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Minnesota, USA


Hello sister,

Thank you for your kind words. God's name be glorified!

I'm just one grateful man for learning the Truth after so many years of deceit. It makes making certain decisions easier.

Like you, I never would have known about brother Keith Daniel before finding this site. Frankly, I'd only ever heard the names of Tozer, Spurgeon and Murray before finding this site. Never read them, only heard of them.
I [i]have[/i] listened to [url=]Quiet Time[/url] and my word did it make me tremble! I almost dare not listen to it again! I believe this is a very, very important sermon for Christians. Also, brother Keith's other sermon called [url=]Have You Had a Personal Calvary?[/url] is another must hear for serious Christians.


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Thank you Bonnie and Keith for the suggested sermons. I have had one of the greatest pleasures in my life hearing him speak in person a few months back.


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