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 Quotes from Hollywood

"As the parent of five children I don't need experts to tell me that the amount of violence today on television can harm children... Television violence is the single most important factor contributing to violence in America!"
-Ted Turner, Cox News 6/29/93

"I use violence because I like violence. I'm not someone who backs away from violence. I like to see things destroyed. I like to see what happens when you do something violent to someone else."
-Paul Vanhove (Basic Instinct Director)

"Many of you already read my writings indicating that TV is the new god. There is a little thing I neglected to mention up until now, television is the major mainstream infiltration for the new satanic religion."
-Anton Lavey, The Devils Notebook p. 86

"Tv is leading children down a moral sewer".
-Steve Allen

"You know that everything we're exposed to influences us... those violent films influence us, and the tv programs we see influence us. The weaker your family is, the more they influence you...The problems with families in our cities are catastrophic but when you put violent programs before people who haven't had a ton of love in their lives, who are angry anyway, its like pouring gasoline on a fire".
-Ted Turner, LA Times 4/3/94 (calander section)

"Many, many things are dangerous in our world, commercials and TV are dangerous, and so is the world of sitcoms. But nobody does anything about them because they're turning in alot of money."
-Wes Craven, Ultraviolent Movies Bouzeereau 2000 p.220

"Crusaders for social reform in America. They see it as their duty to restructure our culture into their image."
-Lichter, Lichter, and Rothan. Public Opinon 1/83 p.55

"I made the most vulgar entertaining, actionful, senseh(?)ic. Give em a new thrill every five minutes. Have everything, sex, violence, humor, because I want people to come and see it"!
-Francis Ford Coppala, on video tape, date unknown.

"Every 15 pages (of movie script) nudity. Whether its a leg, full nudity, or just the suggestion of nudity. Every 15 pages you have to keep that interest going." -Martin Scorsese

"I never met for it to be anything but a wicked film".
-Wes Craven, regarding the Scream movie

"Everything about movies is manipulative, when you walk into the theatre, you're buying a ticket to manipulation! ... The whole process is manipulating something that wasn't, until you get into the theatre and then it is"
-Steven Speilberg, Film making p.76

"I believe the properly manipulated image can provoke an audience to the Burroughian limit of riot, rampant sex, instantaneuaus death. The raw materials of inspiration include elements as primal and potentially frightening as violence, sex, and death. The primitive world of blood and flame is still with us".
-Gus Van Sant, LA Style 12/91 p.139

"Movie violence is like eating salt, the more you eat the more you need to eat to taste it at all. People are becoming immune to the effects, the death counts have quadrupled, they're becoming deaf to it! They've developed an insatiabillity for raw sensation."
-Alan J. Pakula's, director of All The Presidents Men

"Television has become one of the most destructive forces in our society. Ask me about violence and I'll tell you that television has caused it... Television destroys dreams'!
-Jerry Louis, Celebrity Circus Charles Haghan

"You know whats amazing in 1982 the Surgeon General of the United States released a report with 5 volumes of documentation proving beyond any shadow of any scientific doubt that prolonged exposure to violent imagery on television encourage more hostile, violent, and aggresive attitudes in real life".
ABC responded to that report: "Unfortunately, we have no conclusive evidence that televised imagery impacts real-world behavior in any way."
"Now if ABC believed that, than they better start refunding billions of dollars in advertising. Because if televised imagery doesn't influence human behavior, what are they doing selling ad time?"
-Michael Meduig(sp?)

The National Institutes of Mental Health has over 1000 studies conforming that tv violence and aggressive behavior are conjoined. Hmm, if the medical community released over 1000 clear studies that cancer was caused by milk, the dairy industry would collapse overnight. (statement given in the documentary "Hollywood Unmasked" )

Useing computer modeling to show future trends in crime. The forecast... MURDER! "This is the lull before the crime storm. Their is a tremondous crime wave coming in the next 10 years. Not by hardened criminals but by the young and ruthless. Young people who are turning murderous. Because murder is just not the taboo that it once was. Alot of that is television. Now, kids have become desnsitized. They'll rent movies and play their favorite scenes, often the most violent over and over. What do you think the effect is on a kid when his first exposure to sex is a brutal rape scene? That is a very powerful image. Kids are the least deterrable."
-James Fox, Dean of Criminalogy Department of NW University. Media Wis. Ted Baehr p.107

"This movie is great! It makes you want to go out and kill some body!"
-Oliver Stone, after reviewing his completed Natural Born Killers movie

"It could be that our movie (Basketball Diaries) was the final moment of dark inspiration that caused the (columbine) crimes".
-Head of New Line Cinema. Extreme Evil, Bob Larsen 1999 p.65

"30 years ago TV influenced me in what I did... It is scary to me what is on cable tv today, I can't imagine what it would have done to me if I had watched it back than..."
-Ted Bundy

"Thats my responsibility, to kill as many people as possible... And some of that truth may not be palatable to anybody. My responsibility is not to give a f(wasn't abreviated) about that. My responsibility is not to care".
-Clive Barker, Open Secret. David Ehrenstein 1998 p.265-266

