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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Church Government: Is the Moses Model the Biblical Model?

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 Church Government: Is the Moses Model the Biblical Model?

According to the Word, do you think that the Moses model of church government is the model that we should use for our current Church model?

Moses was the leader appointed by God to lead God's people. Although he was not perfect, anyone in rebellion to Moses was in rebellion to God. This is fact.

Since the Bible cannot confict with itself can anyone show me in the Word that the Moses model of church government is confirmed in the New Testament?

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 Re: Church Government: Is the Moses Model the Biblical Model?

I see one issue here;

Can we, generally speaking, find a Leader such as Moses that we can believe in? Is their one? Is it possible to have such truly anointed and carriers of such "oracles of God".

 2008/3/25 17:08

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 Re: moses model

I agree that there is no reference to the "Moses model" as a form of church government in the new testament. In fact I've been reading Hebrews and the letter written to Jewish believers admonishes them to not return to their former ways. If the writer of Hebrews is going to great length to stress that Jesus Christ is greater than Moses and that the new covenant is greater than the old then why would we seek to put on an old out dated form of government that keeps a separation between 'us' the regular Joes out on the pew from Christ, then take our rightful place which is to go directly to our God! I think we need qualified teachers of the Word of God, I agree that women should not have 'authority' over men in teaching, but no where do I see a "Moses model." This means that the very basis of these churches (non-denomination/denomination) who have built their pyramid empires on "Moses Model" is faulty from it's foundation and will thus fall one day. If you're in one of these cults that perpetuates the "Moses model" know that it's not-biblical, it's anti-Christ, and seek the Lord on what to do and where else to find teaching.

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 Re: Church Government: Is the Moses Model the Biblical Model?

DesiJr: I have never heard of the "Moses Model" of church government. I guess someone might look at the way Moses led Israel during the exodus and come up with a model that they might use for the church. I think you are better served to examine the early church and how it operated.

When Paul ministered in a city and the church in that place was established he usually left it to grow on its own for some period of time before returning to ordain eldership. I cannot say he did this every time, but it seems to be the pattern that is consistent with scripture. He sought out men with the qualifications of eldership (You will find these by searching the New Testament for bishop or elder as these two terms are interchangeable)and ordained them in the presence of the local body as those who were to watch out for or oversee the body in that location.

God also places servant leadership in the body in the form of evangelists, pastors, teachers, prophets, and apostles according to Eph. 4.

All of these leaders carry authority only insomuch as they are anointed by the Holy Spirit and walk in their callings obediently and their authority is one of submission based on Godly leadership and spiritual maturity. In other words it is a relational spiritual authority based on the choosing and anointing of God rather than authority borne by title or position. Paul talked about the Gentiles authority and how they lord over the ones they lead.

I think it would be really fruitful to study how the early church was established and governed rather than seeking a model from the Old Testament.


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 Re: Church Government

Its easy to talk about being led by the holy spirit and being called into the ministry or the ascension gifts however the reality is you are predestined to ministry the moment you get your certificate from bible college. You can step straight into many Pentecostal churches as ministry and they all recognise the paper as confirmation of calling, so whats the big deal with needing a calling?

The five fold as we all know must come under the position and authority of senior pastor. Admittedly I was a bit confused when I was challenged by someone that said the ministries in Ephesians 4 must all be mutually submitted, he then asked about who wins the senior pastor or the senior apostle or prophet?

Think about it call most of the churches today and the model from the old testament, with one man at the top, be wrong?

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The letters Paul wrote, and portions of Acts tell us what NT church government should look like. The Mosaic structure was based upon earthly sacrificial atonement and it wont work for us since our atonement is complete if we are saved.


 2011/11/7 7:09

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