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 Art Katz wife

Hello friends,
In the winter of 2007 I drove 14 hours with my 8 year old son to be with Art Katz as he was ill. I had only heard his messages for the first time just weeks before. These words of his completely devastated me. I recognized he was a true prophet of the Lord.Upon realizing this and finding out he was very ill I did not hesitate in contacting him and his wife. My son and I arrived in the afternoon on Saturday. They insisted we stay the night and the next day Art really wanted me to join them for the fellowship meeting they had .Over this time I had the chance to meet his wife Inger Hava.I helped her with cleaning and dishes.In doing this we had a chance to create a friendship. I did not realize all she has done in Isreal.She has a ministry of her own called Lifeline outreach. This reaches West Bank Palestinians.At times she has had to be smuggled into the country. She has had to ride a mule or walk for miles and miles. This woman is just as much a light as Art.
Inger and I have maintained a friendship and talk here and there. She recently found she has breast cancer and must have both breasts removed. The doctor estimates the cancer has been spreading for a while. Inger would not like me writing you but I feel a need.
This woman is a widow. This woman served Art for many years. It was not an easy path for her but she held her place. Brothers I am asking if you would consider helping her. She would yell at me for this but I feel we owe it to her,Art and the Lord. If Arts messages have ever blessed you as they have me don't we owe this to her? They were not like these super heroes we see on TBN raking in millions yearly. They weren't rolling in $$$$.Art and Inger were and are the real deal. Please consider my plea. We all love to listen to these old recordings of powerful men.Most all of them have one thing in common...they are no longer on this earth. Inger is on this earth with real needs. The scriptures tell us specifically to take care of widows and orphans. This is one special widow!
I am not asking for help for Ben-Isreal as a ministry. I am referring to Inger. Let's bless her as we should.You can contact her or someone who will get the money or encouragement to her through the Ben Isreal site.They are a close people and her daughter lives near her. She is not one to say what she needs. She needs us! Thanks very much

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 Re: Art Katz wife

Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: Art Katz wife

Amen - Thank you Banjoe!

 2008/3/10 14:38

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