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Ami Update April 5

Today Ami continues to deal with physical and emotional pain. He begin asking again today, "Why did this happen to me?". Please continue to pray for his ability to battle in the war of his mind.

The pain in his right arm and his right leg has been intense. Both of his arms along with the severe burns have damaged blood vessels and nerves. After the burns heal the doctors say they will do surgery to reconnect or replace the vessels in his arm. Pray for the healing of these vessels and nerves before the burns heal ......let's pray healing now!

As I mentioned in the previous letter skin graphs have been done on the right leg and stomach. They had plan to do graphs on the left leg but when they started the proceedure the skin had already began to grow back. Right now his right leg is giving him the most pain from the graphs....

Continue to pray for David and Leah. As you can imagine it is very difficult to see your child going through this pain. When Ami crys for relief they feel helpless. Leah used the term "shelshocked". As I mentioned before I can tell how Ami is doing by the sound of David and Leah's voice and the look on their faces. Leah did say when I talk to her this morning that Ami was finally getting some desperately needed sleep today....

B'Shem Yeshua,

Tommy Waller

 2008/4/5 19:34

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Santa Clara, CA

 Pray for Ami (son of Ariel pastor injured in blast)

Have been following and praying from afar ... this is all so incredibly ... agonizing. The wonderful mixed with the exceedingly difficult, the battle for this young mind ... the parents.


Mike Balog

 2008/4/5 20:20Profile

 Re: Pray for Ami (son of Ariel pastor injured in blast)

HaYovel: Ami update April 8

Yesterday Ami began sitting up and today he walked! He had a little help, but he walked! Each day he shows miraculous improvement. To see where he was and where he is now is nothing less than a miracle.

I wish I could tell you everything is wonderful. Realistically Ami has a high mountain to climb to reach full recovery. The Doctor told David that it may be a year before Ami is really moving again. In many cases our spiritual understanding is limited to believing that God only makes things good .....what ever our definition of good is. Healing is from God and our pain and struggles are from Satan. Leah, Ami's mother, made a statement that God spared Ami's life, but, like Job, has allowed Ami to suffer to a certain point. Why would God do that?

Many of the Palestinians whom David, Ami's dad, has shared the Gospel with know this all to well. Salvation does not bring to them a "well to do" life and it does not guarantee them good health. Many have been beaten severely. Many have spent long time periods in run down prisons for no reason or justification. Several have been murder. In the 10/40 window this is a common occurrence. Eternity is their only hope. Death is a beautiful reward. Worth every struggle ....worth all the pain.

Ami's pain is intense. Along with the pain he is beginning to experience severe itching. It has been hard to keep his hands away from the scabs forming on many parts of his body. The doctors are limiting his pain medicine mainly because they want his body to get stronger and to also prevent addiction. The writhing pain keeps sleep to a minimum. His helpless screams through most of night are taking their toll on Ami as well as David and Leah. Please pray.

Brayden and Zac were able to see Ami tonight. Again, to look back at where he started a few short weeks ago is amazing, but Brayden said it shook him to see him. He remembered Joni Eareckson Tada making the statement in her book that she appreciated those who could be with her and be themselves. Treating her the same now as they did before her accident. For Brayden the lights were brighter this time in the hospital room. The bandages that hid most of the wounds in his first visit were still covering a lot, but not covering as much and a few horrific scabs were visible. He struggled to stay focused.

My friend, Michael Card, wrote in his book "A Sacred Sorrow" how we mishandle or misunderstand the process of worship in our most difficult times. He wrote about the dilemma of 9/11 when "no one had a song to sing". And even though we give glory for what God has done ....for Ami, who remains in the fire, along with his family night and day, it is okay to lament in the way David did in Psalms 10:1, "Why do You stand afar off, O LORD? Why do you hide in times of trouble?" and then later declare in verse 16, "The LORD is King forever and ever."

Except for his mom and dad, his brothers and sister, Ami is having a difficult time being around anyone else. The one thing he really loves though is hearing his mother read postcards to him. Yesterday a huge stack arrived in the mail and Leah read most of them out loud non-stop until midnight. At one point thinking Ami had finally fallen asleep she laid the last ones down only to hear Ami say, "mom keep reading!". Please, lets continue to send encouraging postcards to Ami. He's enjoying seeing all the places they're coming from and your words are actually bringing emotional, physical, and spiritual healing to him....

