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"It is finished" is a translation of the Greek
word {Tetelestai} the perfect indicative tense
of the word telos which means; to end, to bring
to conclusion, to accomplish, to fulfill, or to
First, this was Jesus exclamation that He had
finished the work that the Father had sent Him
to do. The work having been accomplished, Jesus
bowed his head and died. One scholar noted when
a servant was sent on a mission and later return-
ed to his master; he would say "Tetelestai,"
meaning "I have done exactly what you requested"
or "The mission is now accomplished." Jesus gave
a mighty shout to let His Father know the work of
the cross was done and the victory won!!
Second, this word tetelestai was the equivalent
of the Hebrew word spoken by the High Priest
when he presented a sacrificial lamb without spot
or blemish. As Jesus hung on the cross, He was
both Lamb of God and our High Priest. He offered
up the perfect sacrifice, His own precious blood
to cleanse and atone for our sins. Atonement was
completed, perfected, and fully accomplished!!
Third, in the secular sense, the word tetelestai
was used to signify the full payment of a debt,
The parchment on which the debt was recorded was
stamped with the word tetlestai, which meant the
debt had been paid in full. Jesus paid the price
for sin that no one else could ever pay; He paid
the debt of sin we owed.
Finally, the Greek sense of the word declares a
turning point when one era ends and a new era
begins. The justice of God being fully
satisfied by the perfect offering of the Only
Son; now God's divine mercy would avail. The
New Covenant of God's grace and mercy and His
redeeming love had begun!! It is finished!!

Martin G. Smith

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