform. Without warning Jah-el's light, already the most intense that any angel had witnessed, resurged with unprecedented, spectacular brilliance. His throne room was aglow as never before. His presence was overpowering, overflowing, and all encompassing. The walls, and the floor like unto a sea of glass, were awash in all the colors of the rainbow, opals, and mother of pearl. The colors raced back and forth, to and fro, sweeping in waves over His entire house. The view from the outside made the city of God appear as one gigantic super nova emitting great long shafts of light from a core of pure cool white and ice blue. The shafts of light were pastel tones, intermingled with deep emerald, sapphire and amber—breathtaking colors without name.

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel stood firm at their assigned posts, with their shield wings clenched tightly over three of their faces. But with their face like unto the face of a man, they stared upward and away from whence came the glory of God. Jah-el was about to create as He had not created before. Lucifer, being the closest to God, heard things that could not be understood even by his own supernatural intellect. He heard thunders of three different pitches and tones. “No it cannot be. It must be due to the great surge of His power,” Lucifer pondered. “Who can understand the mystery and might of the Most High Jah-el?” he questioned intimately. Indeed Jah-el had taught Lucifer and His myriads of the spirit realm many mysteries but not all, especially the mystery of the Godhead. But soon, even that mystery would have to be revealed.

Suddenly a great wide shaft of pure white light, originating from the sapphire blue throne, shot straight up through the immense expanse between the throne platform and ceiling. As it did, wide pulsating rings of pure white energy rippled from the central source of that power. The angels of heaven stood aghast, transfixed in their places like statues. Little could any of them realize that Jah-el was in actuality—three. Lucifer had not even the slightest inkling that the three pitches of thunder were in actuality the conversation between God the Father, Son, and the acknowledging Holy Spirit. Neither could he perceive that the super awesome force rumbling forth from Jah-el was in fact the Lord Creator Spirit, the active-force, and power of the Godhead.

Jah-el was creating. He had spoken within Himself. The angels watched in amazement as the pure white light of Jah-el punched through the ceiling expanse and began creating a massive portal in the first dimension through which would come the birth of the corporeal. In the third heaven the Holy Spirit created the alpha portal. This is the doorway between the spirit realm and the corporeal. At this point is the inner dominion of Jah-el's kingdom. Jah-el gave the command within Himself, and the Holy Spirit burst through the portal fixed by Himself in the third heaven. He rushed through the portal in an ever-widening arc, radiating in every direction from the mouth of the alpha portal. As He did He spewed forth all that the Father had commanded, through the Son. He spewed forth space and filled it with galaxies of pre-stars, solar systems, and planets. Amongst these was a small molten mass of matter that would soon become known as Earth, the third planet from the sun.

The Holy Spirit continued His push forth in His ever-increasing and widening arc. In a circle He perfectly turned back upon Himself, and fixed the omega portal in the third heaven on
His returning side. The Holy Spirit, by the Father’s command, made the kingdom of heaven the beginning and ending place of the finite world.

By radiating Himself outward, and circularly in all directions at once through the alpha portal, and returning to Himself through the omega portal, God the Holy Spirit created space. Jah-el had projected, and returned to Himself, to create the continuum of space. To retract the finite world all Jah-el would have to do is command the Holy Spirit to release Himself from the omega portal, and redraw into Himself through the alpha portal all that occupies His created space. At this point where the beginning and end, the alpha and omega merge, is the inner dominion of Jah-el's kingdom. The procession through the alpha and omega portals of the third heaven will bring anyone entering to the beginning and ending consecutively. The beginning of all things is Jah-el. The finality of all things is Jah-el. The third heaven is the inner sanctum, the point where all things end and begin.

Up to this point there was no need for space as we know it. Jah-el and the spirit realm do not exist in the third dimension of space, but in the first dimension of spirit. Jah-el is infinity. There was nothing in comparison to something, as we humans would come to define something.

In this new creation of space Jah-el continued. He created the divisions of the heavens. He created in the finite world the division between the third and the second heaven. In the beginning God created the heavens. Now had arrived the appointed time of Jah-el to create the earth and all therein. Jah-el had fixed the boundary of the finite world from the portals of the third heaven to the end of the second. This is the second division.

The planetary and galactic bodies of the second division of heaven were fixed and would not alter their stations. Jah-el is perfect order, and across the billions of light years of this division of finite heaven, there was no chaos amongst these heavenly bodies. Within the outermost rim of the finite second division, Jah-el caused a great and massive galaxy to appear, a galaxy that far into the future would become known as the Milky Way. It is in the very center of this outermost rim of the finite second heaven that He caused the Milky Way to be. In this galaxy amongst all others was a small and seemingly insignificant solar system made up of nine planets rotating around a dark pre-star. This was the solar system amongst all others that contained the planet that would become home to the marvel of marvels.

This outermost rim of the finite second division was thousands upon thousands of light years in breadth, and housed innumerable galaxies. Proceeding outward beyond this outermost rim was nothing but the blackness of lightless infinity. There are no galaxies, no planets, no stars, just the vacuum and continuum of zero space. Jah-el gave this space of the second heaven no boundary, but from its creation it has continued outward, and is still continuing. Jah-el fixed in this infinite second division of heaven all of the galaxies of stars, planets, and wonders which define finite space.

In the middle of the outermost rim of the finite second heaven, a rim that is in breadth one seven-thousandth of the entire depth of the finite second division, is the galaxy of the Milky Way. In a nine-planet solar system, on a seemingly insignificant orb of molten matter soon to be called Earth, Jah-el would shortly create the creature that would be made in His image. In view of all that Jah-el had caused to be since it had pleased Him to begin creation, it seemed an irony that a corporeal being, in a tangible setting, would become classified as His most miraculous creation. It was as Lucifer had wondered within himself previously, “Who can understand the mysteries of Jah-el?”

The ultra-spectacular display of God ceased and He returned to the brightness of light that His angelic hosts had grown accustomed. Jah-el reposed upon His throne whilst His heavenly hosts marveled at what was now before them. There was now an outside world. The angels, overwhelmed with awe, great joy, and admiration, began proclaiming in ecstasy, "Blessed is the great God and Creator Jah-el. There is none like Him. For He is the origin of all creation great and small!” The angelic servants of God were unrestrained in their worship of Him. Then the voice of Jah-el pealed once more from His great seat of authority saying, "Contain thy praises and adorations O servants of the Most High, for these are but the beginning of marvels. Now shall I make ready to reveal unto you the marvel of all marvels.”

Heaven became silent once more. The angels gazed intently at the work of His hands. They trembled at the awesomeness of His almighty power. Heaven was silent in anticipation of this coming marvel of marvels.

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 Re: THE CALLED - by Rahman Reuben ... chapter 2


The Lord God Jah-el turned His attention to the third planet of the nine-planet solar system in the galaxy of the Milky Way. This planet was at first a molten mass but the Lord God created upon its surface, water to cool its intense heat; the entire globe was entombed in water.

The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God moved upon the surface of the waters. And God said, "Let there be light.” And there was light. All of the galaxies of pre-stars became stars in their full sense. The entire universe of the division of finite second heaven lit up in its brilliance. Jah-el had spoken His light into the murky expanse of second heaven. All of the luminaries were aglow with His light, save that one which would soon become known as the sun. Its special light was to be spoken into existence shortly.

God saw the light that it was good, and God separated the light from the darkness, distinguishing light and darkness. And the beginning and the ending completed His first day of creation on the earth. God said, "Let there be a division in the midst of the waters, and let there be a division between the waters and the waters.” Then God made the expanse, a division between the waters that were to remain on the earth's surface and the waters that were to be stored above the earth; and it came to be so. God called the expanse between the division of the waters heaven. In the midst of the second heaven around this planet Earth, God caused the first heaven to appear. This heaven was unique in that it was an atmosphere capable of sustaining corporeal life, and the marvel of marvels that was soon to be created. In the third heaven existed the spiritual realm. In the second heaven existed the finite world, and the vacuum of endless space. In the first heaven, housed in the second, would come to exist the realm of the corporeal. There came to be beginning and completion, and the second thousand-year creative day of Jah-el's work on Earth came to its close.

Jah-el had taken the water that He had separated from the surface of the globe and completely wrapped it around high above the earth. When He would come to create the vegetation of the earth, and give His light to the sun, this encasement of water would cause a greenhouse effect. The earth would be warm and tropical from pole to pole. There would be no snow or harsh winds. It would be a paradise throughout.

And God said, "Let the waters of the earth be gathered together to one place, and let the dry land appear.” And it was so. And God called the dry land earth; and the gathering together of the waters He called seas, and God saw that it was good. Then God said, "Let the earth bring forth grass, vegetation full of seed, fruit trees giving fruit according to their kinds.” And it came to be so.

The earth brought forth grass, and vegetation bearing its seed, and fruit trees bearing forth fruit according to its kind. God saw that this was good, and there came to be beginning and completion of the third thousand-year-day of Jah-el's creation upon the earth. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel, along with their heavenly brethren sang songs of joy and praises to the Most High God. He was causing a new thing to come into existence, something wondrous and completely different.

Lucifer stood in the presence of the Most High, just a small distance from the source of all life. With his head erect, his eyes were fixed trancelike on what was occurring before him. Instead of being lost in the ecstatic praising of Jah-el wholeheartedly, as were his brethren, Lucifer's mind was accelerating with question upon question concerning the mystery and power of Jah-el. Lucifer was standing there, and before realizing it had formulated a vision of himself sitting upon the throne of Jah-el. Lucifer was entertaining a treasonous thought against God's theocracy. He mused, "How wonderful it would be for me to be just like God.” In his supernatural intellect became implanted the destructive seed of covetousness. Lucifer was well aware that he should not even consider such vain imaginings. But instead of casting it from his mind it became a seed that would continuously develop, until one day sprouting forth as a mutinous actuality. Lucifer was very much engrossed in his prideful thoughts, when he was snatched back to reality by the thundering voice of the great God Jah-el.

