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ebeth wrote:
Dearest Reformer,
May I share a little bit of what the LORD taught
me many years ago,when He was at the very first
drawing me(grace) unto Himself.He spoke to me through the Spirit..`not to get any materials
etc...etc...etc.Just get HIS WORD, and I will teach you.'( now be mindful,I did not know anything hardly of His ways, His will and His judgements.)He did not want my mind to be confused with everthing around me.Some things...
maybe true ..somethings maybe not true.
So first of all, I would sajest to you,to let Jesus teach you first by reading the Word and leting the GREAT teacher teach you through the Spirit.
Remembering Jesus said,(Jn.6:63)`The WORDS that I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are LIFE' if they are (and THEY ARE !!)then they
must be Spiritually decerned.
HE is the great Counseler,..and through prayer and seeing your desire, He will help you.
When the Lord drawed me to first seek only Him in this area, I did not know that the scripture in 1 Jn.2:27 where it says:`But the anointing which ye have recieved of Him abideth in you,
and ye need not that that any man teach you;
but the same anointing teacheth you of all things,
and is Truth, and is no lie,and even as It hath taught you,ye shall abide in Him'.
Now may I add, He said` Take my yoke upon you , and learn of Me',which,I can see, you are so
desirous of doing.Isn't it such a blessing when God gives us a desire ?
thank you,and God bless you richly,

Amen to that. I agree we must read Gods word before anything else. You want to have God speak to conerning who HE is, not what others have written about, even though there interpretations you would agree with. I generally will read a text and then pray about it and get a theme concerning what God is saying to me. Once I feel that it is clear, I then will go to a couple of commentaries I trust and I see what they say about the subject.

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 Re: To much to read and study!

Quite honestly it is intimidating coming on SI...the fast knowledge on here is impressive. Just can't learn fast enough.

To be honest, I avoid it altogether. I occasionally take in a sermon here and there. Go at it at your own pace. Too much learning is not good anyway, unless it's quickened into your spirit man, it's just knowledge that puffs up.

There is a temptation to wanting to know more. On some issues I am slightly retarded and I thank God that I am.

 2008/2/8 15:05

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A woman once told Brother Leonard Ravenhill:

"I forget the things I learned with my mind and I remember the things I've learned in my heart."

This is very true.


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I read Finding the Reality of God -Paris Reidhead; it touched on that subject, but diffidently wanted something more specific. BTW...I would recommend that book by Reidhead.

Thanks reformer

I too have read Finding the Reality of God by Reidhead. I would also suggest his other books:

Evidences of Eternal Life


Beyond Petition


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 Re: To much to read and study!

One of the most uplifting books I have ever read is, the Attributes of God by A.W. Pink. It is only 70 pages but the truths contained within are limitless.

John Graves

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 Re: To much to read and study!

No need to feel overwhelmed...
this is such an exciting place in your Walk with the Lord.
As others have stated, just continue reading the Word of God, praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and He WILL lead you.

I believe that the reason you are feeling overwhelmed is that you may be wanting to add to your walk, what others are walking.

Yes, we so benefit and are blessed by what others have encountered and walked thru and are walking in presently...but God by His Spirit is taking you unto Himself.

You are spilling over, because there is such Fullness of Joy in the Presence of the Lord. Remain in His Word, daily, and you will be aware of His Presence which makes you just want to proclaim His Goodness to everyone around!

And don't ever be afraid or feel inadequate to "share" what the Lord is showing to you. We are all excited and encouraged by brothers and sisters who are walking on the same Road.

As hungry and thirsty you are right now, hold on tight, there is more to come....He rewards those who diligently seek Him!!!

Your Sister In Christ,
:-) :-)

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