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 I'm not your friend!

Well, that's what I said to my husband on the phone the other day.

"Why not?", he asked, and I could hear the humour in his voice.

Then he laughed when I told him why.

I was waiting at home for a parcel to arrive, something he had ordered.
The delivery was between 8am-6pm. Long wait.

About 11.30am I heard a knock at the door.

Great, I thought, now I can quit waiting and get to do what I really want to do.

So I go to the door, and guess what? Was it his parcel? No.

Two Jehovah Witnesses were standing at the door!

Normally, if I see them coming, I don't answer the door. This time though, I was caught unawares. Talked to them for about 5 mins and left them to it.

Oh well! Next time I hear the door, I'll look out the window first, maybe.

God bless.

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 Re: I'm not your friend!

Hi sister,

Happened upon this the other day, challenging if not a bit convicting;


Scroll down to, "[i]Preaching the Good News? Part Three[/i]". You can extrapolate backward to the first two parts by the links in the first paragraph.

Mike Balog

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 Re: I'm not your friend!

Just say that your born again. I did and he turned around and walked away saying, "Oh, your one of them".

 2008/2/11 9:54

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 Re: I'm not your friend!

I love talking to the watchtower folks.( I refuse to call them Jehovah witnesses}
I tell them "I am jehovah witness you are watchtower."
I show them that Jehovah testifies of the Son and they testify of their organization.
It is challenging showing them their changed bible.
The only thing is they are mind numb with religion and they are trained to change the subject.
I dont let them and hammer one subject. The deity of Jesus.

My strategy is to give the holy spirit something to awaken (no pun intended) their soul/spirit.

I intercede for them when we part.
They most always have a trainee with them and it is this person I address.

I try to be overly kind and loving to them.

They end up getting mad most of the time.
They are masters at hiding their anger. The way you can tell they are getting upset is they accuse you of being mad.

They usually say "we dont want to leave you upset"
My little comeback is "I'm not gonna leave you upset , I'm gonna leave you Jesus"
"He is the king and I bow to him now but one day you will bow also "

And so me and the Holy Ghost war against that demon and maybe one day I can see one of those demons decapitated.



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Some experiences of talking with JW's:

One time they called and I was thinking "[i]I'll[/i] show them!" I'd been a Christian for several years and thought I knew the Bible pretty well.

[i][b]oops![/b][/i] :oops:

Well, you can guess what happened; they got me so tied up in knots that I began to wonder if they might have something of the Truth after all!

When they'd gone I cried out to the Lord, because I was so confused, and ashamed of my pride in thinking [i]I[/i] could answer them.

He gave me one verse of Scripture and asked me one question:

James 3:17
[color=990000] But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.[/color]

He said, "Is that the kind of wisdom they had?"

I said, "No".

That was all it took, but I'd learned my lesson.

Another time, I was trying to be kind to a little old lady, dressed in black, who called by herself, (maybe she couldn't get anyone willing to go with her!) I said, gently, (in respect for her age) "Sorry, I can't accept what you say because you don't believe in Jesus"

"YOU'RE A BIG LIAR!" she spat furiously.


Another time was also quite funny because of the state I was in at the time. But the Lord used it!

I'd come home from night shift, and, as sometimes happens when overtired, I was in overdrive. Should have been going to bed but was still buzzing around the house by 10am.

Then 2 JW's called. They couldn't get a word in edgeways - I just couldn't stop talking! They soon beat a hasty retreat. At one point I spoke about how wonderful it was to be freed of the strain of having to try and obey endless rules, and striving all the time to please God.

That concept is totally foreign to their beliefs, and I saw an expression of utter shock and amazement on their faces. I pray that this seed that was sown might lead them in the end to find the Truth.

So the Lord can even use someone who's babbling away at top speed, "high" on lack of sleep!!!



 2008/2/11 12:28

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I have talked to so many JW's I have lost count. Here are a few things I have learned:

They always seem to come when you least expect them.

They come when you are at a low point in your walk with the LORD.

You get easily frustrated because of this.

You read all about how to talk with JW's and think that NOW you know exactly how to convince them of their errors. WRONG.

We get so hipper for different reasons and fail miserably.

One time I had a real nice talk with a young man who was thoughtful and sincere. I have great hopes for him.

To learn to relax and allow the HS full control when they come calling is something I am still learning. If you relax too much they could misunderstand that to mean you are on the same page with them...seems like a no-win situation. BUT they are people, just deceived, whom Jesus also died for.


Sandra Miller

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