God went on to say, "Let luminaries come to be in the expanse of the heavens to make a division between the day and the night; and they must serve as signs, and for seasons, and for days and for years. They must serve as luminaries in the expanse of the heavens to shine upon the earth.” And it came to be so.

The Lord Jah-el proceeded to give His light to the sun and the moon. The sun dominated the day, and the moon dominated the night. This small nine-planet solar system was endowed with an eternal light source that was perfect, and would never burn out. It was a special creation of Jah-el for His world of the corporeal. At the end of His third creative day Jah-el had caused vegetation to come forth. Then at the beginning of His fourth creative day He spoke light unto the sun, and plant life cloaked the earth flourishing into a global tropical jungle. There was beginning and there came completion, ending this fourth day of Jah-el's creative process on His tiny planet. The angelic servants of God were now in store for an extraordinary surprise!

And God went on to say, "Let the waters of earth become filled with living creatures, and let the flying creatures fly over the surface of the earth, and let them fill the heavens.” And God proceeded to create the great whales, the giant mantas, and the like. He created diverse species of fish. The waters teemed with creatures that would reproduce according to their kind, and every flying creature that would reproduce according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. God blessed them saying, "Be fruitful and become many, and fill the earth.” And there came to be beginning and there came to be completion, a fifth creative day.

Each creative day with Jah-el is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. Thus five thousand years had passed in His creation. Five thousand years of His angels intermittently dividing their existence between praising Him, and observing the progression of His visible creation. Jah-el was now about to embark upon the sixth.

These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the days that the Lord Jah-el made Earth and the heavens. The earth gave forth in abundance its vegetation, and there came up a mist from within the earth that watered the ground. It did not rain, for the earth was encapsulated in water. The earth was lush and green. The earth was tropical in all its extent, encased in its global cocoon of water. Toward the third day’s ending the Lord God had spoken into existence a variety of greenery. He clothed His earth in cycads, ginkgoes and conifers, amongst them larch, cedar, spruce, hemlock, fir, cypress, juniper, yew, and araucarias. He created ivies and vines, ferns and flowers, in abundance. He created the vegetation in bounty and variety to feed the inhabitants of Earth. He created in proliferation produce-bearing trees and vines laden with edible savory succulent fruits and vegetables.

At the fourth day’s onset Jah-el had given light to the sun and the moon. The sun shone through to the earth in a haze. The water canopy that surrounded the earth diffracted the light of the sun, so that it appeared as a great fuzzy orb. It was due to this canopy that the earth's temperature was tropical throughout, for it held the heat from the sun within. The entire earth was beautiful and warm. A perfect place.

On the fifth day Jah-el had spoken into existence all the great wonders of the waters. He had spoken into being all the winged creatures of the air, and they flew within their levels. Within the waters Jah-el had caused to appear three classes of creatures. He had created those amphibious that lived between water and earth. And in proliferation all types of life that lived under the waters, amongst these crustaceans and gill-breathing fish. He created oysters, abalone, clams, lobsters, sea urchins, trilobites, and the like. He created grouper, sea trout, angelfish, salmon, and tuna. He spoke into life sturgeon, pike, and muskellunge. The rays, skates, sharks, squid, octopus, and latimeria were all products of His creative imaginings. The Lord Jah-el filled the waters of His earth with wondrous and amazing creatures as it pleased Him. He caused to come into existence a class of creatures that although air breathers, were bound to Earth's ocean. These were sea-going mammals. The great whales, amongst them the sperms, grays, humpbacks and the enormous blue. These creations were the denizens of the watery deep and navigated the ocean in freedom and peace. Off the shores of the ocean were other manifestations of the handiwork of Jah-el, amongst these were the playful acrobatic porpoises, dolphins, and the awe-inspiring cryptoclieds and plesiosaurs.

Amongst the multifariousness of vegetation dwelt the fowl of the lower levels of the first heaven. The dodo, emu, ostrich, pheasant, peacock, and the like dwelt on or near the earth's floor. The tiny sparrow, wren, hummingbird, finch, and parakeet dwelt in the lower branches of gingkoes and conifers. Great-billed toucans and parrots nested in the upper branches of the towering cycads. The forest was alive with the activity of the fowl of the air. Cockatoos displayed their impressive crests. Birds of paradise darted from branch to branch, their iridescent plumage in tow. Jah-el was well pleased! Along the edges of Earth's rivers and lake shorelines dwelt stilted herons, ibis, and flamingo. Graceful swans glided over the surfaces of still water, as well as many varieties of duck and geese. Along the shores of the ocean dwelt the gulls, terns, sandpipers, and the like. In the high places of the earth dwelt the great condor, and the strangest airborne creatures of all, the quetzals, pterans, and pterads. These were unfeathered flying creatures, with wingspans of up to forty feet. All this Jah-el had accomplished in five creative days.

From the time of their creation the creatures of the deep and those of the air had obeyed God’s command. They had been fruitful, and they did multiply and fill the earth. Jah-el had created all creatures in pairs, male and female He created them. All higher forms of corporeal animate life stemmed from this union, and they multiplied. He had commanded the creatures of air and water to procreate and fill His earth. Jah-el, in His perfection, would not and could not have the earth overpopulated with any of His creatures. Within them He had implanted a regulator triggered by a law of territory, a law of proximity. In all His lower life forms would Jah-el implant this governor, for the earth was to be a place of comfort for all that dwelt thereon. When the earth was populated to perfect balance, all procreative activity would cease. As an animal would reach Jah-el's predetermined life span for its species, it would simply expire. It would cease its breath and return to the dust from which it was made. At which point the procreative response in that particular species would become active to fill the void. Because of the earth’s perfect environment, the life expectancy of all creatures was long, but only God's crowning creation would have the capacity of eternal life.

In the beginning there was but one ocean. There were no Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, or Indian oceans. All these oceans of the future in the beginning were occupied by the dry land of one vast continent, the Pangaea. Jah-el had created this vastness of land at the separation of the waters, to assure ample living space for a multitude of offspring from His marvel of marvels.

Everything was according to the plan of the Lord of spirits. In the midst of His reviewing came the beginning of the sixth creative day. All that He had accomplished thus far was good in His eyes. And the Lord God continued, saying, "Let the earth bring forth the living creatures after their kind—cattle, reptiles, insects, and all beasts of the earth after their kind.” And it was so, and God saw that it was good. He created the cattle, the herding and grazing animals of the field, amongst these the buffalo, antelope, zebra, and the like. He created the reptiles—lizards, crocodiles, alligators, spinos, dimetrodon, ankylos, and the like. He created the serpent. Jah-el produced in profusion countless varieties of insects—cicadas, grasshoppers, termites, beetles, wasps, flies, and bees; ants, worms, foot-long cockroaches, and dragonflies with thirty-inch wingspans. He spoke into existence beautiful multicolored butterflies and moths, a potpourri of buzzing, clicking life.

Of the beasts of the earth Jah-el created the great cats. He created bear, tusk hog, badger, and groundhog. He created the rodents, the opossum, ferret, squirrel, and mice. From the tiny shrew to the magnificent apes, the Lord Jah-el created. In the vast forest of greenery dwelt the elephant. Along the shores of the rivers were the hippopotamuses. All creatures, in Jah-el's perfect order, were primarily herbivores, with the exception of the carrion eaters. From the massive to the miniature it was their duty to accelerate the dust-to-dust cycle. It was Jah-el's natural order for dead flesh to be expediently re-assimilated, but live flesh was not to be eaten, for blood was not to be spilt in pursuance of sustenance. The intentional spilling of blood was taboo, and did not cross the instincts of God's creatures in His perfect order.

The great apes—the gorilla, orangutan, gibbon and chimpanzee—sat perched in fruit laden trees dining on their produce. Beneath the trees discarded pits littered the forest floor, in preparation for continuing its genus of vegetation. Colorful birds of different species diligently pecked apart multi-seed-pocketed pomegranates. Hummingbirds drank from the sweet syrupy nectar of magnolia blossoms, while gigantic pterodactyls glided high overhead. As the vegetation grew in abundance, the animals of the earth fed in abundance, from the smallest insect to the largest sauropod. Jah-el had created an environment that was to be self-sufficient. He had created a planet that in His perfect order would sustain itself forever. He had created a factory of perpetual life, whose existence was based solely on the vegetation of the earth. While Jah-el had created an array of small to moderate-sized creatures, He had also created the earth movers— creatures whose range in size volleyed from the massive to the outrageously colossal. These were the gentle but gigantic gardeners and custodians of the earth. These were the eating machines by which tons of greenery and dead animal flesh would be transformed anew into rich life-propagating fertilizing manure. All animal life had their individual contribution to sustaining mother Earth, but none contributed to her richness as did the ponderous creatures that far into the future would become known as the dinosaur.

