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There is nothing that an unbeliever has to say about scripture that I am interested in hearing.

How can someone who believes in the Word of the Lord not agree with this statement?

i completely agree. what can an unbeliever tell us about the depths of God and who He is?
How can someone who doesn't believe in God teach me anything that has to do with Him?

with this, i disagree. first we're assuming that all the people on there were unbelievers (and i can't do that). second, if an unbelieving archeologist shows us certain things about the archeological digs, he can tell us certain things that have to deal with Jesus (like what the temple was like in Jesus's day, like what certain towns, occupations, and customs were like in His day). these are things that one does not have to be a believer to tell me about. and alot of this stuff that i just listed was the very informative stuff from the first to 2nd hour.

i'm sorry if some cannot learn [b]that kind of stuff[/b] from some unbelievers, but i can because i didn't know all the background stuff that was shown last night.


ps [edited] i emphasized "that kind of stuff" because that is what i have been talking about the whole time. background stuff on the time, nation, culture, and cities in Jesus's day.

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I watched the first hour of this program and I thought it was somewhat informative. It is neat to speculate what it must have been like 2000 years ago and kind of get an idea about the history and background of scripture. Even if it is put out by non-believers. If we were to throw out everything non-believers give us on background we would be "throwing out the baby with the bath water" what about Josephus and other such historians? Though I did find something more important to do I would not condemn someone for watching this show. Just remember that these people blatanly show their unbelief of the deity of Christ. One fellow kept saying can you imagine being a young man seeing this or seeing that and then he would say that Jesus was trying to figure out what to do and how his views would have been affected by the politics of the DAY blah blah blah. But there was some good speculation because that is all it is speculation about different things that were going on then. Also the part where they showed the early christain pilgram site in Jordan was neat, shows that even early christains baptized by immersion.

In Christ

John Graves

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