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 Who's Praying for me?


I have a question, although it may seem silly.

My mom and dad, both very good christians, have both gone on to be with the Lord.
My Mom, just recently went to be with the Lord on Jan. 31

As most Christian Mom and dads, they both prayed for me everyday, as well as my wife and my children.

For some reason, the thought just occurred to me...No one is praying for me anymore!
It almost bothered silly as that sounds.

For all my life, I have the prayer's of my mom and dad, now...nothing. Does that change anything? I've always heard the phrase "prayer covering", although not sure where in scripture that would be. my prayer covering gone?

Again, this was almost too silly to ask, but the more I pondered the question, the more it bothered me.

Any thoughts?


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 Re: Who's Praying for me?

Hi Sentry...

I'm sorry to hear about the temporary loss of your Mom as she has received her "eternal promotion." I think that there are few things as encouraging than a child who knows and realizes the prayers of his/her parents. But take heart, we have someone else interceding for us:

"Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us." - Romans 8:34

Be encouraged!



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 Re: Who's Praying for me?


I do not think your concern is silly. After all, when you have godly parents it gives one a sense of security and when that is gone, somehow you feel more vulnerable.

I tell people I am running out of old kinfolks: I have only two uncles and one aunt left plus my mom. As far as cousins, there are perhaps 18 - total- older then me and not all of them are godly. When my last uncle died, my oldest (maternal and I am the third down that line) cousin told me "you know pretty soon it will be our turn!"

Sobering and rather lonely when you run out of older kinfolks...they were always there, ready to share their wisdom, insights with you. With them gone it is as though you are left on your own..

I understand your sense of loss although we still have one parent left - and I do not expect her to live too many more years.

God bless you. It is a comfort to know they are with the LORD, don't you think?


Sandra Miller

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