These creations were not just merely overgrown lizards, but an integral and important element of Jah-el's creation. These creatures were unique not only as to type, but also in appearance and purpose. They were the most fascinating of the land rovers; different, a category of beast all to themselves. Amongst these Jah-el created the sauropods, camaras, brontos, alamos, diplidocus, laplats, branchios, haplocanthos, memenchis, and the like. These were great beasts that dwelt in herds. With long sweeping ostrich-like necks, lizard-like tails, small heads, and massive bodies, they would walk the earth on all fours, their tonnage sending shock waves as their huge elephant-like feet pounded the ground. Ranging in lengths of fifteen to eighty-five feet, and weighting from one to forty tons, these creatures would both clear and browse mature forest. They could eat the leaves, nuts, and fruit of trees as far up as thirty-five feet. Or they could wade belly deep into rivers and lakes and scoop up great mouthfuls of aquatic vegetation off the bottom. Their fecal matter in water would provide the aquatic life with an abundance of partially digested sustenance. On land this same waste matter would provide great deposits of manure, from which undigested seeds would spring to new life. Browsing steadily from river and forest alike, these creatures would convert a prodigious mass of vegetation into rich fertilizer. With the movement of such creatures they would transport a wealth of this life-motivating commodity from one range to the next, replenishing the earth. This was the chief duty of these great beasts of the earth, to give renewed richness to the soil from which would grow new generations of vegetation.

The Lord God Jah-el spoke into existence in this sixth creative day the ornithopods, iguanodons, pachycelphalos, othnielis, sceidos, callovos, heterodonotos, tanontos, fabros, psittacos, allos, tyranos, meglos, albertas, demonychus, alloramus, phobosochus, and the like. These were they that walked on two legs, having also stunted fore legs with small talon like claws. These ranged in height three to forty feet, and weighed ten pounds to eight tons.

Jah-el created the genus Ceratopsian with their elaborate bony frills that covered much of their necks, back, and tails. These were also endowed with horns, much like those of the rhinoceros. He created the genus Hadros, and that of Stegos. The Lord Jah-el had created them also in pairs, and all the beasts of the earth lived in His harmony, and in one accord.

The Lord God planted a garden eastward, called Eden. In this garden, out of its ground, Jah-el caused to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. In the middle of this garden Jah-el planted two special trees. One was called the tree of life. This tree is a very fragrant tree. Its aroma is beyond that of any vegetation that the Lord God created. Its leaves, blossoms, and wood are eternal, and never wither. Its fruit is beautiful, glowing, and resembles the date of palms. The second tree that Jah-el planted was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This tree is in height like the fir, its leaves like those of the carob tree, its fruit like the clusters of the vine; exquisite, and its fragrance penetrates afar.

There was a river issuing out of Eden to water the garden, and from this place of origin it parted and became four heads. The first river’s name is Pison, and encircles the entire land of Hav'ilah, where there is gold, bdellium, and the onyx stone. The name of the second river is Gi'hon. The third river is the river Tigris, which runs toward the east of Assyria, and the fourth is the river Euphrates.

It was now the twilight of His sixth creative day. Jah-el sat upon His throne, and from the time of the planting of Eden, was once again mysteriously silent. For a space of time His creative activity had ceased. His power had ceased to surge. His angels sensed, that from the walled creation of Eden, something stupendous was about to transpire! All eyes in the third heaven were fixed upon the blinding presence occupying the throne chariot.

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel stood transfixed at their corner posts, awaiting what Jah-el would decree next. Lucifer stood fascinated in his inner sanctum position, attempting to anticipate just what Jah-el would purpose next. Suddenly, without warning or explanation, Jah-el spoke a baffling command to Lucifer. He said to His magnificent cherub, "Lucifer I have in mind an added duty for you. It is My decree that you and all the angels under your command should go to My new creation, Earth. I am about to place within the walls of the garden My marvel of marvels, and when I do I shall send Michael with further instruction to you. Go now to the area that is the fountainhead of the four rivers. Go to the place called Eden.”

Lucifer was perplexed and somewhat incensed. Why should he have to leave his position from the left hand side of God? After all, he was Lucifer the beautiful, the bright and morning star. Why should he have to leave the third heaven, travel through finite space, and station himself in the first heaven surrounding this tiny planet Earth? True, it was a special planet, but it was so far beneath him. It was so far beneath Jah-el and His seat of authority. Why him? Why not Michael, who was less beautiful than he?

Lucifer lifted himself aloft on his great golden wings. He summoned all that were placed under his command. He and his brethren flew through the throne room of God, through the great vestibule, and through the portal of the third heaven that separates the spirit and finite realms. Lucifer traveled through space at reckless velocity, his brethren finding it difficult to keep up with him. "If I am to be ordered below my status, then I shall not obey such commands. I
will—" Lucifer caught himself. These thoughts were dangerous. After all, these thoughts were contrary to the will of God. Lucifer had discovered himself. He had discovered his will, and it was completely opposite to the will of Jah-el. Little did Lucifer realize that Jah-el was not only all-powerful, but all-knowing as well. His deviant thoughts were not as private as he believed. Jah-el in His triuneness had spoken concerning him prior to his being created. He was soon to become that spirit creature who would cause chaos amongst all that Jah-el had created. Lucifer and his command reached their destination, entered through the earth's water canopy, and placed themselves above Eden. They with supernatural sight perused the landscape and all that Jah-el had placed in this corporeal existence.

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and all the angelic hosts of God stationed on the sea of glass below heard Jah-el decree in a mighty voice of thunder, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness, and let them have in subjection the fish of the sea, the flying creatures of the heavens, and the beasts of the earth, and everything that moves upon the surface of the earth.” The angels of heaven were puzzled. Why did the great Jah-el speak in the plural, for throughout all creation He had not been inclusive before. Was He speaking of them? What could be the meaning of this? Jah-el proceeded to create man, His marvel of marvels, in His own image. Jah-el proceeded to form man out of the dust of the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life, and man came to be a living soul. Jah-el created His marvel of marvels, a spirit being encased inside a shell of flesh, and called his name Adam. Lucifer and his command were overwhelmed by this surprise! To be in the presence of Jah-el when He spoke into being was one thing, but to watch creation appear without introduction was somewhat disconcerting.

Lucifer found this creature unnerving, as he was overcome by an inexplicable sense of threat. "What is this creature that Jah-el has formed? How does it fit into His plan?” Lucifer pondered uncomfortably. "Whatever this earth creature is, it is certainly different from all others. There is something unique about this creation,” he mused. He didn't know how or why, but there was something about this new creation that most assuredly disturbed him.

The angels in heaven upon seeing Adam rejoiced greatly. They were astonished by this marvel of marvels. Here was a creature: corporeal, intelligent, perfect, and made in the image of God, a tangible reflection of the Most High God Himself. Jah-el took the man Adam and settled him into the Garden. He told Adam this was his home, and that he was to cultivate and take care of it. And the Lord God commanded the man saying, "Of every tree of this garden you may eat to your satisfaction, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you must not eat; for in the day that you eat of it, you will positively die.”

Out of the ground Jah-el formed every living thing on Earth. And over time He brought them all before Adam, to see what Adam would call them. Adam gave names to every living thing that crept upon the earth. God created each species male and female that they might procreate. Jah-el had created in pairs. It was now time for Him to create the help-mate of his crowning creation.

The Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam. While Adam slumbered, God the Father gave the command by God the Son, and the Holy Spirit opened Adam's side and took from him a rib. And Jah-el proceeded to build around that rib which He had taken, a woman. From the dust of the ground Jah-el created Adam, but from the rib of man did He create woman. God caused Adam to rise from his deep sleep, and brought to him his woman. Upon seeing her Adam cried out in adoring joy, "This is at last bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh. This one shall be called woman, because from me was she taken. She shall be called Eve.” They were both naked, the man and his wife, but there was no shame. All was perfect, and the way that Jah-el had planned. Jah-el blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it. Have in subjection every living creature that is upon the face of the earth, whether in the heavens above, or in the waters below. I have provided for you all vegetation and fruit-bearing trees upon the surface of the earth, that it may serve you as food. To the lower forms of life that inhabit your earth, I give them the green vegetation for food.” It was the duty of the man to see to it that his wife learned the statute of limitation that Jah-el had placed upon the tree of knowledge. Adam fulfilled his duty, and told Eve all concerning this.

Lucifer had been deprived of the third heaven through all of the time it had taken from man's creation till this point. It was clearly obvious to his command that by now Lucifer had become strangely uneasy. Lucifer seethed as he and his command hid behind their cloaks of invisibility, but he kept his discontent silent. He knew that the reasoning behind his being at this place was somehow connected to this new creation, but how? All that Jah-el had decreed had come to be, and He looked upon it from His throne and saw that it was good. The completion was now setting upon this sixth day of creation, the stilling of all the works of His hands, and the beginning of the new day brought one that was like no other. The heavens and the earth were at their completion, and all that was to be therein. This new beginning brought forth the seventh day.
God blessed this seventh day and sanctified it. It was designated a sacred day because on this day Jah-el was now at rest. The period of creation was finished, issuing forth what was to be an eternity of bliss. The intensity of Jah-el the creator was concluded. He called to Himself Michael, and the other corner cherubim. Upon their gathering around His throne the Lord God spoke and said, "Michael, call forth your brethren from the sea of glass below which are like unto yourself, and also all of the seraphim. Have them station themselves in my presence that I may speak to them.” Michael did as Jah-el commanded. The twenty-four-winged cherubim and the seraphim took their places respectively, while the ophanim and the sixteen-winged cherubim remained stationed on the sea of glass below. When all were in order, Jah-el issued a new decree. God demanded saying, "Behold the man Adam, the marvel of marvels, he that is My crowning creation. He alone is created in My image. You shall therefore be his servants also, to minister unto his needs. You will watch over them, the man Adam and his wife. It is My decree that you serve the man who is created in My image, but never is he to serve you. For I am the Lord God Jah-el, and I have spoken.” The angelic hordes of God began praising the Most High. They bowed low before Jah-el in worship, and before His image Adam in semblance of their servitude. Michael was the first in obedience of His Lord God's command.

