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 2 New Carter Conlon Compilations

Here are two EXCELLENT new compilations I would like to share with everyone featuring speaker Carter Conlon from Time Square Church. Both are short – 2-3 min. but very powerful.

[url=,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,261/]You Don't Know[/url]

[url=,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,260/]Behold The Lamb Of God[/url]

God bless,

Patrick Ersig

Patrick Ersig

 2008/1/22 13:58Profile

 Re: HELP!

Thank you brother Patrick.

I've been wanting to hear EVERYTHING from Carter Conlon - but I can't change my computer.

If anyone could put these on a CD for me - I would be so grateful and will reimburse whatever the cost.

Please PM me, if someone has the time and ability to burn as many as possible, onto a CD to play on my stereo.

LORD richly Bless you Patrick and Mary and family and whomever has time to fill my coffers with Brother Conlon messages.

His Love to all.


 2008/1/22 14:28

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You can order Brother Conlons CD's for $3 ea.
From the Lindale TX Office, or off the Computer.
I love to hear Brother Carter and David Wilkinson preach.
Blessings to you

 2008/1/22 16:59Profile

 Re: 2 New Carter Conlon Compilations

Hi Patrick,

First, I can get only the 'You Don't Know', to play. There seems to be a bit of code missing from the other.

Secondly, whoever put these together should make it their urgent business to lay hands on a translation of all the words to their chosen background music.

In my humble opinion, [i]particularly[/i] because of the content of the speech extracted from the Conlon sermon - about how a Christian's presence might thwart evil intentions - [i]this[/i] music is not suitable. Sorry to throw such a damp squid on this effort, but Carter Conlon's words would be worth a great deal more against a background of silence, than against a piece of music which [i]glorifies[/i] sexual immorality.

 2008/1/22 19:04


Sorry to throw such a damp squid on this effort

To late!

Ugh! I love Carter Conlon, but that music playing in the background in the first recording I had to shut it off. I love Opera, but that was too much.

 2008/1/22 19:15

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Minnesota, USA


I'm afraid I have to agree with the others. The background music is much too loud and, frankly, I felt it was trying to dramatize and entertain more than it was trying to emphasize the message.

Call me old-fashioned ([i]please![/i]), but I think I'd rather just hear the sermon as it was delivered. I'm sorry, I don't mean to throw the second damp squid into the pile.


 2008/1/22 19:42Profile

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