"I think America has to bleed. I think the corpses have to pile up. I think American boys have to die again. Let the mothers weep and mourn!"
-Oliver Stone, New American 8:21 1-27-92

"Popcorn pictures have always ruled. Why do people go see these popcorn pictures when they're no good? Why is the public so stupid? Thats not my fault. I just understand what people like to go see. And Steven (Spielberg) has too, and we go for that".
-George Lucas, Easy Rider. Raging Bulls p.344

"When Question Authority! Becomes the chief slogan of a culture, that culture is doomed because it won't be able to hang together. The cynicism has now gone too far. We are becoming what the history books tell us late Rome was like-mired in decadent self absorbtion and lacking virtue".
-Oliver Stone, Surviving the Media Jungle. Chagall 1996 p.141

"What we think of now as the excesses of the Roman Circuses, where in the end hundreds of thousands of people died, didn't start that way. They started legitimately as circuses, extremely mild entertainment. But the audience demand for more and more resulted in that form of entertainment being more and more grotesque. What may have been a woman .... (I won't say how the violence escalated as its disturbing)....The audiences desire for that goes way back, deep into history. Someone has to say "Enough"! Its all bad for us, we're damaging ourselves. We are untying the fabric of our society!"
-David Puttman, of Hollywood Insider

"This is geting like Rome (the media/tv/hollywood industry), because you give (the audience) more, they want more. Once you get used to blood, thats what you want. It becomes a bloodlust. And that is crazy. This is absolutely insane. Monkey see, monkey do, believe me."
-Sid Caeser

"The Colliseum was a machine too. Everyone who died was chopped up... prostitues plied their trade in the audiences during the most brutal sections of the entertainment because thats when the Romans were most aroused. Its US tommorrow. WE WILL GET THERE!"
-David Franzoni, screenwriter for the movie Gladiator

"The job of the artist is to say F(wasn't abreviated) you God. F(again not abreviated) you and the Old Testament you rode in on!"
-Ken Kasey

"Yes, we got the bug, the virus is in us, its gotten bigger, and bigger, and bigger, its more and more and more. We're gonna have an execution channel, we'll have it!"
-Oliver Stone

"Someone gave me a book on the Coliseum, it connected in my mind to professional wrestling and modern sport heroes with the gladiators in the colliseum. The whole intent of (gladiators) was to be about us and not them, the arena had to be a temple. Every game became a sacrifice to the gods, Every culture, in order to justify mass killing, has to declasify their victims as less than human.... Its us!"
-David Franzoni, screenwriter for the movie Gladiator


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 Re: Quotes from Hollywood

These are some quotes I transcribed from a documentary on violence in Hollywood, its repercusions, as well as Hollywoods agenda as explained in interviews with major directors, film producers, etc. The documentary is titled "Hollywood Unmasked" produced by Fight the Good Fight Ministries I went through it a few times to verify that I transcribed it correctly, but may made some mistakes.

and yes, ironically enough, my screen name is a name from a character in an old childrens movie.


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Thanks for the quotes. As a nation, we need to take our entertainment more seriously lest we fall into permanent ruin.

Joh 3:19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Kendal Shipley

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Thanks for the quotes. As a nation, we need to take our entertainment more seriously lest we fall into permanent ruin.

Hollywood entertainment is worldliness. The world watches it and its the people who are depraved and going to destruction who are the actors doing obsenities that we cannot even mention on the forums. My wonder is why the church is so fasinated with movies and hollywood surely we should be more fasinated with God and His Kingdom. I am personally SO sick of watching tv and having to hear God's name blasphemed every 10 minutes. I JUST can't take it anymore, I say shut off the tv if it grieves the Spirit. The question is are you close enough to God that you feel the Spirit grieved as you watch filth on tv. Not all tv is bad but you cannot watch it for more than an hour usually without comprimising your holiness. Its your choice you have the controller in your hand. How much time do you spend with God.

I am not surprised with the comments being made that hollywood is like the roman times. Hollywood is the world and the world will act like the world, they are living [b]in[/b] their sins. Why should we expect anymore from them? but let not sin be named once amongst us who profess Christ.

"As dear Dr. Tozer used to say "Len, you knew one thing about a man that was carrying a cross out of the city, you knew he wasn't coming back."
We just come from an altar and we go back the next week and we're as fascinated, we haven't spent a half hour with Jesus but will stay two stinking hours in a movie house. And Paul says that's what the world is to me it's a system of corruption and rottenness and vileness. It's anti-Christ from the word go. Is the world crucified to you tonight? Or does it fascinate you?" - Leonard Ravenhill

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Wow, that is so sad. It reminds me of "They sold their souls for Rock n Roll". You never hear all those quotes on TV but when you gather them all together, you realize that these people know what they are doing to the viewers and they still do it. But even the viewers, when shed light on this, don't turn away. Cause like the previous poster posted, they love their sin. This really makes me sad, how Hollywood can say that a movie is so wonderful and wins so many awards, but when you go to watch it, all it is is sex, murder, drugs, and cursing God. Our county has gotten so far from God. It's comes no shock to me if we end up like Sodom and Gomorrah. I just pray we have more than a few that are saved.


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