In the midst of the celebration in the third heaven, the dominion of Jah-el, the Lord God called Michael to Himself. Jah-el gave Michael, His angel of might, a special assignment. He said, "Michael, go by way of the portal that separates spirit and finite. Travel the distance of the second division of heaven to the first, and deliver this instruction to Lucifer your brother. Tell him that I have decided him Chief Watcher over paradise, he and all his command. Tell him that he is to be chief guardian of the man Adam and his wife. Tell him that he is to serve them as he would serve Me, for the man Adam is created in My image. Tell him it is My will that both he and his command bow before, and serve the marvel of marvels, My crowning creation. Man.” Michael sped away from before the throne of God, across the sea of glass, through the massive vestibule, through the portal of the third heaven and into the finite world. Michael flashed through the space of the second division of heaven, spanning the cosmos as only a cherub of his order can. He arrived to find his brother Lucifer and his command watching the human pair from behind their cloak of invisibility.

Michael's arrival caught Lucifer completely by surprise. Michael confronted the startled Lucifer, the magnificent angel of light, "Lucifer my brother, this is what the Lord Jah-el has decreed for you. You are to be the servant, you and your command of our brethren, to the man Adam. He is the image of Jah-el Himself, and you are to minister unto him and his wife. Now bow before the image of God in semblance to your acceptance of Jah-el's decree. It is the will of God.” Lucifer convulsed in anger. His pride rose up and erupted from his mouth and he blared, "I am Lucifer, the bright and morning star. I am he that is created most beautiful amongst all angelic creatures. My place is in the third heaven, beside the throne of Jah-el!” Michael interjected, "Be careful my brother Lucifer. For your place is wherever our Creator decrees it to be. Be careful that you not test Him.” Lucifer's vexation had now catapulted into vehement rage and he sneered, "I have no need to subjugate myself to Adam. Why do you entreat me to serve this inferior creation? I will not serve him, for he is a younger creation than myself! I am his senior in creation! Before he was made was I already made. It is his obligation to bow before me!” Michael immediately rebuked Lucifer saying, "Be careful in what you say Lucifer, for Jah-el has spoken from His seat of authority that we are to be servant unto man, but never is he to be servant unto us. Be careful that you not test our God.”

Still Lucifer remained adamant. In self-righteous indignation he retorted, "I will not serve this creature Adam or his wife. I care not that Jah-el may find displeasure with me. If Jah-el will be angry with me then I shall ascend into heaven, and I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the heights, and I will be like the Most High.” Michael, upon hearing this, recognized the madness of his brother Lucifer. The angels that were under Lucifer’s command, upon hearing the declaration of their leader, also refused to obey the order of Jah-el. Michael stood in stunned disbelief at the insanity of Lucifer and his followers. Before he embarked on his journey home, Michael, saddened by the choice of Lucifer and his band, said in remorse, "Lucifer, my brother of great beauty, your vestige is your downfall. Your fate is surely sealed, and your doom shortly to follow. I go now to make known your error before His throne.”

Michael returned before the Lord Jah-el and relayed to Him all that had occurred on Earth. The angels of the third heaven quaked in great fear for their brother Lucifer and his following. How could he sin against the decree of Jah-el Himself? What could he possibly gain? Could the created overthrow the Creator? What would Jah-el do to Lucifer, and what fate belied their angelic brethren for also choosing to disregard His edict? These and countless other questions plagued the supernatural intellects of the angelic hosts of God. Jah-el dismissed Michael from before His presence with this instruction, "When you see Lucifer coming through the great vestibule return you, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel to me. Allow Lucifer and his cohorts audience before Me, for I have commanded them hither by My own voice.”

Lucifer soon arrived through the great opening between the vestibule and throne room of God, his command of angels trailing behind. Michael, upon seeing them gave the order. The shield wings of he and the other three covering cherubim shot into place. They moved into their audience positions in closer proximity to God. Jah-el peered forward and observed Lucifer boldly coming toward Him, his golden wings shimmering. What gall this creature had, to disobey Him and then come unrepentant before His throne. Jah-el was incensed. He knew that before Him was approaching the beginning of chaos. He would deal with this creature in a way that would completely disavow his rantings as gross error. He would allow Lucifer the opportunity to prove his boastings, before inflicting final judgment upon him. With Lucifer proven impotent in his ability to be just like Himself, Jah-el would never again tolerate such a creature whether in the spirit or corporeal realms. So that there would be no doubts amongst His angelic hosts as to whether Lucifer could make good his threats, Jah-el would allow Lucifer a modicum of time. The throne room of God was mute. Not one of the angels of heaven uttered a sound, as Lucifer set himself down before God. Jah-el thundered in a measured demand, "Lucifer, what is this that you have refused My command?”

Lucifer remained silent, thinking that his insolent entrance had already brought Jah-el to the brink of speaking upon him instant retribution. Jah-el thundered anew, this time less reserved, "Lucifer thou wicked and unappreciative cherub, what is this that you have refused to obey My command?” Lucifer, sensing no endearing, forgiving, or empathetic tone in the voice of Jah-el, was bolstered to renewed obstinacy. This was his point of no return, and so Lucifer lifted his head in arrogance and replied, "Jah-el, there is no reason that I should recount to You all that I have said. I am sure that Michael has reported all that took place in the vicinity of the garden on your planet Earth. I am Lucifer, the bright and morning star. It is beneath me to serve that inferior being that You call man. I will not obey Your order, nor will my angels with me.”

Jah-el's voice was extremely calm as He spoke rebuttal to the treasonous cherub. Jah-el responded, "Lucifer, you have taken a great task upon yourself. You have purposed yourself to be just as I am. If we are equals, then before this congregation take down your shield wings and let us speak face to face.” Lucifer shuddered at the thought, bringing a redefined perspective to his present situation. He could not look directly into the face of God. Jah-el was humiliating him, diminishing his stature in the presence of his fellow angels. In seconds that seemed to Lucifer like eons, he intimately queried Jah-el's toleration of his rebelliousness as to what would happen to him and his angelic command. He did not have to wait much longer for the decree of punishment from the great God Jah-el.

Jah-el reared back in His seat of power, pointing an accusatory finger toward Lucifer and proclaimed,

"You have decreed that My command means nothing to you, and that My wrath towards you is unimportant. You have vowed in your vanity to ascend into My heaven, and exalt your throne above your brethren. You have vowed to establish yourself upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north. You have vowed to raise yourself above the heights, and to become just like Me. How foolish you are O Lucifer. You have brought to an end your pattern of wisdom. Your beauty is blemished, and your glory is brought to an end. You were once holy, but now you are stripped of your holiness. In My Garden of Eden I commissioned you to be. I created you more magnificent than all your brethren. You were the anointed cherub of covering. You were mine to appoint as it pleased Me. In the midst of your brethren you went about in your great beauty. I admonished you from your beginning to be not wise in thine own wisdom O Lucifer, and to be not taken with thy excellent grandeur. You were once faultless in all your ways, until this unrighteousness was found in you. You have done a deed unprecedented. You have caused chaos and doubt amongst your brethren concerning Me. For this will I cast you as profane from before My presence, and I shall remove you from the midst of your brethren. Your demeanor became haughty due to thy beauty. You brought your wisdom to ruin because of thy beaming splendor. Onto the earth I will cast you, Lucifer. I shall make you ashes upon the earth, before the eyes of all who look upon you. You are banished from your permanent residency here O Lucifer, but I shall tolerate your audience before Me until I decree it be no longer. You are banished to live in the finite and corporeal heaven, outside My heaven. My plan and My purpose were set long before you and your brethren were created. It was set when I was alone, and there was nothing. My word does not and will never return unto Me void. I am granting you a segment of time O Lucifer, to make good your idle threats. I am granting to you a period of time to bring to rest any doubt amongst your brethren, that you might be able to carry out your vile rantings. Then Lucifer, upon your failure shall you be abyssed throughout all eternity from before their faces.”

Jah-el commanded Michael to take hold of Lucifer. Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and a multitude of faithful angels were commanded by Jah-el to take hold of all their brethren that had followed Lucifer. Jah-el demanded, "Remove these your fallen brethren to the portals of the third heaven, and cast them out into the finite world. Station guardians at the mouth of the portals that they may never again, enter into this realm. These are banished forever, except for their leader Lucifer.”

Adam and Eve were unaware of the beginning of sin and chaos in the third heaven. They were unaware that an angel named Lucifer was in the vicinity of them when he had refused an order from Jah-el. Adam did not realize that at that moment, Lucifer and a third of the stars of heaven were being cast out into the finite world. He was oblivious to the fact that soon his wife would be confronted, by this very angel. There was nothing to be concerned about, for Adam personally knew and was spoken to directly by Jah-el. The only wrong that either could possibly do, was eat of the forbidden tree. He would never do such a thing. After all, Jah-el had warned against this infraction with His own voice; and besides, Adam knew that in the day he ate of this tree he would positively die.

Lucifer and his command had made themselves outcasts. They had erroneously exercised their freedom of choice. It was their prerogative to do so, but at the cost of forfeiting their holiness. They were now profane, abased, and Jah-el could no longer tolerate their presence in His holy realm. They had become the fallen stars, the sons of darkness. Lucifer’s sin was self-contained. He had not gone out of his way to persuade any of his command to follow his insubordination. Jah-el had spoken the order to His arch-cherub Michael. Michael relayed that order. Lucifer's command of the angelic servants of God had willfully chosen to follow him in disobedience. It was not out of any great love for this fallen cherub that Jah-el had not imprisoned him into oblivion, but out of justice. Lucifer's punishment would befit his crime. He had disobeyed his Commander in Chief, and was therefore judged, stripped of his rank, and dishonorably discharged from the kingdom of Jah-el.

