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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Manifistation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit

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 Manifistation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit

I firmly Believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, however the church today for the most part has neglected to teach them. So many are so interested in thier tv and sports that they do not have time for the Holy Spirit to even speak to them. I believe that when the church wakes up and again becomes the bride of Christ then and only then will you see the manifistation of the Holy Spirit and His gifts at work in the church,
and in believers.


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 Re: Manifistation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit

I firmly Believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, however the church today for the most part has neglected to teach them. So many are so interested in their tv and sports that they do not have time for the Holy Spirit to even speak to them.

Many are also battle weary and fed up with it all. They haven't thrown in the towel, they just don't know what to do anymore. When you've seen deception and have been deceived yourself and you go thru the laborious process of getting undeceived, at the end your just too tired to care anymore. When you've prayed for revival yourself for many years, hearing preachers and your own Pastor say that revival is on the way and you've sought the LORD with prayer and fastings and nothing happens it's pretty discouraging. Yes the church needs to wake up, but if all that is being offered is just words, I'd rather sleep.

 2008/1/18 20:58

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Harrisburg PA

 Re: Manifistation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit

I have a question:

If these manifestations are gifts from God, why do people often talk about learning what one must do in order to obtain them. Will not God give exactly what He wants to whom He wants?
I believe that these manifestation gifts are in existence today even though I don't speak in tounges, prophecy, etc...I guess I just figure that if in the process of studying His word, pursuing holiness in Christ Jesus, and seeking to know Him through prayer, He will give me one of those kind of gifts if it pleases Him. In the meantime, I trust that Jesus is enough and I will fix my eyes on Him alone. If it will bring glory to His name, then I will humbly accept any gift that He will give but I am not comfortable chasing after a sensual experience to validate the hope that is within me. I have known some who have been slain in the spirit, speak in tounges, "holy" laughter, and the like who tell me that I should want these things and are almost angered that I show a kind of indifference. Meanwhile, their lives reflect nothing of the character of Christ that I so earnestly desire.

I am not saying this about you personally, Yelgab, I guess I'm just venting about this topic

Will not our Father give us gifts according to His good pleasure. Is it really necessary to chase after them? I am a willing vessel, but I am wary of this need to find out how to get these things from God. It seems like it can almost descend into a superstition at times. Kind of like salvation through the "sinner's prayer" incantation.

I'm not trying to offend anyone. Actually, I would appreciate those with more wisdom than I to speak on these things. I am noone and I know very little, but I love and appreciate the christian brothers and sisters on this site,

Your brother in Christ

Benjamin Kreps

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Benk, I dont think that in the scope of things from heaven you will receive anything automatically.
There is a cost involved.
People say they want revival. Can they pay the price?
Remember when Paul's authority was challenged?
It was the beatng,stoning and shipwreck that authenticated his ministry.
To operate in the gifts makes a person a target for the devil.
he will try to stop you.
When i see the look on that mothers face when I hand her dead baby back to her restored back to life by the power of the living God.....
This is what I want to see.
I will go a thousand miles on that one.
And that is why I dont understand the thinking that would try to prolong the powerless church.
the "well you might worship the gift" or "well I guess if he makes me accept a gift or two"
or "I suppose if he wants me to have a gift it will just come abstract or something"
I see Elisha chasing Elijah across two continents to get that mantle.
But if you say desire the gifts you just blasphemed.
Jesus let me go on record as saying I earnestly desire your gifts in accordance to your word. And I will gladly accept the gifts the brethren reject or default.Yes Jesus give them to me . I do not despise them or reject them.


 2008/1/19 0:38Profile

Joined: 2007/6/28
Posts: 7


I am Thankful for the Lord's mercy on His church today. We are so far from the church He made us to be. I feel it's no small wonder that the gifts of the Spirit are not seen today. We all need to be praying for the church to get back to listening to the Spirit. Our Preachers (many of them) are so afraid of men that they often refrain from Preaching the truth in a convicting way. I hold my hat to those Pastors the are willing to stand up for the truth no matter what the cost to them.

I covenant to Pray for the Church in America that we will get back to the foundation of the Gospel, and to take a Stand against the imorality so plaging the Church today.

Eph 1:22 And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church,
Eph 1:23 Which is his body, the fullness of him that filleth all in all.


 2008/1/26 18:49Profile

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