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SimpleLiving wrote:
Forgive my ignorance, saints, but what is an "emergent church?"

I haven't watched television in four years and I don't have a stereo. I'm feeling a little out-of-the-loop, not to mention foolish!

Hi brother,

Here are some links you might find helpful. - this is articles by Jason Carlson, there's several he's written concerning the Emergent Church.

[url=]Testimony of leaving the Emergent church[/url]

The Emergent church started as a way to reach to a post-modern society. But instead of reaching them the emergent church has imbibed much of post-modern teachings, and is tossing absolute truth out the door in exchange for moral relativism. It's a movement that is 'tolerant' of other religions, and is embracing mysticism and other strange things.

I just watched a dvd by Jason Carlson and that is where I gleaned my information. And that's just barely opening the lid to see what this dangerous movement is proporting. The more I hear about this movement the more I realize that this group could become our persecutors. The days are coming when it will carry a very big price tag to say, 'Jesus Christ is the [b]only way[/b] to God'.

Hope that helps you understand them better.


 2008/2/21 17:51

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The Emergent Church movement, in a word, is a loose network of churches and individuals connected by some or all of the following ideas:

* In order to maintain its influence, the church must "re-emerge" in an updated and relevant form with each generation. The church must, in fact, be in a perpetual state of emerging from old conveniences, forms, styles, and motifs if it is to present its message in the most acceptable way.

This is in contrast to the Reformation ideal of "Always Reforming", which implies always returning to the original form of doctrine and ecclesiology. The Emergent movement is not concerned so much with going back to the originals, but discovering the frontier of thought and practice as it relates to "Christian Ideas".

* The Emergent movement handles the scriptures with a distinct looseness. Unlike liberals who frankly deny the inspiration or meaning of the word, Emergents tend to support the divine inspiration of the bible while denying our ability to make black and white interpretations of it. There is vastly more room to "get what you want" out of it. They call this "Dialogging" or having "Conversations", playing sound-board with one another for ideas while tending to ignore traditional exegesis and received understandings of passages.

* A heavy influence on being "relevant to the present culture" which often manifests itself in such acts as adopting the latest styles, genres of music into worship, extra-biblical forms such as the option to paint on walls instead of singing corporately.

Many of their leaders are drifting towards Socinianism - Universal Salvation for all, no hell, Deity of Christ in question, God's Sovereignty in question.

Unfortunately, it seems to me that they cannot sustain their carnally-bought audiences without more of the same, and in higher doses. Those who are won by the plain gospel and the pure Spirit will seek more simple truth and deeper holiness. Those who are drawn by cool styles, selfish forms, and shocking looseness will eventually go back to the world or succeed in turning the church houses into brothels and entertainment stadiums.

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This subject is discussed at length on another thread [url=]here[/url]


Clint Thornton

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Hey Clint, the link is broken.

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Also discussed at length on Steve Camp's's worth a regular visit, if you don't already know about it:

Donald J. McKay

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Thanks for the Camp link DJ_McKay,

I enjoyed his music awhile back, but I think I like the essays on his blog even more. Sound Christian men are a profound blessing to the Church.


Mike Compton

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The best introduction to the Emerging (Emergent) Church-theology is to read Brian McLarens early litterature on the subject. In general "A New Kind Of Christian" (hmm, the title is deceptive), and "A Generous Orthodoxy".

He is a very good and entertaining writer.

The best critical introduction to the Emerging Movement however, is D. A. Carsons "Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church". Dr. Carson also lectures on the subject (and other important ones) which you can find here:

Dr. Carson is a great speaker and scholar (probably one of the best there is today) and a warm Christian who struggle for the truth of the faith. I highly recommend that you listen to his wise study of the movement.

Concerning the Emerging Movement - it is really spreading rapidly - over the world. I believe it to be a venomous and deceptive teaching... David Wilkerson has spoken about the movement in 2005 (look at for more details).

Sincerely Magnus :-D

Magnus Nordlund

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 Re: Calvary Chapel on "Emergent Church"

Great! Printing off a copy right now. Thank you!

Randy Lambert

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 Re: Calvary Chapel on "Emergent Church"

I attend a Calvary Chapel here is Boston and I agree with Chuck on this and one of our Pastors has been telling us about this "end times deception" and gave us a great resourse called "Faith Undone by Roger Oakland" it's available on Lighthouse Trails Publishing and it's easy to understand,Carson's book which was also recommended earlier is good.But there is no greater weapon than God's Word to help us see the Truth so we will recognize the lies like the majority of the Emergents
However There is one Pastor who came out of this movement and reveals the unbiblical perhaps demonic teachings of these emergents and his name is Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle I will say though he uses alot of street langauge his teaching so if you prayerfully consider listening to him beforwarned I love it but it's not for eveyone,I believe he tears apart thier false teaching well by giving a modern reformed charismatic approach with a conservative orthodox view of the bible-Just my opinion,he wrote an article for the Criswell Theological review explaing the heresies of the emergents and has done well to distance himself from thier view while remaining a vital force for God within the culture without being consumed by and feeding it's filth
Sola Scriptura-In Christ's Love
Brian :-)


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