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 Just one drop of His blood covers it all!!

"Looking unto Jesus" by Isaac Ambrose 1600's
I Tim. 1:14 "The grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant"
"Many an humble soul is apt enough to complain, "Oh! if I had not been so great a sinner, if I had not comitted such and such transgressions there might have been hope." This is to undervalue Christ's redemption; this is to think there is more in sin to damn, than in Christ's sufferings to save, whereas all thy sins to Christ are but as a little cloud to the glorious sun, yea, all the sins of all the men in the world, are but to Christ's merits as a drop to the ocean. I speak not this to encourage the presumptuos sinner, for alas, he hath no part in this satisfication, but to comfort the humbled sinner, who is loadened with a sense of his sins: what though they were a burden greater than he can bear, yet they are not a burden greater than Christ can bear?"

O to be bring Christ into the center of everything of our lives!


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 Re: Just one drop of His blood covers it all!!

O to be bring Christ into the center of everything of our lives!

Oh yes brother, that changes everything. Oh yes it does. He makes us free, He makes us Holly, He makes us Pure, He makes us His Children, He cleanses us from all impurity, He makes us part of his bride, Holly, without spot or wrinkle. Amen. How Glorious to have Christ living inside of us. What a humongus Honor and utmost privilage that is, let us not look upon it as a small, minute, insignificant thing, for it is the Greatest miricle there is, To be Born of him, how beautiful. Let us focus on God, and God alone, and then when we reach the place where he is all we have, we shall notice that he is all we ever needed. Blessings


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