B'Shem Yeshua,

Tommy Waller

 2008/4/9 11:28


Some of the info in these two updates might be repeated information. Please take the time to watch the video of Pastor David Ortiz (Ami's father) as he shares what happened and how God has worked.



Ami Update April 13 (Hannah)

Ami has been making steady progress, which is actually an understatement. Just one week after the long night when his very survival was in doubt, he was moved out of ICU. In spite of the shrapnel in his eye, which required a delicate operation, he can now see out of both eyes just fine. Right around the time they stopped worrying about his collapsed lung (I lost track of the progress on that), he started sitting up in a chair, out of bed, and he is now being encouraged to walk. Not only are the skin grafts working well, but one leg is unexpectedly healing without grafts.

I kind of feel for the medical team, who has been caught flat-footed by Ami's fast, unpredictable recovery... they're not used to having to use the word "ness" (Heb. for miracle) so many times with regard to one patient - especially one who they knew was at death's door and in danger of losing all his limbs only 3-1/2 weeks ago.

Your prayers, letters, gifts, and especially the postcards addressed to Ami, have been giving him and his family encouragement beyond what you would imagine. And the meals have continued to come in faithfully, 3-1/2 weeks without a break, often providing more than they could eat. May the Lord bless the local cooks - from the responses of the family, it's clear that you are feeding them with both food and love.

All this gives them strength to meet the new challenges that Ami's progress is bringing.

He is experiencing a lot of pain from muscles that have 'frozen up' from disuse, from healing scabs that are pulling on sensitive skin, and from half-healed wounds (pray against infection, which is currently a danger in some of the deeper injuries). He needs several operations to recover the use of his hands (the blood vessels and nerves are mangled). The medical staff is trying to reduce the sedatives, which sometimes results in more sensitivity to pain and sleepless nights. The physical therapy is as painful as it is necessary. Fighting to get back to something called "normal" for his new body may take up to a year. An intimidating thought, as you can imagine. Can you also imagine the hard questions that must inevitably come to a 15-year-old, whose normal everyday life has suddenly spun out of control?

Struggle for a minute with the thoughts that are probably going through Ami's mind (easy for me to imagine, having a boy nearly the same age). The loss of "only" 2 toes seems trivial in comparison with what he might have lost, and in light of all the tremendous miracles God has done for him. It's obvious the Lord has preserved him. And yet, who can explain to Ami why God allowed anything AT ALL to happen to him - and why only to him?

We don't dare resort to cheap, easy answers, like "believers sometimes pay a price for their faith", or "his parents are on the frontlines of ministry, and spiritual attacks can be expected" or "it's okay, because all things work together for good". None of these honestly address the question of why HE was the one injured, while all his believing friends and the rest of his family are walking around untouched (as are many other families "on the frontlines of ministry" here). These thoughts bring dilemmas that are scary enough for an adult, let alone a teenager who is right at that precarious age when you begin questioning everything you have been told as a child.
blessings from the Land,


HaYovel Ami Update - April 11

David Ortiz, Ami's father, was able to share at a conference in Jerusalem Wednesday evening. Go to this link to hear David's heart about what happened: [url=]David Ortiz Link[/url] [[i]video shared with permission of moderator[/i]].

Ami started the painful task of physical therapy yesterday. Motivation is difficult and the therapists are pushing him hard to make every excruciating move. Pray for endurance. Ami says the pain is making him crazy.

He's also having a difficult time with his appetite. Food is not appealing to him. Pray for an increase in appetite.

Pray for his emotional state. Today he saw his foot for the first time without two toes. It's easy for us to say it is a miracle to have only lost two toes in all of this, but this is devastating to a 15 year old young man.

I can't emphasize how much the post cards have meant to Ami. Please keep them coming - tell your friends - send more than one! [i][pm or email me for the address[/i]]

We are praying that as so many pray for Ami an awareness of God's heart for Israel will increase all over the world. No theology can actually take Israel out of the palm of YHWH's hand. (Isaiah 49:16) No theology can undo the promise/covenant from God's mouth to the physical descendents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. (Genesis 12:7) Even if our congregational shepherds never mention Israel's place in God's heart. Even if you yourself don't completely understand. We must all agree that God's word cannot be compromised (Isaiah 40:8) .....our God loves Israel - Psalms 87:2, Psalm 132:8,13,14, Psalm 137:5-6, Isaiah 4:2-6, Isaiah 46:13, Isaiah 40:1-11, Isaiah 52:1,2,Isaiah 62:6,7, Jeremiah 30:17, Obadiah 1:17,18, Micah 4:7, Zephaniah 3:14-17, Zachariah 1:14,17, Zachariah 2:8, Acts 1:8, Romans 11:26, Hebrews 12:22-24, Revelation 14:1.

