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 Tennessee governor on tornadoes: 'The wrath of God...'

[b]Tennessee governor on tornadoes: 'The wrath of God...'[/b]

ATKINS, Ark. -- Residents in five Southern states rose Wednesday to widespread clusters of destruction caused by an unusually ferocious winter tornado system. At least 54 people were killed and scores more were injured.

"The wrath of God is the only way I can describe it," Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee said after surveying the damage by helicopter. "I'm used to seeing roofs off houses; houses blown over. These houses were down to their foundations, stripped clean."

The governor said 1,000 houses in Tennessee were destroyed. President Bush announced he would head to the state on Friday to view the damage. ...

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 2008/2/7 14:20Profile

 Re: Tennessee governor on tornadoes: 'The wrath of God...'

Does the Governor mean that people from Tennessee are, in particular, deserving of this wrath? what did they do to deserve God's Wrath?

Is Global warming (which is increasing the strength of tornadoes and all storms) part of God's wrath??

the phrase is used so commonly that i think people forget that God acts with intention and not randomly, as does the weather.


 2008/2/7 17:19


"I'm used to seeing roofs off houses; houses blown over. These houses were down to their foundations, stripped clean."

A reminder that only the house having the right foundation will stand. So I may examine what I have built my house on. A perfect image of the state of present-day America, of the world. People building houses--not houses,palaces--but none of them will last. Thank you for this link, brother Greg!

 2008/2/7 17:59

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Bubbaguy said,

"God acts with intention and not randomly, as does the weather."

I must differ. The weather does not act independent of God's sovereign will. If the LORD does not permit the clouds to rain, the clouds will withhold their water. If He desires the wind to cease then it does so the very moment He intends.

Romans 1:18 says the wrath of God is [i]already[/i] revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men. Every sinner experiencing calamity is receiving the collective reward of Man's sin.

This does not mean that every person who has died in a Tornado was necessarily receiving an exact payment for certain sins. When a believer is killed in such circumstances we may assume that all of his or her sins were expiated on Christ's behalf. However, Christians still endure the corporate consequences of God's wrath upon sin in the world, though "all things work together for good to them who are the called according to His purpose."

Every person who died in this tornado went at the moment of God's sovereign judgment. Not even a sparrow can fall to the earth apart from the Father's will, Matthew 10:29, let alone a human.

A pertinent quote by Richard Phillips,
Was Katrina God’s swipe of judgment at “Sin City”? We do not have warrant to claim that this was a specific judgment like Sodom and Gomorrah. Moreover, if we think New Orleans was worthy of God’s judgment, we need to remember that we also are worthy of judgment. Indeed, in this sense, I am personally responsible for Katrina – just as is our whole sinful human race. I am reminded of G. K. Chesterton’s answer to an essay contest that asked, “What is wrong with this world?” He submitted the shortest answer: “I am.” So if Adam and Eve are responsible for Katrina, and if sinners in the path of Katrina are responsible, then so am I responsible for this being a cursed world under the bondage of death. In short, sin – Adam’s, yours, and mine – is responsible for the violent natural order that brought Hurricane Katrina.

The other reason Katrina does not disprove God’s holiness, goodness, and love is God’s purpose in even the worst events. I quoted Acts 17:26 as proving God’s comprehensive sovereignty. But Paul goes on to show God’s purpose in exercising his sovereignty: “that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel their way toward him and find him” (Acts 17:27). Because of sin, everyone is destined to die. But God works in the affairs of this world to draw already dying people towards life in him. God permits trials large and small to call our attention to what matters most: our eternal destiny. Without suffering, the truth is that we will go on ignoring God to our eternal destruction. God wants Hurricane Katrina to result in multitudes of otherwise dying people seeking him and finding him so as to gain eternal life – for this we should labor and pray.

Because God is sovereign over tragedies like this with a purpose of grace, we should respond not with anger at him but with abiding hope and praise. This is not a senseless tragedy, because God will bring good through it for those who trust in him (Rom. 8:28). The most horrific, wicked, and evil event ever to happen on the planet Earth was the judicial murder of the holy Son of God, Jesus Christ – an event in which God was completely sovereign and man was completely guilty. But the cross was made by God the most blessed, glorious, and holy event ever to happen on the planet Earth. Likewise, Katrina was a terrible event. But God will bring good from it. Through death he offers resurrection life, if we will turn through faith in Christ to the sovereign God of holiness and grace.

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a good, thoughtful post.

though, I think your interpretaion of Matt 10:29 is not quite right. It is not the will of the Father, but it is the perview of the Father that is the point. No sparrow falls to the ground without the consent and knowledge of the Father.

to go further than this is to wander into determinism and away from free will. If God directs weather (tornadoes) to kill people (or sparrows) then they lose their free will because no matter what they do, they are going to die. their actions become inconsequential and "fate" steps in. i'm not ready to concede this.

God may consent to the death of people from weather such as the tornadoes in TN, but they still have the freewill to flee beforehand or make other choices that take them out of harms way. a person's death is not predetermined.

The weather is random, but God knows what it will do a lot better than our weatherman. :-P


 2008/2/8 15:47

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when we went through hurricane Ivan in Florida all the houses around us lost trees and sustained damage.

When Ivan hit i went out in my yard and spoke to that storm. I told it it couldn't hurt my home,my family ,the 2families staying with us,my business, Or my children's homes.

Guess what? No damage.(to speak of)

The last thing i did before the storm was secure my business.

When I pulled into my driveway I had a leading to back up my truck to the street.

When the neighbors tree came down it crushed their van and almost got my truck.

It missed my truck by inches.
(it was as if Jesus said to me "come on back, a little more, a little more.....ok that should do it")

I cried when i saw my shop still standing.

What a mighty God to protect so perfectly.

My shop got a 10 ft square hole torn in the roof.

I loved that hole!

It was an awesome hole!
I never did fix it. (it was my landlords bldg.)
I believe Jesus gave us authority over the weather. What i did anybody can do! I am nothing special. I just pretended Gods word was true.


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