Lucifer hovered, fixed upon nothing, in the cold vacuum of finite space, he and his angels with him. His hatred blazed. He hated Jah-el for what he had come to perceive as His slight to his former position, but above all he hated that image-creation Adam. Lucifer had quickly become the most demented force in the cosmos. He was outraged! His screams of vengeance echoed throughout the finite chasm of the second heaven. He made a vow within to destroy all that was the perfect order of Jah-el. He hovered, his eyes fixed upon the now-guarded portals of the third heaven. The cherubim of the guard wielding the swords of the Spirit that turned continuously, blocking entrance. The third of the stars of heaven that fell with Lucifer were not as belligerent as he. They found themselves in exceedingly great discomfort and turmoil. They would never be allowed home again. They were banished forever!

Lucifer whirled to face them, testily re-asserting his dominance by ridiculing their fear. "We are not conquered,” he bellowed. "This is but our beginning! I will prove to Jah-el that I am not to be classified a small matter. I am Lucifer, the bright and morning star!" Lucifer rallied his forces, and gave his first unholy command as dark lord. They were once again to return to the vicinity of Earth. Just outside Earth’s atmosphere, at the top of its northern pole, Lucifer placed his invisible kingdom and seat of authority. Lucifer was proving to be a charismatic leader, and soon soothed the disquiet of his army. He said to Semjazael and Azazel, two of his generals, "We have become a power within ourselves. I have set myself in opposition to everything that is Jah-el. I shall convince Him that Lucifer is a force to be reckoned with. I, and all my angels with me. I have in mind to cause Jah-el great pain and grief, and it shall be wrought through that disgusting creature He calls man.”

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 Re: Book Contest


Here is a writing contest put on by World magazine for Christian fiction. I doesn't appear to apply directly to your book, but perhaps it would be an inroad...

Also the book publisher in this contest is a subsidiary of Thomas Nelson dedicated entirely to Christian fiction.
[url=]West Bow Press[/url]

God bless,


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That book is simply amazing! I have come across bits and pieces of some of the things you speak of but I have never discovered the source this information. It also ties in very nicely with the Bible. It seems authentic but where did you get it? It is also, as you say, very controversial. No doubt, there are other thoughts on this subject but I speak for myself when I say that your book is fascinating! I would love to read the rest of it.


James Gabriel Gondai Dziya

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Thanks brother Matt!

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 Re: Fascinating

Thanks brother Jimm,

It's God that makes it amazing, because it's all about Him and there is no one or anything more amazing than He ...

As I've stated being raised in the religions of Catholicism and Jehovah's Witnesses, by the time I came to Christ (29) I was pretty well confused about God's history, story and plan ... But It was because of my diverse religious background that the Holy Spirit, once I'd accepted Christ and could be indwealt by Him, that the Holy Spirit could put it all together in me ... I soon came to see the whole history, story and God's plan of the Bible in greater clarity, and I soon developed a burning desire to share my understanding with others.

It was soon after a study of 1 Corinthians and Ephesians that I began to pray continuously for the gift of prophecy (revelation/illumination/exhortation), and that God would provide me both means and opportunity to share my epiphany of His story/plan in a way that would be clear to other confused "seekers of truth" ... I kept praying to God, Lord please use me in some sort of way to make Yourself and your story plainer and more simply understood, because most folk have no idea of the "blood theme" that runs thru our Bible ... He
answered the "means" part of my prayer when in 1985 (at age 35) He sparked my search with a small pamphlet entitled “The Rules of War between the Sons of light and the Sons of Darkness”, divinely placed for me at my local laundromat ... This took me on an inspired search to the Rare Books Department of our main library and the Holy Spirit uncovered to me books that I never knew existed, Epigraphic writings, many recently translated from the Dead Sea Scrolls ... The Holy Ghost by my faith took me thru volumes of ancient works and history, and seperated for me the wheat from the chaff ...

Soon after He provided me two years off (with pay) from my job in which to write, and then began to constantly speak (inwardly) to me. I could see everything He showed me, and the writing just began to flow. It was like taking dictation. It was the best experience of my life (other than my baptism) to date! At the end of those two years I had manuscripts for two instalments of a trilogy, and much of the research accomplished for the third! You have been blessed from the first instalment .... "THE CALLED".

Now why I can't seem to find a publisher is the part that has had me, like my favorite post flood OT saint Jacob, really wrestling with God ... I've said to Him on many occasions, "Ok Lord you gave me the means to share your story via using me to write, but now what about the opportunity to share via publishing"? ... Nothing I've done in the past has been successful from sending the manuscript to hiring a literary agent ... I have been told it's a fascinating work, but that I'd have to be someone important like Dr. Jerry Falwell, or Pat Robertson to even be concidered for publication ... In other words nobody would want to read a novel by a nobody ... But most recently it's really dawned on me that it has nothing to do with any of that, but has all to do with these ... God's perfect timing and His perfect will ... If it is at all the Lord's will, and if in fact this novel is from Him, when He decides to open up the door of publication it will be at the time when folk will be most hungry for it's truth ... I've pursued publication on my own in the past but I don't know if I've been so right in doing that ... Often I've felt like Sarah and Abraham trying to hurry along God's promise of Isaac via Hagar and Ishmael, and we all know what a mess they made of things when they did that ... I can safely say that God has not allowed this in my behalf, and since I've recently stopped wrestling with Him about it, I've rested in either having His "blessing" of a publication for this work, or not... All I can say is that IF it is to be, He is the only one that can make it so ... And IF or WHEN He does I'll be sure to let you know, for I'd love for you (and millions of others) to be able to read it entirely also ...

I fully realize that whatsoever is not of faith is sin, and everything that I've done on behalf of this novel has been done out of the fire of that extra gift measure of FAITH and The Called stands on that faith ... But I get goose bumps just thinking about the major controversy and dialogue this small novel would cause, focusing common folk, intelectuals, scientist, philosophers and religionist all on GOD (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) ... What greater use could any Christian be put to use for than that of a tool of The Holy Ghost to lift up God and focus all men to Him?

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 Re: THE CALLED - by Rahman Reuben - Chapter 3 ...

Brother Jimm,

I've been inspired by your expressing to want to read more, to sit down a word process a chapter a week ... Hope you enjoy chapter 3 ....


Heaven was not ignorant of the schemes of Lucifer. Jah-el was well aware of the coming attack directed toward His son Adam. It was for this reason that He had given Adam the command concerning the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Not only was Jah-el aware, He was also cognizant of the outcome. This scheme of Lucifer’s would soon prove to his detriment, providing Jah-el ample justification to condemning him to eternal imprisonment. Jah-el had given both to His angelic creation and His image-creation, the freedom of choice. He had not created them robots, but free moral agents. Like Lucifer, Adam’s destiny was a matter of decision. No one had coerced Lucifer to rebel; it was solely his choice. Choice—the word that would soon come to mean eternal delight or eternal damnation to all mankind. It was this six-letter word that would soon cost Lucifer his freedom.

The four rivers whose origin was from Paradise each ran their own course, watering the Garden planted by God Himself. Rainbow and golden trout, iridescent bluegill and silvery Minnows, propelled themselves amongst the tall rushes that swayed back and forth in a gentle breeze. Dragonflies darted about, skimming the surface of still water in their nervous style. The fragrances of countless varieties of flowers intermingled with the heavenly aroma of the tree of
the knowledge of good and evil. Adam and his wife wandered past it, without even stopping to consider it. This tree was the sole property of Jah-el; He had given them every tree of the Garden for food, it was not necessary for them to have this one also.

Butterflies flittered across the open meadow, which was a virtual sea of clover and multi-colored morning glories. Bees buzzed about, lending the humming of their wings to the symphony of chirpings from gaily colored song birds and the continuous din of cicadas. Nearby, on one of the lakes, birthed by the excess of waters from the four rivers, swam alabaster white and indigo black swans. Mallards and geese intermingled in harmony upon the surface, tending their young. Stilted whooping cranes and pink flamingos waded amongst its water lilies. In the shallows a tree had fallen; it was alive with salamanders and newts. A painted turtle at its upper end dropped lazily into the water, just prior to Adam and Eve’s arrival.

Adam and his wife stood a little ways off from the fallen tree, enjoying the breathtaking panorama of the Garden of Eden. In the near distance was a great forest of pine trees, their pointed tops steepled toward heaven. They stood as tall dark green silhouettes against the aquamarine sky. Small rolling hills could be seen just to the left, jutting from the earth like camel humps. Along the shoreline were creatures of all sorts, wading and drinking. Near the bullrushes amid a sprinkling of partially submerged boulders peeked the face of a lone crocodile, eyes periscoped from just below the surface.

Adam took his wife’s hand and they continued their stroll about their home. They passed a family of lambeos sitting upon their haunches; with their smaller forelegs bracing against a pear tree they picked its fruit. How beautiful they were with their umber bodies, viridian stripes, and bony head crests.

The Garden was host to some of the more massive beasts that Jah-el had created. There were hippopotamuses, elephants, and rhinoceroses. There were ceratopsians, stegos, a few species from the genus Ornithopod and Hadros. The more massive and colossal beasts such as the sauropods, and the larger ornithopods Jah-el caused to be outside of the Garden. Jah-el had said to Adam that he should be fruitful, multiply, and populate the earth with humankind. Jah-el had also informed Adam to enlarge the garden condition of Eden to encompass the entire Pangaea. In time it would be so, but in the meanwhile Jah-el had prepared well for the earth. Adam and Eve would cultivate the land inside the Garden, and the gigantic sauropods and the like would do so outside. As man would multiply and cover the face of the earth, these gigantic creatures would cease to exist. It was the will of Jah-el. He had placed within them a procreative regulator, triggered by territorial stress. This regulator would act upon the birth process of these huge beasts. The closer man in their proximity, the more the waning of their procreation. As man covered the face of the globe, these great beasts would eventually and peacefully die out.

