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 "The Pope's Big Pray Out"

The Pope's big pray out
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
It's going to be bigger than the Olympics, but can a visit by Pope Benedict XVI to Sydney later this year tempt Australians back to the church?
The Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, is praying that World Youth Day can lead a resurgence in the Catholic Church and its flock in Australia.

In July Pope Benedict XVI will arrive in Australia to host one of the biggest events on the international calendar, with World Youth Day the subject of Olympic-sized planning and marketing.
Over six days more than 500,000 Christians from all over the world will gather to hear him say mass, with a quarter-of-a-million of them sleeping-over at the venue.

Pell sees no better opportunity to reinvigorate the faithful and arrest sagging church attendance and dangerously low priest numbers.

"I wouldn't call it a crisis, but we face a serious erosion of practice and to some extent and erosion of faith also. World Youth Day is an attempt to do something about it..," Pell told The Bulletin 's Jennifer Sexton. "I would hope that the World Youth Day would strengthen the faith of young Christians and that that would be represented, in one way amongst others, by an increased frequency in their attendance at mass and prayerfulness."

About 5.1 million Australians identify themselves as Catholic, but only 14% attend church regularly.

And while the aim may be to rejuvenate the church, there is an obvious commercial spin-off.

Sponsors must agree not to promote or benefit from activities such as “promiscuity, contraception, abortion or adultery”. Telstra will be selling official ‘pilgrim pack’ mobiles, Mercedes will be supplying 50 cars and two Popemobiles, Qantas is the official airline, and Commonwealth the official bank.


Thoughts people?
This worries me immensly.


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 Re: "The Pope's Big Pray Out"

Majority of Austrailia's youth think the Catholic
Church is irrelevant and unimportant. The Church
is hopelessly out of touch with what matters most
to the kids; so I doubt it will have any impact or
influence on them!!

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: "The Pope's Big Pray Out"

reformer said

I doubt it will have any impact or influence on them!!

But this event will fully attended from all round the world, and will get a huge press because it will be part of a Pope's tour. Whether Australian kids have attended or not - and it might be free to get in - some will get the feeling they missed out on something if they didn't go, when they see it on telly later, at home. It doesn't take much imagination to think of ways it could be made appealing to the youth, even the sceptical or unbelieving. I'll be delighted to be proved wrong, mind you.

:-) 2c

 2008/1/21 11:49

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