Let's pray that our heart be joined with God's heart and the mystery of Israel be revealed to all of us. (Romans 11:25)

Shabbat Shalom,

Tommy Waller

 2008/4/14 23:13


The Kentucky House Resolution contains specific details on what Ami went through and the injuries he received from the bomb.


HaYovel Ami Update April 17

David, Ami's dad, continues to use the Passover analogy of the death angel passing over his house to describe Ami's miracle. Today Ami continues to amazingly recover from the explosion meant to murder him and his family.

Each day Ami makes some increment of improvement. The doctors are deciding when to do surgery on his arms to repair damaged arteries. They also want to operate to repair the damaged eardrum.

Ami is still trying to absorb it all. The weightiness of the thought that someone would want to purposely hurt him and his family is emotionally debilitating. Please continue to specifically pray for him in this area.

Obviously he has come a long way since the attack and I will try to update you as I get new prayer points from David and Leah. My family and I are in Kentucky through the end of April and I may not be able to get updates out as timely as needed....

Speaking of Kentucky I just received from David [url=]a House Resolution statement[/url] made by the Kentucky House of Representatives which strongly supports Ami and the Ortiz family and makes a very strong statement against the persecution of believers in Israel. Follow this link .....Kentucky Resolution to read the entire draft.

We are preparing for what I believe will be a life changing event here in Kentucky. Only our Heavenly Father could give to us a Feast so perfectly descriptive of our deliverance, our salvation, through the sacrifice of the only one worthy to be called Yeshua HaMashiach. Passover is a time when we truly discover the identity of the Lamb of God. I would encourage every believer to recognize the day of Passover and the Week of Unleavened. Not from the anti-semitic position (Romans 11:25) of our past, but from the eternal Word of our Creator King. (Isaiah 40:8)

Chag Samaech (Happy Feast),

Tommy Waller

 2008/4/17 22:53


Friday, 11:00 11.4.2008

Today, Ami left his room for the first time, in a wheelchair. This is a sign that his condition is definitely improving – at a rate which is surprising everyone. All his wounds, for several of which he has already undergone skin grafts, have healed. Even the serious injuries to his right leg are healing of their own accord. Two parts of a toe in his left leg were cut off, but the doctors are saying that this won’t affect the leg’s full functioning. Even changing the bandages has become easier and less painful. At the same time, Ami is still experiencing severe pain and needs strong painkillers. He is having physiotherapy every day, as well as occupational therapy. His mental state is still fragile. He’s depressed and angry and finding it very difficult to deal with the pain. Leah repeatedly emphasizes the importance of people’s prayers. She says that is simply obvious that they are being answered. She wants to say that the family have decided to continue stay in Ariel. The problem, she says, isn’t that of their family alone but of all the Messianic believers, who are now facing danger. As of today, despite the round-the-clock police investigation, no suspects have been found.

 2008/4/18 22:36

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All his wounds, for several of which he has already undergone skin grafts, have healed. Even the serious injuries to his right leg are healing of their own accord.

O God, my God, what an awesome God Thou art. How we praise Thee and adore Thee.

 2008/4/18 22:49Profile


Friday, 25.4.2008 11:00

Despite the fact that we are only reporting on Ami’s condition weekly, it is improving day by day. Today brushed his teeth by himself for the first time. He’s out of bed most of the time, preferring to sit in an armchair in his room and going for short walks according to his strength. The same is true of the pain in his right hand: people have prayed and Ami no longer has any need of painkillers. As of today, he does not require any further surgeries. He’s recovering well and will probably move to the rehab center at Tel HaShomer next week. All in all, Leah reports a great relief in the situation, and despite the fact that Ami’s recuperation will still take a long time, he will recover. Leah asks people to continue to pray for his full recovery.