All animals died. Only man had the capacity of everlasting life. Its retention rested solely on his choice to obey the mandate of Jah-el. Jah-el had decreed, “Of every tree of this Garden you may eat to your satisfaction, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you must not eat. For in the day that you eat, you will positively die.” Adam and his wife knew the meaning of death. They had seen animals die. In one moment they were and in the next moment they were not; lifeless, only a shell remaining. How perplexing and shrouded in mystery was this thing called death.

Eve stopped to cuddle a newborn fawn. She stooped, and the infant licked her face and hands. Adam stood alongside the buck and doe, feeding them a clutch of tender grass. All of the animals of the earth loved Adam and his wife, and they them. Eve stood, turned, and embraced her husband. She was happy, and together they shared the joy given them by God. They continued on their way, toward a path that would lead them to one of their favorite spots in their Garden home.

The first human pair walked naked, and without shame, being at peace with their Creator and their surroundings. They moved away from the lake and pursued one of its tributaries upstream. They walked beneath the fan-leafed gingkoes that grew in abundance. The sun hazed through their leaves like a great fuzzy orb. They approached a favorite haunt. Just ahead of this racing brook, which coursed over smooth granite rocks, was a large clear pool. Here the deer, springbuck, and zebra came to sip the refreshing water. Families of serpentine-trunked elephants stripped succulent leaves from overhanging trees. There were large boulders strewn along the perimeter of the pool, upholstered in yellowish green lichen. Upon these were perched fin-backed dimetrodons, and white egrets in proliferation. Wading in the pool a lone stegos refreshed itself. Playful monkeys swung about overhead, and the birds of paradise nested in the conglomeration of moss-laden trees. There were parrots of every hue, great beaked macaws, and crested cockatoo. Peacock strutted their bright plumage. The songbirds performed their acrobatics as they winged from branch to branch. Adam and Eve frolicked, smiled, and laughed together. They praised Jah-el, for they knew He was worthy of praise.

Jah-el had provided food in fantastic array. At arms’ length there were bananas, peaches, dates, grapes, and figs. There were melons of every variety in the open fields. There were apples, plums, every sort of citrus fruit, and more, much more. A tiger panted lazily as he lay beneath the shade of a spreading schefflera, taking occasional glimpses at the activities going on about him. There was life everywhere, and all things operated within the perfect order of Jah-el.

The angels of the Most High ministered to Adam and his wife. They appeared to them, and brought messages from their God. At times Jah-el would speak to Adam directly. Adam was perfect, holy, and unblemished before Jah-el. With their heads held erect, Adam and his wife worshipped and praised the Lord of spirits. They proclaimed, “You are the only wise and true Creator Jah-el, and we are your children. Find favor with us always, for we are truly in paradise.”
As they praised the name of Jah-el, the birds of heaven sang praises with Eve. The beasts of the field surrounded Adam, and reclined, manifesting their subjection. Jah-el had created man in His own image, and he was master of his home Earth.

Of all the beasts that roamed the face of earth, the serpent proved to be the most subtle. It was an intriguing creation with its long slender body, and with small curled claws affixed to short scampering legs it was adept to climbing. It had on its back two folds of skin, that when stretched out enabled it to glide from tree to tree. Not only that, but like some of Jah-el’s creations of the heavens, the serpent could talk. It was capable of mimicry. Jah-el had provided it two tiny but keenly sensitive ears that stood atop its triangular head like little horns. It was a shy and elusive creature, and would scurry and hide whenever anyone or anything would approach. Serpents fascinated Adam and Eve, but especially Eve. As the serpents learned more and more of the human language, they could be heard throughout the Garden repeating all that they learned. This brought Eve tremendous joy. “What clever little creatures,” she mused. She would spend hours beneath a tree in which a serpent dwelt, her beaming face tilted upward, pleading in her most coaxing feminine voice, “Come down little serpent, come down and show yourself. There is no need for you to hide. Come down that I may teach you many wonderful things to say.”

Lucifer sat restlessly on the throne he had prepared for himself atop the northern pole of the earth, just outside its atmosphere. From there he observed the activities of the human pair. He watched Adam and Eve as they carried out the decrees of Jah-el. He watched the comings and goings of his brethren, the angelic servants of Jah-el, as they ministered to Adam and Eve. Lucifer sat upon his dark throne, in his dominion of gloom, contemplating his revenge.

Suddenly, added wickedness arose in the heart of the fallen cherub. He summoned one from amongst his ranks, an angel named Gadreel. Lucifer said to Gadreel, “I have come upon a plan, one to cause great grief and discomfort to Jah-el. I shall lead astray the man that is called Adam, I shall accomplish it through his wife Eve, by means of the serpent which she adores so much.” Gadreel mused over the statement of his dark lord for a moment, then inquired of him in bewilderment, “How shall you accomplish this scheme lord Lucifer, and how is the serpent involved?” Lucifer became possessed of sinister joy, as he roared forth great peals of diabolical laughter. Lucifer boomed forth the name of his comrade Gadreel saying, “Through the serpent I shall deceive Eve, and through her I shall cause the fall of that creature Adam. I shall become master of the earth and all therein. This is what we shall do Gadreel. When the angels of Jah-el have departed, and returned to the third heaven to worship before His throne, I shall appear unto Eve and convince her to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When I appear before her disguised as an angel of light, you Gadreel shall maneuver into place the elusive serpent. Come closer Gadreel and heed my command as to what you are to do.”

Tomorrow was the seventh day. Jah-el had decreed that since the demise of Lucifer, no holy angel in the vicinity of the earth could stay beyond six earth days. On the sixth day the holy angels on earth must return to the third heaven to worship before the throne of Jah-el. It had come such a time for Uriel and Saraqael. They bade Adam a fond farewell until their return, then they lifted themselves on their magnificent wings and ascended into heaven.

Adam once again set himself to the work prescribed him by Jah-el. The Garden of Eden was being transformed by the creative whims of its occupants. Adam reflected over the words of Jah-el delivered to him by Uriel and Saraqael, especially their repeated admonishments of total obedience to the Ancient of Days. As Adam carried out his work in the northeast segment of the Garden, Eve was walking about in the southwest portion near the wall surrounding the Garden. Here Eve was intrigued by a small flock of female animals, feeding them the vegetation of the earth from her hands.

Lucifer and Gadreel arrived in the Garden of Eden. After making certain that Adam and Eve were apart, Lucifer commissioned Gadreel to seek out a serpent, and after possessing that serpent to meet him in the southwest segment of the Garden by the wall where Eve was. Gadreel went forth and did as his dark lord commanded. He found a serpent and prior to entering him said, “Rise up, come that you may serve the purpose of Lucifer. You are the most cautious and wise of all beasts. You are to be the vessel of Lucifer and through you shall he speak words to deceive the woman Eve, for you are a special creation of Jah-el and she will believe you.” Gadreel entered the serpent and immediately caused it to go to the place foreordained by Lucifer.

As Eve continued in her leisure, she became aware she was not alone. She heard singing, singing like that of the angels of Jah-el. She stood still, attentive, attempting to locate the direction from which this sweet voice was coming. The animals that surrounded her bolted in all directions. “What a strange way for them to act,” she thought. The hymn of praise was now being sung at a higher decibel. She knew the direction from which it came. It was coming from near the wall about thirty feet away, behind a cluster of hedges and willow trees.

As Eve approached, to her amazement she was met by a sight of intense beauty. She had seen the angels of Jah-el before, but none like this one. As she stepped forth into the clearing Lucifer cooed, “Are you Eve?” Eve answered in a state of mesmerization, “Yes, I am Eve.” Lucifer moved closer. He glided forth as if lifted by a gentle breeze, rested his great golden wings, and with his face like unto a man continued to question her saying, “What are you doing here in Paradise?” Eve responded, “The Lord God Jah-el has made us and set us over the Garden that we may cultivate it, and eat of its produce. That we may multiply and become many and extend this garden over the entire earth, for He has given it as our home.”

Lucifer had Eve exactly where he wanted her. He had successfully engaged her; now he would put into effect the trump of his malicious plan. He would question her even further but not by his own mouth, but with the mouth of her favorite creature, the elusive serpent.

Gadreel within the serpent had set it in the exact location predetermined by Lucifer. The serpent sat clutched to the wall in an upside down position peering out at Eve. With all the skill of a perfect ventriloquist, Lucifer threw his voice into the serpent saying, “You are provided for well, but you do not eat of every tree that is in your garden?” Eve spun in total amazement toward the direction from which this new voice emerged. She could not believe her eyes. There before her was a serpent, the evasive and vastly fascinating little creature she had so often pursued. Here was one before her, talking to her. Eve had taken her eyes away from Lucifer, and fixed them firmly upon the serpent. She naively answered, “We eat of all of the trees of this garden save for one only, which is the tree that is located in the middle of the garden, which is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is the tree that is exclusively the property of the Lord Jah-el. He has said we must not eat from it, nor even touch it, for in the day that we eat thereof we will positively die.” The serpent spread its glide wings and sprang from the wall of Paradise onto a low branch of a young sycamore. Eve was spellbound. She completely forgot about Lucifer, and cast her full attention on the serpent. The serpent purred back sage-like, “May God live, but on your account am I sadly grieved; therefore, I shall not have you ignorant. Come closer, listen to me, and I shall tell you of the value of the tree that you may eat of it.” Eve recoiled in shock. “I cannot eat of the tree that is Jah-el’s, for fear that He will be displeased with me.” The serpent left its perch and presented itself on the ground, standing before Eve, gazing up at her with its tiny eyes, and said to her in a tone of unequivocal assurance, “Fear not Eve, for as soon as you eat of the tree, you shall be just like Jah-el Himself, in that you shall know the difference between good and evil. The reason that Jah-el has commanded you not to eat of the tree is because He does not want you to be like Himself. His motive is entirely selfish. Do not be afraid, follow me to the tree, and I shall give you of its fruit.” Eve opened to the suggestion of the serpent; it made sense. “Why shouldn’t I be like God?” she thought.

