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My only response - does anyone who has posted to this thread remember who, when and where it was posted here on the News section, words to the affect - 'that if it were up to me, I'd just go over there and Nuke them.' ?


MikeB, I respect the News Fast. Amen.

 2008/2/10 19:56

 Re: Undersea cable fault disrupts internet access

Hi Annie,

I don't remember that comment... but I do remember hearing a Christian saying something similar about the trouble in Ireland (I won't repeat what I heard), and it made me gird up my loins and go over there to experience the atmosphere for myself. It was very salutory coming off the ferry to see real soldiers with real guns in a group near the quay; armoured cars in the streets; my bag being searched completely - just to queue up to buy stamps; to be on a bus within sight of a bomb explosion which happened during my journey; to visit the main hospital and see war-wounds with my own eyes; then, to meet one after another earnest Christians living in that situation who were still talking about the goodness of God, showing hospitality and sharing the word with me.

Definitely, I came back with a very quiet heart, and much to think about.


 2008/2/10 20:22

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