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 Please remember Brother Greg in prayer

Let's not let "out of sight, out of mind" take effect regarding Brother Greg and his efforts towards the revival meetings!

This is too important to not keep lifted before the Father.

Heavenly Father,

May Your name be hallowed on the earth! Let Your name be glorified on the earth as it is in heaven! As Jesus did Your will on the earth, may we also do Your will, just as it's done in heaven!

Father, we ask for Your forgiveness for our sins and our rebellion against You. We dare not ignore it and we confess it openly in Your sight. We need You, Father. In the name of Jesus, we come humbly, yet boldly before You because we have need of You. We are in need of a great revival the likes of which the world has never known! Father we ask for the Holy Spirit to rain fire down upon Your people to see their iniquities and turn their hearts back to you in true repentance! Father, we seek You and only You!

We ask You to please be with Brother Greg, Father. Fill him with the Holy Spirit and give him wisdom in his decisions Lord. So that when You say, "Wait," he waits and when You say, "Go through this door" that he obeys You instantly. Give him discernment and send helpers to help carry the burden. We ask you to surround him with angels and give him boldness where he needs it. Give Him the strength and the grace to do the things that no man could do so that no man can boast! Father, we will give You the glory and no one else, not even ourselves! Only You are worthy!

Thank You, Father because we know You hear our prayer! You have promised that where two or more are gathered together, in Your name, that You're there in the midst of them and if they agree as touching any thing they ask, they will receive it. In faith we read this and believe it! We seek only to please You and bring glory to Your name, Father!

And all the saints say......


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 Re: Please remember Brother Greg in prayer


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[i]Thank you brother Keith...[/i]

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 Re: Please remember Brother Greg in prayer



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