The serpent scampered ahead of Eve, leading her to the tree in the middle of the Garden. Eve was now addicted to this idea of the serpent’s. He had deceived her into placing her will above that of Jah-el’s. Eve saw the serpent, but what she did not see was the evil and invisible force behind the serpent. She had totally dismissed the presence of Lucifer. Lucifer was ecstatic in his vileness. He had pulled the perfect switch. Eve was about to become his implement against Adam. So far his plan was working.

Without warning, the serpent stopped dead in its tracks. It turned and said to Eve, “I have changed my mind. I will not give you to eat of the tree until you swear unto me an oath, that you will give the fruit also to your husband Adam.” By this time the thought of being like Jah-el was embedded firmly in the heart of Eve. She stammered to the serpent, “What sort of oath shall I swear?” She grasped at all that she considered sacred, save the name of Jah-el, and formed them into an oath, saying to the serpent, “By the throne of the Master, and by the cherubim of the tree of life, I vow to give to my husband Adam also from the forbidden tree.” With that the serpent continued to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It climbed into it, found a low-hanging branch, and bent it down so Eve could grab a cluster. Lucifer, through the serpent, poured upon the fruit the poison of his wickedness, which is lust, the root and beginning of every sin. Eve, intoxicated with her wantonness, plucked and ate the forbidden fruit.

At the instance she ate of the fruit her eyes were opened. She was stripped of the innocence of her perfection, and knew she was naked. Eve wept bitterly, hurling accusation at the serpent pleading, “Why have you done this evil thing to me, depriving me of the glory in which I was once clothed?” The serpent did not answer, but disappeared into the low-lying brush. With its work completed, Lucifer released the serpent. Eve was now frantic; she was naked, she must cover up! At the moment she had partaken of the forbidden fruit, the fruit and blossoms of the trees surrounding her fell rotted to the ground; from the leaves of a fig tree she fashioned a covering.

Eve gathered the remainder of the cluster of fruit, remembering her oath, and set out to find her husband Adam. She began calling out to him, “Adam, Adam, where are you?” Upon finally hearing her voice Adam answered, “Here I am.” Eve continued saying, “Adam! Stop whatever you are doing, and come to me that I might show you a great secret.” When Adam arrived, she opened her mouth and the voice of Lucifer proceeded from her lips. Eve said, “Come closer to me my lord Adam. Listen to me, and eat of this the fruit from the forbidden tree of Jah-el. For at the moment you eat of it you shall be just like Jah-el Himself, knowing the difference between good and evil.” Adam recoiled, “I fear to do such a thing Eve, lest Jah-el be displeased with me.” Eve placed the forbidden fruit in her husband’s hand coaxing, “Fear not.”

In the instant Adam ate of the forbidden fruit, his eyes too were opened. But something even more devastating occurred. Creation fell. The flowers and fruit of every variety of vegetation throughout the entire Pangaea, save the two trees of Jah-el, dropped rotted to the ground. The living creatures of the earth were thrown into instant confusion. From the tiny ant to the gigantic sauropods, creation was in chaos. Sweet-throated songbirds began to screech. Elephants began to trumpet. Lions began to roar. The herds began to stampede. The earth began to creak under the strain of imperfection. Adam cried out in discovered pain, “Oh wicked woman, what have I done to you that you have deprived me of the glory of God?” Adam blamed his wife, but deep down inside he knew it was his fault that he was no longer in perfect standing with the Lord Jah-el. Adam, upon realizing his nakedness, understood the reasoning behind his wife’s covering of leaves and hastily followed suit. He came to understand the meaning of both good and evil. True they had become as Jah-el in this regard, but what they did not immediately understand was that from that moment they had begun to die. Adam and Eve ran to the remotest part of the Garden in an attempt to hide them selves. They had never experienced this gnawing sensation that was guilt. They were ashamed, and they hid. It was in this sad state of decline that Adam came to know his wife, to propagate his new-found imperfection to his offspring. In a now-imperfect world, in an unholy imperfect state, Eve became impregnated with the continuance of mankind in sin.

The third heaven was in an uproar. The angelic servants of Jah-el bemoaned that which had occurred before their eyes. They had watched the entire scenario from the kingdom of the third heaven. Jah-el had not interfered. Lucifer had chosen of his own volition to sin against Jah-el, but now he had tricked the human pair with his supernatural power and intellect. Had the human pair withstood the test, and rebuked the fallen cherub, Jah-el would have had ample reason to punish Lucifer on the spot. But he had not failed. Lucifer had now successfully persuaded the first human pair against Jah-el’s seat of authority. Lucifer had become a lying, deceiving, murderer. Because of his deceptive tactics, Lucifer had caused the death of the first human pair. By Adams own forfeiture was Lucifer now lord and ruler of the earth. The angels of heaven were appalled, and screamed for Lucifer’s instant annihilation. Michael stood before his Creator awaiting the command of war, but there came no such decree. Lucifer had won this battle, but all intelligent creation was clueless that Lucifer’s scheme had activated the plan of Jah-el set from before the founding of the world. This plan included the coming of a great and final future war between the sons of light and the sons of darkness, a war that Lucifer could never win, to recompense him fully for his villainy.

Jah-el thundered an assembly call of His heavenly host. They took their positions around His throne and He spoke, “You have witnessed the fall of man, and the fall of creation. You have seen the deception of the woman, by he who is the father of chaos. Lucifer has raised his hand against what is not his own, therefore he has raised his hand against Me. He has challenged My crowning creation—man, and it is through them that I shall bring Lucifer to his knees. Adam has lost Paradise, but I shall give his offspring the opportunity to regain it. Within the womb of Eve is already living the fruit of man. From mankind shall I also replenish to this My dominion, those that are fallen with Lucifer. I have not created the earth simply for nothing. Lucifer is already defeated, and has been since before the setting of the foundation of the world. This is but the beginning of the war between the called and the sons of darkness.” Jah-el summoned Michael and said, “This is My decree. Proclaim to all of the angels of heaven that we are going to earth that I might pronounce judgment.”

Michael did as Jah-el commanded. The four cherubim of the wheels lifted the throne chariot of Jah-el from the sea of crystal. They slowly guided the craft from the main hall, through the great expanse of the main doors of the vestibule, and into the outer reaches of the third heaven, a trail of billions upon billions of shining sparkling angels at the rear. The throne chariot moved toward and through the alpha portal. Jah-el entered into the finite world of the second heaven, He and his multitude of angels. Once outside, Jah-el gave His command, and with the movement of lightning the four cherubim of the wheels streaked the throne chariot to its destination.

The throne chariot of Jah-el stopped just short of entering earth’s atmosphere, the first heaven. Jah-el’s chariot hovered above the vast sea of water that was suspended around the earth. At His command a multitude of the angelic beings of God passed through into the first heaven, blasting trumpets, singing hymns, and praises, announcing the coming of the Creator of the universe. The Lord Jah-el caused His chariot to set down in His Garden, over the tree of life, and when He did every form of vegetation on the earth burst forth into flower. Jah-el called out to Adam saying, “Adam, where are you? Can the house be hidden from the very presence of its builder?” Adam sheepishly answered, “I hear Your voice my Father, and it is not that I do not wish to come before You, but I am afraid because I am naked.” Jah-el spoke again to His crowning creation saying, “Who has told you that you are naked? Have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?” Adam attempted to shift the weight of his guilt to his wife, and to Jah-el Himself saying, “The woman that You gave me Lord Jah-el, she gave me of the fruit and of it I ate.” Eve was not to be outdone, and she passed the guilt to the serpent saying, “Lord Jah-el, the serpent deceived me, and I ate of the tree.”

Jah-el turned His attention to the very serpent chosen of Lucifer, and pronounced upon it a judgment that would also impact every serpent throughout creation. Jah-el decreed, “Because you were the instrument of Lucifer, you are cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field. Upon your belly you will crawl, and dust shall you eat all the days of your life.” Jah-el stripped it of its legs, wings, ears, and power of speech. Jah-el split the serpent’s tongue. There was no mercy in this decree of the Lord of hosts.

At this point everything on earth was silent. Nothing dared to make a sound as the God of the universe pronounced judgment. Adam and his wife stood before their Lord, heads dropped low, tears streaming down their cheeks. As Jah-el continued to rumble forth His divine displeasure, Eve sobbed uncontrollably. She sought the closeness of her husband for security, as they wondered of their outcome in complete terror. Before their eyes the physical form of the serpent had been radically altered; it was horrid. What was once a proud and special creation of Jah-el was now nothing more than an oversized worm, writhing and twisting on the ground before them. Jah-el paused for a moment, Adam and Eve cringing and locked in fear at this sliver of silence. Without warning the Creator of all things raised His mighty hand and brought it crashing down on the arm of His sapphire-blue throne, bellowing forth in summons the name Lucifer. Adam and his wife fell to the ground, trembling uncontrollably, bewildered, their faces smashed into the earth, their arms and elbows locked about their heads.