 2008/5/16 17:40


Thank you Joy, for keeping up with this. :-)

 2008/5/16 18:45



From Leah Ortiz


We thank so many of you who have written and asked to be updated on Ami's condition as you want to continue to lift him up before the throne of God. We can't tell you how grateful we are that the momentum is continuing, as we are facing new challenges every day. However, we are greatly encouraged by the outpouring of love from all over the world, and Ami is daily encouraged as well. We thank Yeshua for moving your hearts to convey His encouragement to our family.

We moved into the Tel HaShomer Children's hospital two weeks ago, which is a rehabilitation facility and one of the best in the country. Ami has a strenuous schedule which includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, School studies, Computer lessons, and training in an exercise center. All of this has really strengthened him, and along with renewed appetite, he's looking more and more like "Ami".

However, there are many struggles as well. Interspersed between all of his activities have been visits to specialists. The first specialists to see him were the ENT doctors (Ear, Nose and Throat). We found out that Ami's right ear drum is almost completely blown out and the left ear drum has significant damage. The first doctor told us that he will need skin grafts in both ears which includes a recovery period of 3 to 6 weeks on each ear. However, yesterday we visited a second specialist who specializes in ear injuries from terror attacks. She had better news - she said there was a 90% chance that the ear drums would close up themselves - heal by themselves. She said that Ami is young, and she's seen it happen many times. Even after the first doctor's assessment, I had faith that the Lord would close up those ear drums!! His next appointment will be in 3 months. The doctor said it might take a year for them to heal naturally, but if there is no improvement in 3 months, they will schedule the operations. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE EAR DRUMS TO BE HEALED. Ami's hearing has been significantly affected as a result of this injury.

Ami was sent to an Eye Specialist as well. He said that there are still many pieces of metal in Ami's eyes, and it is better if they don't come out, but stay in as it could cause problems if they come out. He also said that the eyes were not seeing 20/20 and he might need glasses. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE LORD TO DISSOLVE THE METAL IN HIS EYES, AND FOR THE HEALING OF HIS EYES TO CONTINUE UNTIL 20/20 VISION.

Ami has also had significant burn wounds and subsequent scarring all over his body - also scars where large pieces of shrapnel were removed. His body also has the tendency to scar quickly and for the scars to build up rapidly. Therefore, pressure bandages have been made for him. They are like thick support stockings. The upper body "suit" covers his whole upper body including his neck. It is very difficult to get used to, and he's been told that he has to wear them 23 hours a day for one to two years!! The lower body suit is being prepared now. All of this is emotionally and mentally hard for Ami to adjust to as well as physically rigorous. PLEASE PRAY THAT THE SCARS WOULD HEAL QUICKLY, AND THAT AMI WOULD BE ABLE TO ADJUST TO THESE BANDAGES.

Ami was also seen by a plastic surgeon, who has ordered x-rays to be done on his hands and feet, as he has extreme sensitivity especially in his left palm, and in the toes that were amputated. He thinks there is shrapnel embedded that might be painful to him, in which case they will surgically remove them. Ami has over 100 pieces of shrapnel in his body. Many of them will be expelled by his body naturally. One day, two groups of believers came to visit us and I asked them to pray for the shrapnel to be expelled quickly. That night Ami said - I feel all the pieces of metal moving! He was in pain and we had to give him Tylenol!! We need to be careful what we ask from the Lord!!

I am praying for Ami's healing to happen quicker than anyone can imagine. I believe that with prayer and Yeshua's healing power, everything is possible.

Tomorrow, Friday March 23rd, will be a special prayer meeting in our congregation in Ariel. Messianic leaders from all over Israel will be gathering for a time of fasting and prayer for Ami and the situations surrounding the attack, from 10am to 2PM Israel time. Even this week, in a town called Or Yehuda, the deputy mayor along with local rabbis stirred up the religious youth to go door to door and gather New Testaments that had been distributed by believers a few weeks before. They then burned the New Testaments. This is a very serious development, because even in Nazi Germany, Jewish prayer books were burned in the early years before the Holocaust began. We would urge you to denounce this act to the Israeli Embassy in your area, and also to ask why the perpetrators of the Purim Package bombing have not yet been apprehended.

The article about the burning of the New Testaments can be found at: http://WWW.jpost.Com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1211288128832&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

Thank you again for your prayer, love and support.

In the Messiah,

Leah Ortiz

 2008/5/23 20:08

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