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Hi Joe,

Was he being sarcastic about the cufflinks? It sounds kinda like sarcasm to me. Maybe he was just joking around. Is that possible? Did you feel kinda like you took a jab? If yes, than it sounds like your insecure about them. That just means in your mind you feel guilty about the cufflinks, (probably sub-conciously or maybe even conciously), because of some religious belief you have been indoctrinated with. I mean really, are cufflinks sinfull, theri just cufflinks for crying out loud. :-D If you let that bother you brother it wont stop there. Pretty soon youll feel guilty because your water is cleaner than the persons across the street.

 2008/2/27 22:57

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Joe! The answer to your question is your hearts cravings. Mirror yourself in this passage from Scripture:

"Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world - the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives for ever.

So, Joe, is that man you?

What occupies your mind, your heart. What concerns you on a 24-hour basis? Well, that is your god and your service to him. Either the living God or an idol. Only your heart know the answer to that question.

Sincerely Magnus ;-)

Magnus Nordlund

 2008/2/28 7:57Profile


Hi Joe,
Wouldn't the answer to your question be..
as Jesus said `to first':`seek the kingdom of God
and his righteousness'.Wouldn't this mean to seek the King ( who is Jesus) every day...always and always haveing a ready-mind to do HIS WILL?
Being lead by His Spirit,then He will always
draw you by His Grace to whatever He wishes.
It may be to give up something or it may not.
We are called to be lead by His Spirit.

 2008/2/28 8:55

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Did not all the Job had belong to God and it was pressed home to him and he knew when it was over, it is all God to begin with and what we receive is from Him, unless we covet something and want it over being concerned about our families and what it will do to them. The same goes for God, do we want something over what God wants for us?

Praise God for all that we have and us, all we have to the Glory of God. As mentioned already, be content in all circumstances and situations when it comes to stuff. Content in plenty or content in need.

Let it be the richness of the heart in Christ Jesus when it comes to all that we have and are. Then we will know exactly what to do in every situation and circumstance when it comes to our lives of abundance or need.

In Christ; Phillip


 2008/2/29 3:43Profile

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Melbourne Australia


Wow such an interesting variety of responses. Ok first things first the brother who did comment on the cufflinks is someone who is 1000000 times more spiritual than me. He has been through more persecution than I have in my life, He knows more about the cross than I do.
Secondly I do distinctively recalling an urge not to wear them that night. As a matter of fact as soon as the comment was made which was followed by a sweeping generalization, i decided to remove it {the cufflinks} but I was so offended i spend considerable time in tears, latter that night in a quite spot, where no one can see a big man crying.... I cried because i felt that I was so weak and got offended easily, and also crying that i did not understand how someone who is so spiritual can make a particular sweaping generalization {which i shall remain unmentioned}. I then recalled Paul agreeing with some generalizations made about cretans in Titus 1:10-13. Hence I dismissed the generalization part, as something that might hold some truth. My experiences would beg to differ.
See I don’t buy expensive things, people just give them to me. I did not ask for it honestly! My boss walked into my room one day and said this, “Me and my wife has been praying about this for sometime, we want you to have our car.” Look I gave the car away I am still without a car, and I love it.
Guys I just want to please Jesus, and redeem this sales profession if possible. Especially IT sales, I want to be light in a dark place. The one verse which really ministered to me was
Exodus 3:14 ... I am that I am
I noticed God does not derive his identity from what he does or what he wears or anything of that sort all though he could claim quite a bit to His list of things he has DONE !!!
Really my hearts desire is to be a disciple. Very difficult though !
As far as laying down the things of the world goes... Trust me when i graduated from my university I wanted to go to the mission field, then someone told me the marketplace is the mission field. And both my degrees would be used by God to take me to places to minister the Gospel to those who needed it. To my knowledge i have laid down everything except a few giants such as my ego, pride etc... I am told the Lord has a way of smashing such giants through rejections, humiliations etc And look all this is nothing compared to what some other brothers and sisters go through in life. I am over the cufflinks but now that I have read about what the brother wrote on sophistication, I will attempted to change my perspective on a few things. Thanks for that one, never knew it was that bad !
I honestly don’t think its about what I wear or don’t wear all though I do want to dress appropriately etc. I think the Lord is more interested in why I do what I do ? Your thoughts...

 2008/3/2 1:42Profile

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