There was silence, eerie silence. Adam peeked upwards from beneath the protective shielding of his hands. He gathered enough nerve to raise himself to a kneeling position. There above him, and all around him were the angels of Jah-el. On either side of Him were stationed two cherubs. The angels of Jah-el stood or hovered in their places, their faces fixed upon what was now an invisible throne of Jah-el. It was obvious to Adam that they could see what he could not. He could hear the voice of God, but he could no longer see His blinding presence. What was to occur next was not for the eyes of the first human pair. It was meant only for the invisible realm. Jah-el had summoned someone that Adam and Eve did not directly know—Lucifer and all his following, to pronounce judgment.

The Lord Jah-el lifted His head at the sight coming toward Him. “Still the same Lucifer,” He thought as He remembered a similar meeting in the third heaven. How proud and defiant this cherub named Lucifer. Lucifer kept his distance, for Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel were stationed at the extremities of the throne platform. Lucifer and his host hovered before Jah-el. Jah-el peered forth at His fallen cherub and said in a voice exuding doom, “Come a little ways forward thou wicked serpent.” In the invisible realm Lucifer proceeded closer to the throne. In the visible realm Adam watched as the serpent snaked closer to the location of the now invisible throne chariot. Adam was amazed, as he pulled his wife to her knees he whispered, “Eve, witness this event, for the Lord Jah-el is not finished with the judgment of the serpent.” Jah-el raised His mighty voice to the pitch of thunderclaps, His finger pointing toward Lucifer in a gesture of condemnation. “I shall put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He shall bruise you in thy head, and you shall bruise Him in His heel.” In the invisible, Lucifer and his host, and all the angelic beings of Jah-el were puzzled as to this statement by Jah-el. In the visible, Adam and his wife shared the same bewilderment, “What woman? What seed? What enmity? What bruising?” Lucifer hovered before the Lord of hosts, agonizing over the meaning of this mystery spoken by God, and then it began to happen. The throne of Jah-el took on a fiery pulsating glow as had not been seen by the angels since Jah-el created the portals of the heavens and the finite world. The shield wings of the twenty-four and sixteen winged cherubim instinctively shot into position, as well as those of the seraphim. The ophanim backed further away from the presence of the Most High. The fallen angels cowered in increased fear, but Lucifer stood his ground. Lucifer had a front row seat to the answer of a mystery he had wondered about when he was yet in his position of glory in the third heaven. The mystery of the three pitches of thunder was about to be revealed.

The cherubim and seraphim peeked from behind their shield wings. The ophanim looked on from their place of safety. The fallen angels and their leader Lucifer stared in statue-like awe at the spectacle transpiring before their eyes. Jah-el was splitting apart, di-viding, no tri-viding! Jah-el was in actuality three! All present in that spiritual realm witnessed the mystery of mysteries. They began to understand what Jah-el meant when He had said, “Let Us make man in Our own image.” Jah-el was three in one, and one in three. The angels of the Most High burst forth in song and praise. They blasted their trumpets and praised the mystery that was Jah-el. In the visible realm Adam and Eve, once again upon their feet, stood motionless, wondering at such a commotion. Invisible before that assembly stood God the Father Jah-el, His face glowing the white-hot color of heated iron, His face ineffable, marvelous and terrible to look upon, emitting sparks and rays that far surpass even the brightest star. To Jah-el’s right stood another being, one who was in appearance like a son of man whose face was full of graciousness. This one was in appearance as adorned in the purest of white, and His countenance shone as the brightness of the sun. To Jah-el’s left stood yet another being whose definition was formless, but who radiated untold power and might, a spirit being—an intelligent entity of personality and character, a formless force. Lucifer recoiled in trepidation, his followers disbanded in alarm as the three separate entities reunited into their oneness, and the voice of Jah-el commanded, “Serpent, be gone! No longer shall thou name be called Lucifer, but Satan, the devil, for thou are a liar, the father of the lie, a murderer, and a manslayer. Satan, be gone!” In the visible, Adam and his wife watched as the serpent slithered away, puzzled with the names by which Jah-el had addressed it.

At that moment the Lord Jah-el reappeared before Adam and his wife. The instantaneous transfusion of His brightness to the eyes of the first human pair sent them crashing to the dust on their knees, their faces encased once again in the protection of their hands. Jah-el was not compassionate for His edict had been disobeyed. He fired forth His judgment upon Eve and decreed, “Eve, because you have transgressed the mandate set forth from My mouth, I will greatly multiply your sorrow in your conception, and in sorrow and pain shall you bring forth your children. Your longing shall always be after your husband, and he shall rule over you.” Then Jah-el turned His attention to His marvel of marvels, the man Adam, His image, and said, “Adam, because you did listen to the voice of your wife and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat, cursed is the ground because of you. In sorrow shall you eat of it all the days of your life. Thorns and thistles shall the earth bring forth for you, and you shall eat the herbs of the field. By the sweat of your labor shall you eat bread till you return to the ground from whence I made you, for out of dust were you taken, and to dust you shall return!”

After the pronouncement of judgment upon the first human pair, the Lord Jah-el made coats of skin to cover their nakedness. The Lord Jah-el spoke within Himself saying, “Behold the man has become as one of Us, knowing good and evil. Let Us cast him forth out of the Garden lest he put his hand forward and partake of the tree of life and live forever.” Then Jah-el spoke and commanded a contingent of angels to cast Adam and his wife from the Garden of Eden. As they were being driven from the Garden, Adam and his wife wailed aloud in dire lamentation. Adam begged the angels not to cast him from his home without allowing him to first make entreaty to Jah-el for mercy. The angels, moved with pity, ceased to drive Adam out. Adam came forth and threw himself before Jah-el, begging and pleading for the pardoning of his sin. Then Jah-el
directed His attention to his angels and said, “Why have you ceased from driving this wicked man from Paradise? Why are you not casting him out? Is it I who have done wrong? Or is My judgment judged badly?” Then the angels of Jah-el bowed themselves low on the ground of Paradise and worshipped Jah-el saying, “You are just O Lord, and your judgment is righteous.” Jah-el turned His gaze to Adam, sniveling before Him and decreed, “I will not suffer you from this moment forward to be in Paradise.” Adam returned saying, “Please grant me O Lord of the tree of life that I may eat of it, before You have me cast out.” Then Jah-el answered His corporeal son explaining, “Adam, you shall not eat of the tree of life now, for I have commanded the cherubim with the flaming sword that turns every which way to guard it from you that you may not partake. My son, you are now involved in a war in which your adversary has caused you to be. If when you are gone out from this Paradise you should keep yourself from further evil as one about to die, when the resurrection shall come to be, I will raise you up from death and allow you to partake of the tree.” Jah-el once again ordered the ousting of Adam and his wife, but Adam continued his weeping and protest. The angel closest to Adam sympathetically burst forth in a question of impotence asking, “What would you have us do Adam? The Lord Jah-el has decreed!” Adam, through his anguished tears, pleaded saying, “I know that you must cast me from my home, but I pray you to allow me to take fragrant herbs from this place that I may make an offering to Jah-el after my expulsion.”

The angel looked toward the seat of God with pity in his eyes, because the angels of Jah-el loved the human pair. The angel cried out in a loud voice beseeching saying, “Jah-el, Eternal King, please command me your servant that there be given to Adam your son, sweet incense of odor from Paradise.” And Jah-el bade Adam to take with him from Paradise four kinds of fragrant herbs they being crocus, nard, cinnamon, and calamus. After taking these were they cast from the Garden.

Adam and Eve stood outside of what was once their beautiful home. There was nothing on the outside to compare with that on the inside. The vegetation was in tumbled disarray. There were no well-kept paths, and outside of the Garden lived animals of gigantic proportion. Because of their sin, creation had fallen. At the moment Adam ate of the fruit, all of the produce had fallen to the earth rotted. The animal life of earth had begun to act strangely. There was now discord in the earth. It was now the domain of Lucifer, and the perfect balance of Jah-el ceased to operate at full capacity. Throughout the jungle could be heard cries of pain, as the larger animal life took advantage of the smaller. Because of the shortage of food and the imbalance of imperfection, many of the beasts of the earth would deviate from their normal diet. Carrion eaters and some herbivores alike would become live flesh eaters. With no berries or seed pocketed fruit to sustain them, the fowl of the air began to prey on insects. The character of sea life was changed that it began to devour one another. It would not wax better as time progressed, but worse. Jah-el knew that Adam and his wife would and could survive outside the Garden. He knew that they would multiply, fill, and replenish the earth. He knew that some would serve Him as their Master, while others would follow the path of mutinous Lucifer. He knew everything, and from those He knew would serve Him would be chosen the called, those whom He would use throughout this crack in infinity to perpetuate His plan, the plan that would eternally right the wrong. Adam and his wife stood there as if rooted in that spot, just outside of the entrance of Paradise. There was no way for them to return, for stationed at the entrance were two cherubim and a flaming sword spun around the Garden at indescribable speed, causing a field of energy that would mean certain death to anyone attempting to penetrate. As they stood there in this foreign world they heard the angels of Jah-el blast their trumpets, and with the swiftness that is unperceivable to the human eye Jah-el departed His planet Earth. Save for the staid, mute cherubim at the gate of Paradise, Adam and Eve were now completely alone.

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If your spiritual appetites whetted ... GET THE BOOK! ... ;-)

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Mr. Rahman this is good, knowledge is good.

But, I was led by the Spirit of God to stop and ask a question, for learning purposes.

My question is... if these angels have fallen, in one way or another, hypotetically speaking, individuals. Can't the heavenly angels redeem, conqueor, as in the ancient days of old?

There is so much of his WORD bubbeling up inside of me at this moment. Where if I ..) I would speak of the old and the new, and from the new to the old and in between.

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