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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Working woman, stay at home mom or other?

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Dallas, Texas


Paul, I keep forgetting you're a moderator now. But here you are, another 'authority' figure, trying to stick to healthy rules of engagement. Amen.

Linn, rules of engagement really have nothing to do with this situation. She didn't break any rules, and she was welcome to continue sharing in the thread as she was. I would post what I did regardless of my status in these forums. I only counseled her as I did because I sensed the folly of, as a married woman, openly discussing these issues without her husband present. This is not a healthy thing to do, and all I did was apprise her of it.

But really, when a woman has just disclosed the boundaries of the prison she feels, and that she willingly stays there because she can't face the level of emotional violence which would accompany her departure from it, is it appropriate to call the perpetrator of that emotional violence, 'defenceless'?

Pehaps according to the principles of psychotherapy. The truth is, we don't know anything about this woman. Or her husband. We are going purely on what she is divulging in an internet Christian forum, and it is all one-sided without her husband's input. How can you effectively counsel a person like this with the wisdom of God? The wisdom of God tells to me suggest to her what I did - and she didn't like it. If it were a man speaking the same of his wife I would counsel likewise. I'm not saying either is fabricating their story; I'm just trying to remain sober and unbiased in the absence of witnesses.

Paul Frederick West

 2008/3/6 22:19Profile

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This was handled appropriately and she asked to be removed. Trying to speak in her stead now or attempt to discern the replies in a slanted manner as Paul well pointed out, leaving out the contentiousness shown elsewhere in other postings ...

There is no reason to allow this to continue. Do pray if it matters to you.

Thread locked.

Mike Balog

 2008/3/6 23:18Profile

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