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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : counsel needed about meeting with my pastor

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Joined: 2006/12/17
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Harrisburg PA


Chiefofsinners-just so you know, I did not take pride or find satisfaction in this encounter. It was with a heavy heart and tears that I told him my thoughts. I understand where you are coming from, and I know the danger that is in this, but these are things that needed to be said to the brother that I have placed myself and my wife under as a leader. These things are more than just how the gospel is being presented it is a matter of making much of Christ. I care deeply for the people in this church, and my prayer is not only for this pastor but for revival. I don't even know what that will look like, but I know that God can move in that place and draw His people to their knees. I also know that God is teaching me mercy and grace in all of this, which I too often lack, and Dorcas said something that resonated deeply with me. She said that something in me might have to die and she is so right. May revival come first in my heart and my mind and my soul. This thing is messy, it is hard, it is uncomfortable but I will continue to seek the Lord each day and trust that His mighty hand will make me into a humble vessel and that He will resurrect the sleeping Bride in His church.

Benjamin Kreps

 2008/2/20 21:03Profile


Look Ben, sincerity is good, but sometimes the things were sincere about are way off the mark. Hey ive been there. I've thought God was speaking to me about things that seemed so right, and I was so sincere, and just like you I had tears, and weaping, and lost sleep, and tossed, and turned, but realized it was the devil that was planting seed in my mind, and I was watering it, and firtilizing it, and it was bringing forth fruit, and it was'nt the right kind of fruit.

Satan is a angel of light and his ministers are ministers of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Not ministers of sin. He'll show up dressed out in his sharpest clothes, suit, tie, shining like the son, brilliant, spellbinding, SINCERE, SUBTLE. He's good looking and his agenda seems so right. It just seems like the right thing to do. I mean youve prayed about it, youve wrestled with it, this has got to be the right thing to do. Remember satan wanted to be like God, he thought he could do it better, he thought he was better, he had a better way, so he thought.

You see what I'm saying? I'm not mad at you, just concerned that this could get out of hand if your not careful.

 2008/2/20 21:40

 Re: counsel needed about meeting with my pastor

Brother Ben, this post isn't directly to you - it's just that the subject caught my eye.

I wondered just one thing - How old is your pastor and are you younger or older?

The only reason I'm asking, is because the LORD has been showing me things about some older warriors.

Not your Pastor - unless he is old - as in, "been around a while" type.

Generally speaking now - if anyone sees their older Pastor getting 'softer' - ask the LORD to show you - is it because they're actually going apostate or is it because they're seeing that the end is near and that Does have an affect on folks who are nearer to heaven - age wise or health wise - as in, near God's deliverance of them, from this world. (Rev 14:13, Is 57:1,2). That sounds funny, but I've seen this with folks who may be going home sooner than younger folks and those who are just battle weary from years of fighting the fight - so to speak.

I've seen people look at each other, when their once warrior type leader seems to almost suddenly gone softer and allows for more leniency ... if that's the appropriate word. That other worldly type look. It's hard to explain, but they do tend to start going softer.

I know there is an apostasy from truth we're to be on guard and vigilant about - but God retires some early if they've been at it for a while. So maybe what I'm saying is - be discerning in the days ahead. Pray first to see if The Lord is just not allowing them to back off the heavies because they are ready to be retired or are they apostatizing.

You did well Ben, btw, and I pray it all works out for you both, in deeper understanding on both sides - for the sake of His Flock.

LORD Bless.

 2008/2/20 23:41


HE_Reigns... great points were made in your post.

Those of you who were here a few years ago when I first showed up can testify that I was pretty rough around the edges. I had a belly full of fire and didnt mind knocking heads with folks. Even got several warnings from the moderators to take it down a notch.

In person I am very intense as well, tho meeting me in person I am a "people person" and can charm a rattle snake out of his rattles. (Thats how my wife puts it)

But when it came to doctrinal issues, son, I thought I needed to have my gospel guns loaded at all times.

Since I've been here, in my personal life I have lost 2 very close brothers in the Lord to cancer. They were my age (late 30's early 40's). I watched them go thru this "mellowing" you're talking about. The love of God was radiating from them like I have never seen in anyone before.

It had a real effect on me, and I think that those who have been here for awhile have seen that my love for the brethren has grown in leaps and bounds.

I still dont have any problem jumping into the fray... but I have tried very hard to keep controversial issues civil and friendly (and with some success too), and crack a joke now and then to lighten the mood.

(Some newer folks think I am fiesty now??)

And I think this is due to finally realizing that I'm not invincible like I thought I once was. There will come a day when I will be called before the throne to give an account. It could be today. None of us know.

And I think when we are truly faced with eternity we begin to realize that what we once thought was so important... really isnt.

Truth is truth, and we should never compromise truth. And we should always be looking and learning and teaching. Do I think everyone here should put down the modern versions and get back to the best translation of the Received Text? Absolutely. But will that give you a better place in heaven? Nope. Our salvation is not based on Bible versions, or if you are a Calvinist or not, or if you like Christian rock music or not, or if you (fill in the blank) or not...

I think the reason we see a mellowing in older folks, or those who may be terminally ill, is because their priorities have re-aligned.

And I dont think thats a bad thing at all.


 2008/2/21 9:05


Krispy, you must have mellowed by time I signed on. You signed on in Jan and I did that July. You weren't bad then - so you must have behaved fast enough.

I remember my first post to you, as if it were yesterday.

I made the awful mistake of calling you "sister".

Warning: Don't ever call Krispy 'Sister'. Unless he's mellowed on that one too by now. HA!

I thought your come back was a total riot.

I laughed so hard I almost cried.

'I'm an X-Marine, with a beautiful wife and four children and coach football and ..... ...... ...... ....... ..... ..... ........ '

Yeah, memory lane. We've come a long way and it t'ain't over yet - GOD willin'.

That's what's so inspiring me and proves we Do need to have Hope for each other, besides just for ourselves. And care and take our time getting to know each other to avoid the misunderstandings.

I've watched folks metamorph here. Hope I am. Amen & Glory to Jesus! That's His Body doing what it's supposed to do. All the parts growing together. Neat!

Yeah, it's all about Him - huh?

Thanks Brother. LORD Bless.

 2008/2/22 4:19


Warning: Don't ever call Krispy 'Sister'. Unless he's mellowed on that one too by now. HA!

Ah yes! I remember that well. That made me chuckle this morning... thanx for the memories!

As for me mellowing, mellow is in the eye of the beholder. There are some here who dont think I've mellowed enough, and some probably consider me to be apostate now! lol...


 2008/2/22 8:23

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